How to Connect Unlimited Internet to Phone

How to Connect Unlimited Internet to Phone

Read how to connect the Internet to your phone. From tariff selection to data transfer settings and access points for MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2 and Yota.

Modern smartphones most often automatically receive and apply settings for an Internet connection. But sometimes this does not happen. This can be connected both with the rarity of the model that is in your hands, and with some other reasons. And not every person nowadays uses a smartphone, push-button phones are still of some popularity. Some of them have a browser, but in this case you will probably have to enter the Internet settings manually. In a word, today we will focus on how to connect the Internet to the phone and its settings.

Connecting the Internet to your phone is all you need to know

Start with the fact that now any SIM-card immediately after installation in a mobile device will provide you with access to the global web. However, check out your tariff first. Now it’s extremely rare that operators offer by default unlimited Internet or even some certain amount of traffic. Instead, megabyte charging is provided. Each megabyte in this case is estimated at a certain amount of rubles (from one to six). Do not hesitate, so you will go broke very quickly.

We recommend that you go to your operator’s website and then proceed to the “My Account”. There in one of the sections you will surely find services related to Internet access. Usually they are packets with traffic, the volume of which is measured in gigabytes. What kind of volume is needed is up to you. Choose the largest package if you like to watch movies online while being outside the range of a Wi-Fi network. If you agree to refuse to regularly watchs on LTE networks, then you can save by limiting yourself to the amount of traffic of 3-5 GB.

The method of connecting the package is described in detail on the operator’s website. Usually you just need to put a checkmark in front of its name, and then click the corresponding button. If you didn’t log in to “My Account”, you will have to type a certain USSD request on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. Of course, everything is not limited to the website. You can search for information about traffic packets in a special operator application that appears when a SIM card is installed. Or you can call the support service, where most often you can find out the desired command through the autoinformer. Finally, you can visit the mobile phone salon owned by your operator. It is possible that it is somewhere nearby. In a word, there are many ways to connect an Internet package. Choose the most convenient one for yourself.

Do not forget that the validity period of any package is one calendar month. If you use up available traffic faster, you will have to buy it. Or limit yourself to the remaining days using only Wi-Fi connection.

Well, how to connect unlimited Internet to your phone? To be honest, no way. At the time of writing (fall 2017), there are no completely unlimited tariffs left. Even with Yota, such tariffs are now unavailable for connection. However, there are tariffs where from 10 to 25 GB of traffic are provided every month. The subscription fee in this case will be very high. Therefore, be sure to think five times whether you need such volumes of Internet traffic. And do not forget that at such rates, calls outside the home network are usually expensive.

Enable data transfer in settings

In most cases, after installing a new SIM card, the smartphone automatically receives Internet settings and applies them. All that is required of you is the inclusion of data transmission via cellular networks. This is done very simply. You just need to pull out the notification panel and click on the corresponding icon. At least this applies to devices that operate using the Android operating system. However, things are a little more complicated on Windows Phone and iOS.

If there is no corresponding icon in the notification panel, then you will have to visit the “Settings”. Here you should be interested in the “Connections” section. And in some versions of the operating system, the required subsection is located in the main window “Settings”.

So, you are in the “Connections”. Here you need to activate the switch near the item “Mobile networks” or “Data usage”. If the smartphone has a couple of three slots for SIM cards, then you will need to visit the subsection “SIM card manager”. This is where the Mobile Data button will be located. Clicking on it will bring up a menu that allows you to select the SIM card that will provide you with Internet traffic. By default, the “Disabled” item can be selected here.

If you use a very strange smartphone, then its name may not appear in the operator’s database. In this case, it will either not send you Internet settings, or it will, but they will not automatically apply. The same trouble is with the owners of push-button telephones. Now no one thinks about them at all. In fairness, many modern “buttons” do not have the ability to go online.

So what to do if Internet settings are not applied? Will have to register them manually. In the case of Android, this will again require a visit to the “Settings”, for which it is usually enough to click on the gear in the notification panel. Next you need to move to the “Connections” section.

In this place, click on the item “Mobile networks”. Here you can change the network mode (for example, restrict the smartphone to 3G-connection), enable data transfer in roaming and perform other actions. Click on “Access Points”.

Here you are in the right section! Select the access point that matches your service provider. If there is a rolling ball here, then click on the “Add” button. Now you have to register the APN, which your operator uses for the Internet connection. We will return to this a little lower, because each operator has an access point different.

On smartphones running iOS and Windows Phone, the principle of your actions will be very similar. Only the names of certain paragraphs and sections may differ. What can I say, even on older smartphones with Symbian on board the process is almost identical: the user needs to follow the path “Settings / Connection / Access Points”. Around the same way things are with mobile phones. Of course, if the device does not have a GPRS modem, then you won’t get it on the Internet.

