How to Connect WhatsApp to Phone

Mobile application stores offer many social messengers for communication. But if the choice has already been made and almost all friends communicate on WhatApp. It’s time to think about installing the application on a smartphone. Detailed consistent instructions on how to connect Vatsap to a smartphone and computer are presented in this article.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing will include different steps depending on the type and operating system of the device: Android, iOS, Windows.

Whatsapp on iPhone

On Apple smartphones, the messenger is easy to install and works great. However, there are several prerequisites that must be met:

If the device meets the specified parameters. You can proceed with the download and installation.

The following algorithm will help:

How to Connect WhatsApp to Phone

Whatsapp on Android

The process of downloading a messenger on the Android OS is not much. But there are certain requirements for the device.

  • Reliable source (official site, Google Play Market);
  • Operating System Generation 2.3.3. And higher (i.E. Released later);
  • Smartphones Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Motorolla, Meizu.

For Android devices, the installation steps will be performed in the following sequence:

The software is ready for communication, you can immediately send your friends and acquaintances a notification of joining the ranks of communicating. But for the profile to be recognizable, it is better to pre-configure it by uploading a photo and name.

Whatsapp on Windows

Nokia smartphones operate on Windows, so a slightly different method for installing the messenger will work for them.

How to connect Vatsap to your phone for free. Steps:

The steps for setting up an account will be identical to other operating systems, as they are performed from the messenger menu.

Whatsapp on computer

Communicating in a messenger through a computer is quite real. To do this, you need to use a separate version of the messenger and install it on your PC.


  • Valid account on the smartphone;
  • The presence of mobile traffic or wireless connection;
  • Valid phone number
  • The version of the messenger on the phone is new;
  • The PC is running Windows 8, 10, Mac (all others are not supported).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to WhatsApp official website.
  2. In the search line, set the command. WhatsApp to download to your computer.
  3. Select an operating system (bit capacity).
  4. Follow the link and save the package to your PC.
  5. Open the data and start the installation.
  6. Following the installation wizard, go to the page with a QR code.
  7. Run the messenger on the smartphone.
  8. Go to settings (top gear or three points on the upper right).
  9. Open the WhatsApp Web section.
  10. When the camera starts up, point it at the code and go through computer authorization in the account.
  11. The system will enter the page of an existing account.
  12. Start chatting.

After downloading and installing Vacap on your phone or computer, you can safely begin to communicate. But it is better to save these instructions in quick access to quickly reinstall the software or help a friend with the installation.

Whatsapp. A popular messenger that has been preferred by millions of people around the world. This utility, due to its simplicity and functionality, has earned recognition in 180 countries. Completely free application provides comfortable communication with friends, relatives and colleagues. New users who decide to install the messenger will need step-by-step instructions on how to connect Vatsap to the phone.

Systems supporting WhatsApp

Before you connect Vatsap, you need to figure out which mobile devices you can install the program on. The developers tried to create a version of the messenger for each popular system, but there are exceptions.

WhatsApp utility can be installed on devices of Android 2.1 and higher. If the phone meets the necessary characteristics, then the user will be able to send quick text messages, make calls, send documents and other files.

Users of Apple products will need a device with iOS 4.3 and higher. On earlier versions of the operating system, the program will not work.

To install the popular program on your BlackBerry device, your mobile must have an operating system with version 4.6, 4.7, 5, 6, or 7. Phones with a different platform do not support Vatsap.

You can install WhatsApp on Windows Phone. Owners of such devices will need access to the Internet and OS version 7.5 or higher.

Install Vatsap on Android

Installing the application will not cause difficulties for experienced users, but it will be useful for beginners to know how to connect WhatsApp to their phone.

Android device owner needs:

  • Connect the internet. It is advisable to use Wi-fi, because the program “weighs” 34 megabytes. Its download will cost users with limited traffic expensive.
  • Go to the Play Market. In the market you need to enter the name of the messenger.
  • Click the “Install” button.

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Another way to download WhatsApp is to download the installation file through a computer. Searching for a suitable installer is recommended on official website. There are many redesigned versions of the network that lack some features.

Installing the messenger on the iPhone

Apple product owners will also not have problems installing the application. The user only needs to:

  • Turn on the internet.
  • Log in to the App Store.
  • Through the search, find the WhatsApp program.
  • In the list that appears, click on the messenger icon.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.

Following the instructions, you can install a functional messenger in a few minutes.

Creating a profile in Vacap

After installing the application, each user must register. When creating an account, you do not need to provide personal information.

To register, the user needs:

  • Launch the application by clicking on its icon.
  • Indicate the country of residence.
  • Enter the current phone number.
  • Confirm the creation of the profile with a special digital code. The password arrives on the specified phone within a few minutes.

At the end of registration, the program automatically synchronizes with the user’s phone book and displays which friends are on WhatsApp. After installing the messenger and creating an account, you can enjoy chatting with loved ones.

