How to connect two wireless headphones to TV

How to connect a couple of wireless headphones to the TV

Wireless headphones are the best way out when watching films and listening to compositions in conditions of external silence. The ability to connect headphones to TV depends on the model range of devices, versions, individual instructions and a number of other factors.

Before connecting headphones, it is recommended to make sure that TV is equipped with a built.In Bluetooth. If it is absent, you will have to use a separate Bluetooth adapter and already connect the headphones to it.

In our article we will show and tell how to connect wireless headphones to Samsung and LG TVs, depending on individual characteristics and types of connected devices.

Types of wireless headphones

Before you purchase wireless headphones, you need to figure out how they differ and find out their principle of work. We clarify that even on old TV models it is possible to connect contactless speakers. An accessory is supplied with a base acting as a transmitter.

For work, 3.5 millimeter jack, RCA tulips, HDMI or ordinary USB are used. About each method is slightly lower, and now about the types of headphones:

  • Wi-Fi. One of the most acceptable options. They work through a special module capable of converting and displaying an audio signal to conjugated devices. Differ in compactness and convenience.
  • Bluetooth. Differ in universality and can be used to conjure with most modern gadgets besides TV. Function through the corresponding module that can be internal or external. The sound goes through the transformation stage from digital to analog, which can spoil the sound quality. It’s definitely impossible to listen to music through the wall in them. The coating of Bluetooth technology is no more than 10 meters in a straight line.
  • Infrared. A rather uncomfortable option, since their performance needs constant “open contact” with IR port. The signal can ruin any obstacles, arm, table, wall and others.
  • Headphones. Based on the name, it is easy to guess that the built.In radio transmitter is responsible for receiving the signal. The principle of action is like a walkie.Talkie, this allows you to hear the transmitted sound at a distance of up to 100 meters. Of the minuses. Low noise resistance, even an electric razor will create a tip, leading to a deterioration in the quality of transmission.
  • Optical. Raising, but the highest quality.

All of the above options can be with and without a microphone, which can be useful for communication in Skype.

The main advantage of wireless communication should be noted mobility. Users get the opportunity to move freely around the room, albeit with small restrictions regarding the zone of action of the selected type of sound transmission. Of the minuses, you can pay attention to the battery that needs to be recharged after 10-12 hours of active use.

Ways to connect wireless headphones to TV

Having a rather new TV model, I expected it to have built.In Bluetooth support so that I could connect my Bluetooth wireless headphones. But I was wrong, spending several hours to bother with TV settings and guidance.

However, having rummaged on the Internet, I really found several ways to connect wireless headphones to your TV, even if it is an old TV with an Alt, which I am going to share in this post. Let’s delve into this.

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Bluetooth support on TV on TV.

Bluetooth is the best way to connect wireless headphones to TV. Many TVs have no Bluetooth support by default, but it can be found in the service guide.

connect, wireless, headphones

All TVs have a hidden service menu that technical specialists use to turn on / off functions and eliminate problems. However, gaining access to the service menu is not so easy. You will need a specific code of your TV service menu.

Do not worry, you can look for a service menu code for your TV for this site. They have codes of the service menu for LCD televisors, LED, plasma and even ELT TVs of all brands. Use the search line at the top to enter the brand and model of your TV.

  • As soon as you find yourself in the service menu, find the Bluetooth section inside the options. Usually inside the engineering menu (at least for Samsung TVs).
  • Turn on the Bluetooth option and restart the TV.
  • Go to the sound parameters of your TV, and you must find the Bluetooth parameter in the Sound output section.
  • Use this option to search for headphones and connect.

Although in my case this decision did not work, but people find the Bluetooth option in the service guide.

Using the Bluetooth audio transmitter.

A simple audio transmitter Bluetooth can provide Bluetooth support in your TV. This is a tiny loaded device that connects to an audio output of 3.5 mm on the TV and provides the ability to transmit sound via Bluetooth. After that, I just needed to connect two devices and boom, music in my ears.

