How to Connect TP Link Router to Computer

Currently, unlimited high-speed Internet is no longer a novelty. And even more so when it comes to the wireless connection option, which is applicable even to a personal computer, not to mention laptops, tablets or smartphones. Now most mobile devices have a built-in WiFi module, and their comfortable use directly depends on how high-quality wireless connection is established in your home and how well it will be possible to connect everything to a computer.


TP-Link WiFi routers are a good example of solving problems with speed, range and antenna power. Also, you are guaranteed to get rid of wires in your apartment. After you have purchased a router, it is very important to understand how to properly connect the device to your computer yourself. The fact is that if you have already completed the Internet, then a lack of knowledge on this issue can lead to additional costs for the call of specialists.

In the article, we will try to tell you how to properly connect your TP-Link to a computer and configure it later.

Computer connection

First of all, you need to open the box and make sure that the TP-Link router’s configuration is the same as that described in the documentation. That is, make sure all items are in place. In addition to the router itself, it is necessary to have a power supply, cables, as well as a software disk.

The TP-Link router has the following buttons and connectors, most of which we will need when connecting and configuring:

  • power button;
  • WAN connector for connecting the router to the Internet;
  • LAN-connectors for connecting a PC using a network cable;
  • turn off and on the QSS function;
  • button to reset the router.

After you familiarize yourself with the location of the connectors, you must connect the power supply to the TP-Link router, and plug the unit into a power outlet. In the WAN slot, located on the device’s case, a cable is connected that was carried out by the provider, that is, connecting directly to the Internet. The TP-Link configuration requires at least four LAN ports, so you can connect four personal computers at once if you use a network cable.

Configure TP-Link Router

Before proceeding with the setup, experts recommend a preliminary reset to the factory settings. After the router reboots, use any browser. In the address bar, enter Another option is, depending on the firmware version. You will automatically get access to the “Setup Wizard”.

To get inside, enter the password and login. By default, both lines are admin. For further security of the network, it is better to change the password during the pre-configuration in question at the moment. To change the input, go to the System Tools tab, where you need to click on Password. In the fields Old User Name and Old Password you will need to enter the factory login and password, that is, admin. Create a username and password. In principle, the username can be left old. Enter the new data in the New User Name, New Password, Confirm New Password fields. The last field is the confirmation of the new password. Remember to save the updates by clicking Save.

On the settings page, you can optionally immediately download and install the latest firmware version. The installation itself is carried out through the System Tools menu, where you need to go to the Firmware Upgrade field. In it, click on Browse, select the downloaded file and click on Upgrade. Download only from official TP-Link resources. Fully licensed firmware is provided absolutely free.

How to Connect TP Link Router to Computer

Internet configuration in the TP-Link router occurs in the Network and WAN menus. The first thing to do is select the type of network. If you don’t know it, then just check it by calling the provider’s Hotline. After you have selected the type, you will need to save the settings, for which you need to click on Save.

After successful saving, go to the next tab, designated as MAC Clone. There is a Clone MAC Address button that you need to click on, and then save everything with Save.

How to configure a WiFi network on a tp link router

To configure a wireless connection, you must go to the Wireless tab. There is a field under the designation Wireless Network Name. The name of your network fits into it, and it can be chosen arbitrarily. If desired, enter the name of the country in the field below. Remember to save all changes.

On the Wireless Security tab, the security system configuration is configured, including protection against unauthorized access. To do this, you need to come up with a not-so-simple password and enter it in the PSK Password column.

All changes in the settings must be saved, after which the router must be rebooted. You need to reboot the device from the Reboot button located on the System Tools tab. After clicking on the button you just need to confirm your action.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in connecting and configuring the router yourself. It is really simple and does not take much time. And you can save money on calling specialists and the time during which you would have to wait for them.