How to connect Wi-Fi through a computer

How to connect a laptop to the WI-FI network?

Today we will tell you how to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi from your laptop. In most cases, the Wi-Fi icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the system tray. To connect to Wi-Fi network, just click on this icon, select the wireless network you are interested in from the list of available networks and enter the password for the correct connection. So, being in a cafe, at work or at home you can easily use the internet services from your laptop or netbook, as well as from any mobile gadget.

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There are situations in which the laptop does not see WI-FI. This is often due to the fact that the wireless adapter is turned off or is not built into the computer at all. Let’s see why there are problems with activation of W Fi and different ways of solving the problem with network connection.

Connect a desktop computer to a wireless network using an external network card

External network adapters are connected via USB ports. They are usually miniature, and are in the form of a “thumb drive”. When choosing such an adapter you should also pay attention to the number of antennas. The most commonly used cards with built-in antennas, but their data transfer rate is not the best, in addition, the area coverage is rather low.

Connect the external adapter to your PC.

Install the drivers. Usually they are included with the adapter itself.

Perform the network setup as described earlier.

How to connect Wi-Fi via computer to phone

You can connect your laptop or PC to your phone using Wi-Fi:

The algorithm of distribution of home Internet via the command line takes more time than when using applications or the “Mobile Hotspot” function. But this method is considered universal and the most popular (suitable for all versions of Windows, except XP).

Creating an access point on a PC can be divided into three steps:

Before you proceed directly to setting up the access point via command line, you should check the network adapter. This is done as follows:

After the adapter has been tested, follows:

To be able to connect to the created network via telephone, it must be made available to other devices. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Access” tab, and to allow other devices to connect to the Internet on the PC, check the box next to the appropriate option;
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After restarting the PC, all previously connected devices will be disabled. Therefore you will need to re-enter the command line command to activate the access point.

The easiest way to share the Internet via PC or laptop with the help of special utilities (e.g. mHotspot, Connectify). To configure it, just run the utility, fill in a few fields and start the hotspot.

To set up Wi-Fi sharing using Connectify, you need to:

The ability to give Wi-Fi to your smartphone using “Mobile Hotspot” is only possible for PCs with Windows 10. This feature is connected as follows:

After these simple settings, you’re ready to connect to the Wi-Fi network you’ve created on your smartphone.

How to properly configure your Wi-Fi router?

First of all, you need to enter the virtual interface to configure the Wi-Fi network.

  • If the above data is missing, open any browser and try entering 192 in the address bar.168.0.1 or (after entering press Enter);
  • In most cases, the login password to access the web interface is admin and admin;
  • The design and location of the menu with functions depends on the firmware, manufacturer and model of the router, despite this, look for the tab called “Network”, “Network configurations” or something similar;
  • See WAN.

Let’s look at the settings in more detail:

  • Connection Type. PPPoE, dynamic, static or other, as well as some other options, must be pre-agreed with your ISP.
  • User name. Defaults to the SSID name on the back of the WI-FI router.
  • PPP or PSK password. The standard PIN can also be seen on the label. You can set a different one if you want.
  • IP address and subnet mask. The data of both items are entered automatically. If nothing is displayed, we recommend you to press the “Refresh” button and the information will change.
  • Connection mode. Choose “Always active”.
  • Maximum idle time. You can leave it unchecked or just type in what you want.
  • Authentication type. Specify “Auto”.
  • After entering the new parameters, press “Connect” and then “Save”.

By the way, there is a “Quick Setup” feature. It is easier and more convenient to work with. Is a step-by-step wizard, which will help step-by-step to configure the router and organize the Internet connection.

Troubleshooting methods to connect to the Internet

What to do if network access is limited, unavailable, or your browser writes “DNS server does not respond”?

Check the configuration of your PC.

  • Right click on the icon of web-connection in the tray and select “Network and Sharing Center” (for old Windows go to “Control Panel” and open the appropriate item);
  • On the left side of the interface that appears, click on the line “Change adapter settings”;
  • Find your adapter (Local Area Network or Ethernet), right-click on it and select “Properties”;
  • Double-click the item “Protocol version 4 (TCP IPv4)”, against it should be checked;
  • Set the auto obtain IP and DNS addresses, don’t forget to save changes.

