How to connect Wi-Fi without a computer

Can I set up a router without a computer??

If you have a router that needs to be set up but you don’t have a computer, you can set it up using your smartphone or tablet. Any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, can be used to set up your router. All routers have a default broadcast name, WI-FI password, and IP address that is used to configure.

How to configure the Wi-Fi router without a computer

  • 1) Connect the router and wait a minute or two for it to fully turn on.
  • 2) Using your smartphone/tablet, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to your router’s network
  • 3) You will be prompted to enter the password
  • 4) When connected, open the browser of your device.

Activating Wi-Fi with buttons

Some laptops, equipped with adapters for connection, are not adapted to connect to wireless networks after activating the device. How to enable Wi-Fi on your laptop? In such cases, one or several buttons located on the notebook will help. There may be several variants, and they directly depend on the model of your laptop computer, as well as its date of manufacture. On older models the switching of WI-FI module is represented in the form of a separately placed toggle switch or a separate button. Such a switch can be located both on the front and on the side of the case, so you should carefully examine your laptop for such a button.

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If you fail to find the button to activate the wireless connection, you should search for the button in the row of function keys. They are located at the top of the keyboard and are marked, as a rule, from F1 to F12. Among these buttons you need to find the one which is responsible for turning on the transmitter. Most often it is marked with the Wi-Fi icon in the form of a transmitting antenna.

Many manufacturers have tried to unify this function, so you can enable Wi-Fi on your notebook by just pressing the Fn F5 combination. Try it and you will probably get lucky.

Configure your internet connection

Most ISPs transfer the settings to the router automatically as soon as the Internet cable is connected. Check if this is the case in your case. Open a new browser tab and try a few sites. If it loads, everything is already set up. Then you can skip this point.

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If the Internet does not work yet, you will have to configure the connection manually. To do this, go to the WAN section, “Internet” or with a similar name. depending on the router model. and specify the necessary parameters. Usually it’s a login, a password and a network protocol (like PPPoE or L2TP) that your ISP requires.

All necessary settings should be specified in your contract for connection to the Internet. You can also specify them by contacting your ISP’s Support. Alternatively, the necessary parameters can be listed on its site. in the user’s personal cabinet.

If you bought the router handmade or have already used it with another provider, it’s best to reset the old settings first. You can do this with the Reset button on the case. Most often, to reset, you need to press it for a few seconds.

How to connect to the computer via Wi-Fi without cable in Windows?

If your Windows 10 device has a WI-FI adapter (we have already talked about them) you can also configure your computer to distribute the internet through this network card. And use this connection together. In “Network and Internet settings” go to “Mobile hotspot”:

Making settings as on the photo. The default network name will be your computer name. The password is automatically generated. But you can change the name and password to something more convenient. This option is suitable if the router has only one port for connecting the RJ 45 cable and no Wi-Fi. And the Internet need more than one user. Good luck!


Another blatantly criminal method based on the fact that the victim’s computer connects to a fake access point created by an intruder.

And the person enters the password on his own, on a page very similar to the router’s admin panel. Which 99% of users have not seen. Be careful!

The effectiveness of the methodEverything is based solely on diligence. It happens that even the most careful people let their guard down and enter the password in the wrong place. Although the probability of encountering such a thing in normal domestic conditions is very low.

PrecautionsNote: Look closely at the pages in your browser asking you to enter the password for the router. Hide the network name.

connect, wi-fi, computer

Often we do not even think about how to configure the Internet “over the air”. comes the master and fixes everything. But I think nowadays everyone should know how to do such work on their own. So today I will tell you how to connect Wi-Fi to your Windows 7 computer.

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I assume that we have a stationary PC, and we will organize wireless Internet for it. If you have any questions, post them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Change the access password

Default login and password for access to the router should be changed (usually it is admin. admin), because security is above all, otherwise every stranger can enter and change your settings to his own advantage.

  • System_Tools”. “Password” tab.
  • First, enter the old default login and password, and then enter the new ones that only you know.
  • Save the changes, and the system throws us a window that asks for your new data. Type it and get to settings menu if you did it correctly.
  • It remains to reboot the router. This action can be performed in the section “System_Tools”. Select the button “Reboot” and wait until the equipment exits from reboot.

How to enter the router settings

After turning on the router, it needs time to boot and clean up. At this time the front panel lights may go on and off, wait for 1 minute. To access the router’s settings, you need to type in the address bar of your browser:

and press “Enter”. Next, you need to enter the default username and password:

A small remark: the address is is used in most routers. If you get “Page not found” or “Page not opened” error, try another address, e.g:

If you get an error again, look for the correct address on the sticker on the back of the device:

If not there, then you need to look at the manual, which may be on the included disc, or search on the internet from your phone. The same goes for username and password, i.e.е. not all are admin/admin. If the device is used, maybe someone has changed the default settings. In that case you need to reset all settings to default. To do this, you need to find the “Reset” hole on your router and press the button inside with a match.

The network cable is not connected

If you know the login address and the username / password, but you still can’t access the admin panel, because of a network error. Then you need to check your network card settings in Windows 7/8/10:

  • Go to “Start. Control Panel. Network and Internet. Network and Sharing Center”
  • On the left side find “Change adapter settings”
  • The “Local Area Connection” connection should NOT be in the “Network cable not connected” status:
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If so, this is most likely the case, t.е. cable is not connected, connected to the wrong place or broken.

connect, wi-fi, computer

Also, the status should not be “Disconnected”. If it is, then right click on the icon and select “Enable”.

Incorrect TCP/IP settings

If you still can’t get into the admin area, then:

  • right-click on the connection icon and select “Properties
  • Find “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP /IPv4)” and double-click on it
  • In the protocol properties you need to check the checkboxes “Get IP address automatically” and “Get DNS-server address automatically”
  • Press “OK” twice
  • Now wait 10 seconds and you can check.

Web interface of the router

This method is not available for all users, because it depends on the router’s web interface implementation, but it can help if you need to simultaneously connect to the network with several users, but don’t want to enter the password. To begin with you will need to log in to the Internet Center, which you can read in more detail in the guide on the following link.

Then you only have to perform a few simple manipulations. We will demonstrate it by using the TP-Link web interface as a base and you just need to find the same items from the menu.

    To start with the basic settings tab, go to “Advanced”.

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