These Bluetooth adapters are available in abundance, and you can get them for only 5. However, I recommend that you buy a quality product if you are going to use it to watch TV. Sound delay can be a huge problem when choosing the right transmitter. Even a small delay can really kill your experience.

My recommendation is to go to the transmitter Trond Bluetooth. It has a bilateral sound transmission, and you will not notice any delay at all. You can easily get a similar high.Quality audio transmitter Bluetooth.

Use additional devices.

If you use any other device with the TV, check if it supports Bluetooth. Devices such as media-stamps or gaming consoles usually have Bluetooth support for transmission of sound via Bluetooth.

For example, a year on the remote control has a connector where you can connect headphones for wirelessly listening to sound. Both PlayStation and Xbox have Bluetooth support for sound transmission.

Chromecast can also configure sound transmission through Bluetooth. You just need to connect the headphones to the phone / laptop, which works as a chromecast controller.

Use wireless radio frequency headphones.

If all of the above methods do not work for you, you may think about buying wireless headphones RF (radio frequencies). These headphones have a wireless transmitter that connects to the audio output of the TV and sends the sound to the headphones using radio frequencies.

Of course, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Their main advantage is their huge range, as you can listen to the sound at a distance of up to 300 feet. In addition, they are quite cheap, even the best radio frequency headphones cost less than 80.

The problem with radio frequency headphones is that other electronic devices operating on a similar radio frequency can affect their sound quality. Usually they work on radio frequency from 900 MHz to 3200 MHz. Thus, devices such as wireless phones, microwave oven and even other radio frequency headphones can ruin the sound quality.

However, if you can keep such devices away from radio frequency headphones, they can become an excellent alternative to Bluetooth headphones, which are actually more powerful and cheap.

If you are sure that you can try wireless radio frequency headphones, I will recommend you to try. Sennheise RS175 This is available and offers reliable functions.

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Use infrared wireless headphones.

Infrared headphones are a good alternative to radio frequency headphones, since they are not subject to a deterioration in sound quality, regardless of how many interfering electronic devices are nearby. Their configuration process is the same as that of radio frequency headphones, you connect the transmitter to the audio output of the TV, and the headphones capture infrared signals for sound receiving.

connect, wireless, headphones

However, you may have to separately buy an infrared transmitter if your TV supports an infrared output or headphones do not supply it with it. Infrared IR sound transmitter is a good infrared transmitter if you need it.

The problem with infrared headphones is that you need to make sure that no physical objects pass directly between the headphones and the transmitter. This means that you cannot go to another room while listening to your favorite show. Although the passage between you and the transmitter will not cause any problems.

Frequent questions and answers to them

During the implementation of connections or thinking over a suitable option, users have questions. Below are the most common of them.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

How to connect wireless headphones to an old TV receiver?

There is only one way. To buy an adapter. It can be an external FM module, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter. Which type of adapter to choose. Depends on what headphones the user has.

If the headphones have not yet been acquired, give preference to a Bluetooth connection as the most accessible and simple. Connection algorithms through different adapters are given above in the article.

The external transmitter module does not work, although everything is connected correctly, what to do?

Check the presence of batteries in it/sufficient level of charge if the battery is charged. Re-check whether the batteries are inserted correctly (in compliance with the poles), that is, whether the position of the batteries corresponds to the designations “” and “-”.

After updating the OS, the TV lost touch with the headphones, what’s the matter?

After updating software, the conjugation between the devices is lost, conduct it again.

Due to the fact that the devices necessary for a wireless connection are available in price and easy to use, many have already acquired wireless headphones. The most common problem when connecting them is the incompatibility of devices, so experienced users recommend buying accessories of the same manufacturer as the TV receiver.

How to connect two AirPods pairs to Android?

Go to the computer settings or in the control panel, select the “Equipment and Sound” section, configure sound transmission using a virtual cable. Launch “Audiorepeater” by connecting VAC to all the heads used via Bluetooth. Click on a signal source by selecting Line1 Virtual Audio Cable.