If nothing changes, go to the same menu and in the IP address line manually enter the subnet address (it is written on the sticker on the router).

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If the network adapter fails

  • Press the WinR key combination and enter the command ncpa.cpl;
  • In the window that opens, find your device, right-click on it and select “Disconnect”;
  • After the operation is stopped, wait a few seconds (this way you will restart the necessary equipment) and then turn it on again.

The economy mode has been activated on your notebook

Often the situation with Wi-Fi module’s failure is due to the lack of charge. Simply plug in the laptop to power.

The LAN cable is damaged

  • First, check to see if the cord is disconnected from the connectors;
  • If everything is plugged in, but network is not displayed, try plugging the cable to another LAN port;
  • Go to the adapter settings and make sure that the hardware is turned on;
  • Still not working? It is advisable to replace the LAN cable;
  • You can try to install or update the network drivers.

Do not forget that the action of the service and the speed of traffic for various reasons could limit your provider. Regardless of the problem, you can always call the technical support of your ISP.

Often we do not even think about how to configure the Internet “over the air”. a master comes and fixes everything. But I think nowadays everyone should know how to do this kind of work themselves. So today I will tell you how to connect Wi-Fi to a Windows 7 PC.

I assume we have a desktop PC, and we will be setting up wireless internet for it. If you have any questions, write immediately in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Setting up the modem and Internet connection

Initially, the following equipment is picked up:

Connection is easy. just plug the USB model into the socket on your PC or laptop. You will be asked to connect and you will need to agree. If the device is connected, it will automatically start up.

Everyone will be able to go to the Internet via PC. This requires knowing how to connect to a Wi-Fi connection on your computer. It is enough to perform a series of simple steps once to keep the connection permanent.

A certified computer network security specialist. Routing skills, creation of complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

Rules for selecting equipment

To form your own virtual line, you will need the following items:

There are the following options for high-speed connection: cable and using DSL technology. To get such a service, you need to go to a service provider who will provide the end user with a broadband modem.

Some companies additionally offer wireless routers, in other cases you will have to buy them separately in specialized computer and electronics stores.

The router is responsible for transferring data between the Internet and the home network. Using a router allows you to connect hardware without using cables. Separate technologies are used to accomplish the task: 802.11 a, 802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n, 802.11 ac, 802.11 ax.

This refers to the device that is responsible for creating a connection between the router and the personal computer. Not all units are initially equipped with it, in some cases, for stationary PC, requires their additional purchase.

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To determine whether it is present in the equipment, you need to perform a simple check: go to the main menu. Look for the Device Manager in the list. Deploy the network adapter unit. find the right unit in it.

Solutions to possible problems

If, after performing all steps of the instruction, the Internet does not appear, there may be the following reasons:

In this case there can be the simplest explanation. on the device the option On the plane is accidentally activated. It is necessary to disable it and try again in 5-10 minutes.

When you are connected for the first time, and in a situation where you have not had access to Web resources for a long time, you should update the network software.

The operation is performed through the Manager and Network Devices tab. After selecting the adapter, right-click on the touchpad and select Refresh in the menu.

To change this setting, you need to go into the router settings, and check with your ISP. the limit may be provided by the tariff plan.

The system provides the ability to block certain gadgets by their Mac addresses. Automatically get into the blacklist is not possible, so it is worth checking the security. if the router has not been hacked.

To return the device to the Internet, the user needs to open the MAC-Filtering section, find the name of his gadget and remove it from the list.

In the IP Settings should be set to: Auto access to data. The operation is performed through the Network Control Center, where you need to find the Network settings and the item “IP version 4”.

The notification can be caused by one of the above mentioned reasons or by a security program.

Antivirus program may notice suspicious activity when a new line appears and therefore disable access to it. Here you need to understand if the antivirus program is the problem, and if so. add the network to exceptions; alternatively. download another, more loyal defender.

Setting up Wi-Fi on your computer is made in a few simple steps, the main thing. have the necessary equipment and connected Internet service. However, quite often the subscriber faces some difficulties: limitations, lack of network, system errors, and so on. Many of them can be eliminated on their own, others, for example, failures on the line, may be temporary in nature, and the user is not to blame here. In more serious cases (wire damage, chip breakage, etc.) it will not be able to access the network.) Will require a call of master.

Certified specialist in computer network security. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

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