How to connect two columns to one phone

How to turn on music on two columns?

To synchronize 2 JBL columns with each other, and connect them to the smartphone: turn on both columns by activating them with a Bluetooth module; turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone and start the search for devices; When the phone finds the column, connect to it, and the sound will begin to play immediately on both.

How to simultaneously connect a few Bluetooth columns?

Wireless method: using the synchronization function

  • Turn the first column with one click
  • In the smartphone settings, you need to use the Bluetooth function.
  • If earlier the column has already been connected to the smartphone, then he will immediately determine it
  • When the gadget appears in the list, it should be selected and connected to it

Is it possible to connect several devices to one Bluetooth to the adapter?

You can connect an unlimited number of devices, without restrictions. (Source. Bluetooth Dongle technical support) only devices that support the “multi.Point functionality” can be connected to several at once, and the choice of the adapter does not matter.

Building an Ultima RS with Nigel Dean. Part 14. Steering system

So, one phone or laptop can simultaneously work with 7 Bluetooth devices.

Wire connection

Acoustics with different functions cannot be connected to each other via Bluetooth.

connect, columns, phone

However, there is a way out. Wired connection. For this you will need:

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  • Two AUX connecting cables on both sides, which should have a plug mini-divisions “.
  • A boss with a “male” mini-jack and two nests of 3.5 mm;
  • Device with a mini-jack 3 nest.5 mm;

The connection is carried out as follows:

  • Each of the cables is connected by free plugs to the AUX connectors of the hearing aids.
  • The adapter of the branching is connected to the device;
  • AUX cables are inserted into the branch;

After the track is turned on, the two portable speakers will work in stereo.

If your smartphone has a different connector instead of a mini-jack, you will need to look for a suitable transitional transition.


In our test, Bluetooth column and iOS phones Beatbox_beats_by_dr were used in our test._dre_mini_s11. And you can achieve the task using the following additional adapters:

  • You need to attach to the columns AUX-Snures.
  • Insert other ends of the cables into the corresponding nests of the audio.
  • Insert the other side of the adapter into the headphone nest in your smartphone.

With the help of such a ligament from our Beatbox, a stereo system turned out, in which only the right channel reproduces the first speaker, and the second. Only the left.

This method is not convenient for all situations, since wires should take part in it, but you can connect such a stereopar to absolutely any MP3 player that does not have a Bluetooth module.

By the way, you do not have to have precisely the model of the speakers described by us, because almost all wireless speakers have AUX input so that the user has a wider selection of devices to which you can connect the speaker.

If you do not have a mini jack-two or Aux cable, they can be easily purchased at any radio store or electronics store, moreover, they cost cheaper films for a smartphone.

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How to play music on another phone

Now we will tell you how to use another device for Android as a Bluetooth-dynamics.

To do this, both devices need support for SmartShare BeAM (for the first time it began to use LG in their smartphones). There is a great probability of success if you are the owner of two devices of one company.

  • Connect two phones to each other via Bluetooth.
  • On one of them, open a standard audiopler.
  • After the application starts, it is necessary to slip through the icon “Broad” (LG is in the right upper part of the player).
connect, columns, phone
  • Next, click on the “add” in the lower left of the pop.Up window.
  • Click on the Bluetooth tab.
  • In the next window, a list of supported devices should appear. Click in the name of your phone, which will play the role of wireless dynamics.

How to connect 2 sony columns?

Press and hold the button (power). Pairing, until you hear a voice hint and an indicator (Bluetooth) will not start to flash quickly. The speaker will go into the conjugation mode.

Owners of some phones of the Korean brand will be able to simultaneously connect two columns via Bluetooth without downloading third.Party software and without buying adapters. This requires the Dual Audio function available with Bluetooth 5.0 on smartphones of the S8 series, starting with S8, and on the smartphones of the Note series, starting with Note 8.

  • Connect devices via Bluetooth, but do not play sound.
  • Select the Settings menu on the phone.
  • In it, click on the “Bluetooth” line (in some versions Android is called “connection”).
  • In the upper right corner, click the button with the image of three points.
  • Click on the line “Dual Audio”, activate the function.

The back of this method is that during reproduction a small delay is possible. It is practically not visible, but if there are speakers nearby, then it is heard.

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Is it possible to connect two columns per one connector?

In parallel, you can connect from two or more columns. If the resistance of the columns is the same, the total resistance is equal to the resistance of one column divided by the number of columns. Thus, the total resistance of three columns of 8 ohms will be 8/3 = 2.7 Ohms. Consistently can be connected from two or more columns.

The simultaneous connection of several Bluetooth devices (multi-point function) can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices to the headphones, but to listen to music or perform telephone calls at a certain point in time, only one device can be used.

How to synchronize jbl columns?

Connection up to 3 devices. You can connect 2-3 compatible speakers (for example, JBL XTREME BLACK) and combine them into one speaker system.

How to combine tronsmart columns?

Connecting mobile phones/tablets/personal computers:. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone Go to the Bluetooth settings menu, start the search for new devices When the device is discovered. Tronsmart Element T6, click on its name and compat.

For this type of connection, it is necessary that the column has its own power source.

connect, columns, phone
  • Turn on the column.
  • We insert one end of the cable into the headphone connector on the column, the other in the 3.5 mm connector on the phone.
  • A badge of successful connection should appear on the display of your phone. Ready!
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