Connection of headphones via HDMI ARC port

Another modern way to transmit sound from a television receiver to external devices is the use of HDMI ARC adapters. They, like optical adapters, are digital-analog converters, but instead of an optical cable, an HDMI cable is connected to them.

This method requires the presence of an HDMI port on the TV, but not a standard, but a special design that is designed specifically for the output of the audio signal. The port is called as “HDMI (ARC)” or “HDMI OUT (ARC)” (in any case, the name is the abbreviation ARC):

And here is an example of a digital-analysis converter HDMI-ARC/AUX:

Smart TV Samsung

A variety of models, types of lines, software firmware, creates difficulties when connecting third.Party models, allowing the use of wireless accessories of their own production. For them we perform standard actions:

  • Open the “Sound” menu, then the “Settings of the loudspeaker”;
  • Turn on the Bluetooth nashelds, placing them close to the TV;
  • Select the “List of Bluetooth headphones”, confirming in it its model of head phones.

JBL T450BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review. How to Connect to Smartphone, Laptop, TV

Models of the “K” series are characterized by configuration. Perform: “Sound” → “Choose a Dynamik” → “Audio Bluetooth”.

connect, wireless, headphones

Inactive “Bluetooth headphone list” must be turned on through the TV service menu. To do this, on the remote PU turning off the device, dial the “Info” combination → “Menu” → “Mute” and enable power.

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Service menu will appear on the screen. We go to the option, then at the bottom of the list we select the “Engineering menu”, in it we click OK at the Bluetooth Audio On/OFF item, confirming the activation of the function. Return to the service menu and turn off the device.

After turning on, go to the menu. In the paragraph “Setting Sound”, the “Sound” section will appear an active “List of Bluetooth headphones”.

And in the next video. Tips for choosing a headset:

Before buying a TV, it is useful to find out in the support service the ability to connect wired headphones, the presence of Bluetooth and clarify which models of head phones work with it. If you have questions when connecting the headset or something does not work out, write in the commentary. Let’s try to figure it out!

One. How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to TV?

Below the instructions how to connect wireless headphones to the TV if the TV has a built.In possibility of connecting via Bluetooth (built.In Bluetooth module).

  • We turn on wireless headphones and the search mode for devices on them. Typically, for this, you need to keep the power button for 5-15 seconds to the sound signal. Or separate Bluetooth button. On TWS, this is a button on the case or opening a case. Read more about the conjugation. In our instructions or in the documentation for your headphones.
  • We go to the TV settings and search for Bluetooth devices. Usually this can be done in the sound settings, there should be options for sound devices: audio output, device dynamics, loudspeakers, and the like. Among them should be Bluetooth. Or just in the connection options.
  • In the submenu “List of Bluetooth devices” (maybe a similar name, is in the device or sound menu), select your wireless headphone model.
  • We conjure (connection). Ready! Bluetooth headphones are connected to TV.

This general instruction how to connect wireless headphones to the TV is suitable for any TVs with built.In Bluetooth. With different TV models, setting is different, but the principle is the same.

Why is there no sound after connection

The following most common reasons can be distinguished why there is no sound in wireless headphones when they are connected to the TV:

  • TV does not support the wireless sound transmission.
  • Outward firmware is used on TV. It is recommended to pre.Update it through the built.In menu, and then repeat the connection.
  • Not working USB adapter or 3.5 mm connector. In the latter case, you can use the adapter on RCA (for radion.Shutters).
  • The Bluetooth or Wi-Fi version on TV is not compatible with wireless headphones. Most modern Bluetooth heads require Bluetooth 0 and higher support. And such modules were massively integrated in TV began only after 2017.
  • The headphones themselves are faulty or the battery is discharged.
  • In the TV settings, you need to select a device for the output. Actual for Tizen OS and Android TV, where it is possible to switch between external speakers directly from the menu.

Total, it is quite possible to connect wireless headphones to modern TVs. For those who appreciate the sound quality, preference should be given to Bluetooth gategers. They are inexpensive, but allow you to display audio almost without compression.

All other standard data transmission standards have a lot of frequency restrictions on the quality of signal converting.

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