How to Connect to an Access Point on a Phone

The phone does not connect to the WiFi wireless access point. this is a mistake that is quite common in our time. The fact is that smartphones with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter have already entered the life of people tightly, and almost everyone already has such a device. Smartphones got such distribution thanks to undeniable qualities. After all, they allow you to use the Internet and solve problems no worse than a computer, but at the same time they are mobile and compact.

Unfortunately, even in most cases, connecting to a WiFi network passes without problems when you press just one button, sometimes there are still various errors that not every user can independently solve. That is why in this article we will consider why the phone does not connect to the home WiFi network, as well as how to fix such an error.

The reasons why the phone does not connect to the WiFi network

In fact, there are many such reasons. over, there may be problems that require an individual approach. This is due to the fact that in the domestic market there is a huge amount of wireless equipment that has individual features and unique solutions. Therefore, it is impossible to parse absolutely all errors, just as it is impossible to find a universal solution, a panacea.

We will analyze the problems that are most often encountered, and also consider how to solve them. The following may be included in their list:

  • Incorrect security key entered.
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi router settings.
  • Router malfunctions (hang).
  • Failure of the Android platform (rarely, but still occurs).

So, let’s look at all these errors in more detail.

Incorrectly entered security password

Very often, the phone does not connect to the wireless home WiFi connection due to an incorrectly entered key. Try entering it again, but this time check the box “Show characters” (or “Show password”). Carefully monitor where uppercase characters are used, and also pay attention to what language the key is entered in.

If you forgot your password, you can see it in the security settings of the access point. To enter the device settings you will have to connect to it using a laptop or desktop computer. After that, write down the IP WiFi router in the address bar. The necessary information is available on the router case; carefully examine it from all sides. Also, the address is indicated in the instructions. If there is no manual, and on the case you do not find the necessary information, then run the command line.

This is done by simultaneously pressing the StartR key. In the window that appears, write CMD and press “Enter”. Now write the IPCONFIG command. The program will give detailed information about the connection. Find the line “Main Gateway”. This is the required address, which should be written in the browser.

So, now the system asks for a username and password. Here we write admin, admin, respectively, and click “Login.” So you got into the parameters of the router. Further we will consider the settings using the Wi-Fi router D-LinkDir-615 as an example. However, it is worth remembering that all models of routers work on the same principle and have almost the same settings. The difference is only in the design of the interface and in some additional functions.

At the bottom of the screen, click “Advanced Settings”. Now in the window called “WiFi” we find the “Security Settings” section. The first line, Network Authentication, is the type of data encryption. The second line is “PSK Encryption Key”. this is the password from our network. This is what you need to enter when connecting the phone.

Checking router settings

An error connecting the phone to a WiFi wireless network often occurs due to incorrect router settings. The fact is that modern Wi-Fi routers support DHCP technology. This means that all data about the connection of the router is automatically sent to the phone. That is what smartphones and tablets are focused on. If you disable this function, the phone will not be able to obtain an IP address, and, accordingly, connect to the network.

The solution to this problem is to enable this feature if it is disabled. To do this, go back to the router settings and open advanced settings. Now we are interested in a window called “Network”. In it, go to the “LAN” section. These are the local network settings.

It is here that you can enable or disable DHCP. It should be noted that to enable the function in the “Mode” line, set “Allow”. The range of IP addresses will be given below, you can also change it. After enabling DHCP, apply the settings and save the changes. It is also recommended to restart the router. After that, try connecting your phone again.

How to Connect to an Access Point on a Phone

How to connect to a WiFi router in Windows 8

Another reason why the phone sees the WiFi network, but does not connect to it, is because the device is corny hanging. At the same time, for example, a laptop can work normally and go online. The fact is that, when talking about hanging, you should understand the malfunctions and stopping of some functions. For example, due to overload or power outages, DHCP may stop working. At the same time, devices that were connected to the access point earlier have already received an IP address and can work normally. Other Wi-Fi router functions may also stop working.

The solution to this problem is to simply reboot the device. And for this, you do not even need to go into the parameters. It is enough to turn off the router power supply from the outlet for 7-10 minutes. After that, turn it on and wait for the download. Try connecting again from your phone. Such hangs can occur not only on budget models of routers. The difference is only in the frequency of such errors.

