How to Connect Wi-Fi Router Asus

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A WiFi router or, as manufacturers like to call it, an Internet center, is a device that connects to the global Internet, organizes a local area network and distributes the Internet to devices connected to it both via cable and through a wireless module. Buying such a device and concluding a contract with a provider is only half the battle. You still need to install and configure everything correctly. Connecting a wireless router is simple and very quick, with rare exceptions. Although providers and private companies sometimes charge an exorbitant price for this procedure (up to 2000 rubles in some cases with the cost of the device itself being 800-1000 rubles). But all this can be done independently, the main thing is to know the necessary parameters. But, unfortunately or fortunately, not all people have a technical mindset and these actions cause difficulties for them. Different questions arise. where to install and how to connect a WiFi router correctly, what port to include? etc. I will try to tell you as much as possible about all this.

How to install the router ?!

First of all. let’s decide. where in the apartment is it better to put a WiFi router? To answer this question, let’s first decide how it will be used. If you have only one computer and Wi-Fi you will occasionally use when, for example, a friend comes with a tablet or smartphone, it is best to immediately place the provider’s Ethernet cable into the room with the computer and not philosophize with the location of the router around the apartment. Why so? But because if you have another computer or someone brings a laptop, you can connect it by cable. You can immediately connect a NAS server. At the same time, wireless coverage should be enough for most of the apartment.
If you plan to actively use the wireless network, then you will have to take a more responsible approach to choosing the location of the router. We select a point approximately in the middle of the apartment. This is usually a corridor. From it there is almost direct visibility to every room (well, with the exception of some layouts). In addition, it is better to put the device somewhere higher, for example, on a cabinet. Or you can simply screw it on the wall with dowels, which are often included.
This arrangement of equipment allows you to provide the best coverage of the room with a signal:

How to Connect Wi-Fi Router Asus

The main thing is not to place a WiFi access point or a router in wall niches or behind obstacles in the form, for example, of a large aquarium. Here is a striking example of a bad location:

The signal in the rooms with the crossbar will be much lower than in front of it. In addition, do not completely fix the router until you go through all the rooms with a laptop or tablet to check the WiFi coverage.

If there is a very weak signal in any room, try moving the access point towards this room and again check the signal level first in it, and then again in the other rooms.

Finally, I note that it is impossible to come up with some kind of template location of a wireless access point in an apartment or house. Different materials of which the walls are made (brick, expanded clay blocks, foam or gas concrete, etc.), different finishing materials and layout. In any case, you will have to choose the most optimal place using the trial and test method.

How to connect a wireless router.

We figured out the placement, now we will connect the cables and fasten the antennas =). This is a simple process that does not take much time, because this device is simple and it is calculated that even a housewife should figure out how to connect a WiFi router.
We take it in our hands, turn it towards us with the back side:

Please note that four out of five ports are grouped in a color scheme into one group. these are LAN ports. They must include their devices. computers, laptops, NAS servers, media servers, players, etc.

At the same time, if your laptop has a wireless Wi-Fi module, then of course it is more optimal to connect the laptop to the network through it:

Pay attention to the last Ethernet port, separated by a different color. this is the WAN port. It is usually signed as Internet or WAN. That’s it you have to include the provider cable:

After you connect the provider cable, the port indicator should light up. He says that between the equipment of the provider and your access device there is a connection at the physical level of the network.
Done, we successfully connected the Wi-Fi router, now it remains only to configure it. To access the web interface of the router, see this article: Link.
You can find the parameters for configuration on this blog by selecting the manufacturer and model in the menu on the right.
Also, an instruction with a description of all the steps for setting up a wireless device may be useful to you: Link.