Good afternoon, dear readers! In this article, I will explain how to install WhatsApp on a phone, tablet running Android system, absolutely free, as well as how to register WhatsApp. Installing and registering WhatsApp will take only a couple of minutes.

Whatsapp it is a messenger for smartphones and tablets, with it, you can exchange messages with friends, send audio, video, and images via the Internet.

At the beginning of 2016, WhatsApp became absolutely free for all users without exception. Communicating with friends and exchanging various files with them, you will only spend Internet traffic, and if you have unlimited traffic, there’s nothing to worry about.

We’ll install the WhatsApp application from the Play Store, you can also download the WhatsApp from the official website www.Whatsapp.Com There are versions for Android, Nokia, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, all of them are in Russian.

If you need to install WhatsApp on a computer, read my next article on how to install WhatsApp on a computer.

Now let’s get started installing WhatsApp directly on your Android phone.

How to install whatsapp on your phone

1. Open the Play Market application on your phone, then type in the name of the required application in the search bar, namely "Whatsapp". In the search results we find the WhatsApp messenger and click on it.

2. On the page that opens, click the button "Install".

3. Next, click the button "To accept".

4. After downloading and installing WhatsApp, click "Open".

Register WhatsApp

After installing WhatsApp on your phone, you need to register, what needs to be done.

1. Read the terms of service, and press the button "Accept and continue".

2. On the page "Number confirmation" you must enter a valid phone number, SMS will be sent to it with confirmation. After specifying the phone number, press the button "Ok".

3. After automatic activation, you must enter your name, if necessary, you can add a photo.

4. At the last step of registering WhatsApp, click the button "Further".

After completing these steps, WhatsApp is fully operational, as you can see, installing and registering WhatsApp on your phone is very simple. Most often, WhatsApp is installed on phones: Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC.

Read also how to install Viber on the phone. That’s all for me, I wish you success.

People over the years communicate less and less with voice over the phone, and messengers have replaced traditional messages. There are a lot of them, but each user often chooses not according to the principle of “install the one that they like best”, but rather builds on what friends and acquaintances use more. The article will discuss how to connect Vatsap to your phone for free, because it is one of the most common means of sending messages installed on almost any mobile device.

It allows you to communicate using text messages, audio calls over the Internet. You can talk for free with people from another country, create group chats in which there are 256 people at a time. At the same time, developers are improving data encryption, so don’t worry when sending photos, videos and voice messages.

In addition, you can share files, documents that do not exceed 100 MB. There is a program for the computer so that users can quickly continue communication, moving from platform to platform.

Connect Vatsap via Play Market

The easiest way to install the program from Google Play is as follows:

  • Launch the Play Market app
  • Write “WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp” in the search bar and start the search;
  • Select “WhatsApp Messenger” from the list;
  • Click Install.

How to install vatsap from trusted sites

To install Whatsapp on your phone from the official site, without risk of catching malware, do the following:

  • From the desktop browser go to the official website of whatsapp.Com;
  • Find the “download” item and click on it;
  • Select “Android” and wait for the new page to load;
  • Click “download now”, save the file in a convenient place;
  • Transfer it to a smartphone in any way, for example, via a USB cable;
  • If you now decide to install Vatsap on your phone, the system will warn about the dangers of installing software from third-party resources and will not allow installation. To bypass the lock, open “Settings”, in the “Security” item, uncheck the box next to the “Unknown sources” menu;
  • Using the built-in file manager open the document from the phone;
  • Confirm the intention to install the software, give it permission;
  • Wait for the operation to complete.

The method is longer, but ideal if there are problems with the Market. Over, you will get full-featured software, in Russian, which is no different from the one downloaded from Google Play.

How to install two WhatsApp apps on one phone?

It is sometimes useful to have two Whatsapps on the same device. To do this, you need to clone the messenger using third-party software.

  1. Download 2accounts from Google Play and run it.
  2. You will be prompted to create a clone of one of the applications, select the one you need.
  3. Tap on the “Enable” icon.
  4. After the copy is created, launch it from the 2accounts interface or bring it to the desktop.
  5. To do this, press and hold on the clone icon, a pop-up menu will appear, select “Desktop Icons”.
  6. Now the shortcut will move to the desktop, where other icons are installed, from there it is easier to launch.

Note! Some firmware, for example MIUI or EMUIs come with built-in services for creating copies of programs. There you should select the desired software, and its take will be created.

Using predefined tools, it’s easier to install two applications on one phone.

Join WhatsApp

It’s time to register, which will not take more than two minutes. Our step-by-step instructions will help you get through it quickly and not make mistakes:

This completes the activation, click on the message icon with a plus sign, then on the subscriber with whom you want to chat, and a chat will open in front of you.

As you can see, connecting a WhatsApp on your phone is easy. Usually there are no problems, the main thing is to keep an active connection to the Internet and follow our instructions.