If all the above steps are completed, but the connection error of the Wi-Fi network on the phone remains, then it is quite possible that the failure occurred in the smartphone itself. The fact is that mobile devices use conventional wireless adapters, which can also freeze or work with errors. But, unlike a computer, there are no advanced settings on the Android platform. On such platforms, all parameters were entered initially, and there is no way to change them. This means that you can solve this problem as well as in the previous case. just reboot the device.

Now you know the most common reasons why the WiFi network does not connect on the phone. As mentioned above, there may be other problems with the connection, but to solve them you need an individual approach.

You can read more about solving problems connecting your phone to a WiFi network in the next article.

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Thanks, helped. Wi-Fi changed the network, switched the proxy server settings to manual, checked then put it to nothing again. Everything worked. Thanks again!

Why do other phones and a laptop connect to wi-fi, but mine does not, although my brother and I have the same phones, but mine does not connect?

God save you for help! Earned!

Hello. Two identical phones? In this case, one is connected to the network, but the second is not? Well, firstly, two identical phones do not exist. They have different adapters (they are similar, but they can work in different ways). Secondly, tuning and optimizing phones is different. The firmware and assembly versions are different. That is, even if there is, for example, Android 4.4 both there and there, then nevertheless, in one system optimization can be better than in another and so on. This is an individual question. But, in fact, it should work, since the protocols must be supported the same. Therefore, on a problem phone, you need to reset to factory settings. Most likely, just on your phone has accumulated a lot of cache, system errors and so on. Either the network parameters are lost, or some application interferes with normal operation and so on. Make a reset, clean all errors and parameters, and everything will work.

My phone also does not see Wi-Fi home, although a week ago it normally opened

I also do not have wifi

Hello. Try resetting your phone to factory settings. If no one climbed into the settings of the router, then there is nothing to configure there. The only thing you can try to reflash the router. However, you should understand that after the firmware the router will have to be reconfigured.

Hello. Are there any symptoms? That is, the adapter does not turn on? Or does not see the network? Or sees the network but does not connect? Also, do not forget to clarify which device we are talking about (laptop, tablet or smartphone)?

Hello, tell me, I’m connecting to Wi-Fi at home, I enter the password correctly, it says it’s saved and that’s all. but there is no connection.

Hello. There can be many reasons. For example, if the router operates in 802.11n mode, and the phone only supports 802.11g, then the phone will not be able to connect to the home network, since these are two different standards that do not interact with each other. They operate on different frequency ranges. In addition, the type of data encryption can also be different. For example, a router encrypts information in WPA2 mode, and the phone can only recognize WPA encryption. It is necessary to climb into the parameters of the router. and in the WiFi settings, see which mode is set (ideally, you need to set 802.11b \ g \ n mixed). Also, in the security settings, disable encryption (that is, make the network open). If the phone connects to an open network, the problem is in the encryption method. In this case, try setting other encryption methods (ideally, you need to set WPA-PSK \ WPA2-PSK). It is possible that the router itself needs to be updated (update the software). Here you need to look in person, understand, try different options. The site contains descriptions of various errors and their solutions, as well as instructions for configuring routers and wireless networks. Read articles, you will find answers to all your questions.

If 2 phones are the same, then their MAC addresses are almost the same type 80: CF: 43: XX: XX, there are routers that check only the beginning of the mass address and give un. Therefore, there is a conflict between the two devices. I decided it this way. I registered the statics for these two MAC addresses.

It’s just strange that all the other phones are connected. And mine also connected to the network, then immediately stopped. What is the reason I do not understand.

Hello. I have a request, please ask questions more specifically. What kind of network? Do you have a router at home? Which router? Which telephone? Have you tried restarting your phone and router? If the reboot did not help, then try to reset the phone to the factory settings.

Hello. The problem with me is that the smartphone does not connect to the distribution of Wi-Fi from another device. At first everything worked, but then the Wi-Fi turned off abruptly and I can’t connect to any Wi-Fi. What to do?