Configure access points for different operators

So, it’s time to find out how to connect the Internet to MTS. And on other operators, of course, too. Owners of a SIM card with a white egg on a red background should write the following in the settings of the access point:

  • Name: MTS Internet;
  • APN Type / Access Point Type / Data Channel: GPRS;
  • Access Point Address (APN): internet.Mts.Ru;
  • Login: mts;
  • Password: mts.

We save, and then select this access point as active. Access to the global web should appear!

How to connect the Internet to Beeline? Similarly! Write the following lines:

  • Title: Beeline Internet;
  • APN Type / Access Point Type / Data Channel: GPRS;
  • Access Point Address (APN): internet.Beeline.Ru;
  • Login: beeline;
  • Password: beeline.

All that remains is to save this profile, at the same time making it active.

Here, too, there should be no difficulties. Write the following:

  • Name: MegaFon Internet or any other;
  • APN Type / Access Point Type / Data Channel: GPRS;
  • Access Point Address (APN): internet;
  • Login: gdata or leave the field empty;
  • Password: gdata or leave the field blank.

That’s all! If you will have the MCC and MNC fields, then enter the numbers 250 and 02, respectively.

In approximately the same way, the situation is with the owners of the Tele2 SIM card. They need to enter the following:

  • Name: Tele2 Internet;
  • APN Type / Access Point Type / Data Channel: GPRS;
  • Access Point Address (APN): internet.Tele2.Ru;
  • Login: leave blank;
  • Password: leave blank.

The proxy server must be turned off. No more settings need to be changed. Everything is very simple.

Finally, a minimum of actions must be performed by subscribers of the Yota mobile operator. They should only prescribe the following:

  • Name: Yota Internet or any other;
  • APN Type / Access Point Type / Data Channel: GPRS;
  • Access Point Address (APN): internet.Yota;
  • Login: you need to leave the field empty;
  • Password: leave the field blank.

That’s all! Do not forget that Yota is the most modern operator. In this regard, it is not worth inserting his SIM card into a push-button telephone. It is possible that in this case you will be left without an Internet connection, or maybe even without a connection.

Now you know how to connect to the Internet using your smartphone. It should be noted that now many applications and functions of the operating system are imprisoned for receiving information from the global web. For example, a program for accounting for income and expenses is so synchronized with the computer version. Clients of cloud services help save photos and other files. Navigation applications download a map from the network so as not to occupy several gigabytes in the device’s memory. Finally, by connecting to the global web, you can listen to music and watchs.

Did you have any problems setting up your Internet connection? How long have you first visited a site using a mobile device? Share, if it’s not difficult for you, with your thoughts in the comments.

Unlimited Internet is the dream of many subscribers. According to it, they can use mobile data without restrictions. Now you don’t need to keep track of how much traffic you spend. For a single price you can climb on the network as much as you want. If you do not know how to connect unlimited Internet to MTS, open the operator’s website. It provides detailed information about service packages. Keep in mind that the operator provides data transmission at high speed only a certain amount of traffic. When you use it up, it will fall significantly. Because of this, many users refuse this service.

How to connect MTS unlimited mobile Internet to your phone?

To learn how to connect MTS unlimited Internet to your phone is easy. To do this, you can call the operator’s hotline. Experienced specialists will advise you on any issue. You can also refer to the official MTS website. It provides detailed information about all the offers of the provider. At the moment, the simplest ways to arrange a service are:

  • USSD team. Dial the code 740 #, and then confirm the action. In a few minutes you will receive a response message stating the processing status of the application.
  • Online Assistant. To use it, open the official website and log in to your account. If you have never used the service before, go through the registration procedure. In the menu that opens, go to the “List of Connected Services”. In the list of offers, select what you are interested in, and opposite the checkmark. In just a few minutes, the service will connect to your personal account.
  • “My MTS” is the operator’s proprietary application. It has the same functionality as a personal account on the official website. Open the list of possible services, find the necessary one and order it. Confirm your actions, and then enjoy unlimited access to the network.
  • SMS teams. Activate the unlimited Internet connection on MTS will be through a message with the letter A to the number 740.
  • Call center. Call the hotline, contact a specialist. Describe your problem to him, after which he will help you connect the necessary options.
  • Department of the operator. Having visited any office in the city, they will help you to make any settings. Prepare the necessary package of documents in advance. The operator needs to verify that it is you who own the number.

Tariffs with unlimited internet

MTS is a mobile operator offering the most favorable conditions for subscribers. You can easily find a tariff plan that meets all your needs. Some tariff plans are provided with unlimited internet. At the moment, MTS Smart Unlimited is very popular.

MTS Internet options for phone

Subscribers of Smart tariff plans can connect additional service packages. With their help, you can get an unlimited connection to the Internet. At the same time, access to the World Wide Web is opened at high speed. It will allow you to enjoy the network without problems. At the moment, there are 2 varieties of services:

  1. Internet for a day is an unlimited connection, which can be made through request 11167 #.
  2. “100 GB per day” is a service that allows you to receive 100 GB of Internet per day at high speed. You can connect via request 11118241 #.