How to connect to a computer via a local network

A little about the local network

Most providers today, providing Internet access, connect you to the network, holding a “twisted pair” cable to the apartment (by the way, the “twisted pair” cable is shown in the very first picture in this article). This cable is connected to your system unit, to the network card. The speed of such a connection is 100 Mbps. When downloading files from the Internet, the maximum speed will be ~ 7-9 MB/s (additionally the numbers were transferred from megabit to megabytes).

In the article further, we will assume that you are connected to the Internet just like that.

Now let’s talk about what equipment and programs will be needed to create a local network.

connect, computer, local, network

How to create and configure a wireless network via wi-fi connection

The wireless connection is more convenient for most users, although the connection on it can be less stable than I would like. To create it in Windows 10, you will have to use the command line. But to simplify the process that must be repeated every time when the computer is turned on, we will immediately consider the creation of the executable file, which will play this command. To do this, create a text file and enter the following command block there:

NETSH WLAN SET HOSTEDNETWORK MODE = Allow SSID = “Name-network” Key = “Password-Dog-Dog”

Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork

WINDOWS 10 : Connect 2 PC together with an LAN Cable | NETVN

In this case, the name of the network and the password from it should be introduced without quotes.

Next, while saving the file, we change the format.TXT on.Bat simply by changing the signature of the file format, after the point in its name. The executable file is ready. It should be launched every time you start your device.

After the network is launched by this series of commands, another device can connect to it using the password you installed for connection and the name of the network.

How to access one computer to another if they are connected to one network

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In this article, we will tell you how to access the desktop of another computer, which is connected to the same network using a remote desktop (Windows Professional) or using a general access to the screen (MacOS). To access the main computer from another computer, you need to turn on remote access on the main computer; Keep in mind that both computers should work under the control of one operating system. You must find out the name of the main computer or its local IP address. Please note that the method described here cannot be applied to Windows 10 Home.

Enter the control panel. As you enter, the results that meet your request will be displayed.

Click the remote access setting. You will find this option in the “System” section. This is the third section of the window “System and safety”.

Install the flag at “Allow connection to this computer”. You will find this option in the “Remote Desktop” section.

“Allow the connection only from computers”. This option is under the option “Allow connection to this computer“.

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Go to http: // www.Whatsmyip.Org in the web browser. On the same computer, run the web browser, for example Chrome or Firefox, and then open the Whatsmyip page.Org. On it you will find a computer IP address.

Write down the IP address of the computer. It is a number of numbers that are separated by points, for example This IP address is needed to connect to the main computer from another computer.

The first stage is the selection of equipment

Settings begins with the choice of a suitable network component. There are several options. Sweatter, router or wireless access point. Over, they can be combined if you plan to create not only a local network, but also a connection to a global. What is the difference between these devices?

  • A simple sweatshirt for a home grid provides exclusively the connection between computers using a wired connection. He does not carry any other functions (we will not consider special “smart” devices that providers use). Computers and multimedia devices are connected to this network switch with wires. In stores UTP5 cables with compressed ends are called patch cords and are sold with different lengths. The length of each patch cord for a home local network does not matter, since the signal passes from the device to the device without a deterioration of up to 150 meters.
  • Router, or router. This network component not only connects the points of the local network, but can also provide access to the Internet. At the same time, many modern models support both wired and wireless communication devices of the internal system (via Wi-Fi).
  • The wireless access point for home use will provide the connection of your gadgets with each other exclusively through Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that computers with a wireless network card can connect to it, but modern phones and tablets, almost all, without exception, have access to Wi-Fi.

For the simplest connection of home computers in one system, a relatively cheap sweat. Routers and wireless points will cost more. Choose suitable components based on your needs and financial capabilities. On the market they are represented in large numbers.

Options for building a home local network

When creating a home local network, most often two options are used:

  • Connect two computers (PC with a laptop, PC with PC, etc.) using a cable (it is often called a twisted pair);
  • Acquire special. “box” called Wi-Fi router To the router, using a network cable, connect PC, and laptops, phones, tablets, etc. Devices-gain Internet access via Wi-Fi (the most popular option today).

Connection 2-x PC using a twisted pair

Pros: simplicity and cheapness (you need 2 things: a network card, and a network cable); ensuring a fairly high speed that not every router is able to give out a smaller number of radio waves in the room.

Cons: extra wires create confusion, interfere with; After reinstalling Windows OS. You need to set the network again; so that the Internet access is on the second PC (2), the first PC (1). Should be included.

What is needed: that each PC has a network card, a network cable. If you plan to connect more than 2 PC to a local network (or that one PC is connected to the Internet, and at the same time it is on the local network)-one of the PC should have 2-3 or more network cards.

In general, if both PCs have network cards, and you have a network cable (also called Ethernet Cabble)-then connecting them with it does not represent anything complicated. I think there is nothing special to consider here.

Approx.: Pay attention, usually a green (yellow) LED begins to light up on network cards when you connect a cable to it.

Network cables are different for sales: and not only with color and length, the fact is that there are cables for connecting a computer to a computer, but there are those that are used to connect PC to a router.

For our task, we need a cross.Country network cable (or cable, desalinated by the cross.Way. Here someone calls what).

In a crossed cable. On the end connectors, yellow and green pairs change in places; In the standard (for connecting PC to the router). Contact colors are the same.

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In general, if two PC are turned on, you work, you connected them with a cable (LEDs blinked on network cards), the network icon near the clock stopped displaying a red cross. Then PC found the network and is waiting for its settings. This is what we will deal with in the second section of this article.

Connection of 2-3 or more PC using a router

Pros: Most devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Will gain access to the Wi-Fi network; Less wires “underfoot”, after reinstalling Windows. The Internet will work.

Cons: the acquisition of a router (after all, some models are far from cheap); “Complex” setting of the device; Roter radio waves can affect health, higher ping and hanging out (if the router does not cope with the load).

What is needed: a router (it is usually a network cable for connecting one PC to it).

With the connection of the router, as a rule, there are also large problems either: the cable coming from the Internet provider is connected to the special. The router connector (it is often called-“Internet”), and local PCs are connected to other connectors (“LAN ports”).

To help!

How to connect and configure a new Wi-Fi router yourself-instructions with pictures

T.E. The router becomes an intermediary (the approximate diagram is shown in the screenshot below. By the way, in this scheme, the modem may not be on the right, it all depends on your Internet connection).

Internet connection diagram via router

By the way, pay attention to the LEDs on the router’s case: when connecting an Internet cable from the provider, from the local PC-they should light up and blink.

In general, setting up Wi-Fi router is a separate large topic, in addition, for each router-the instruction will be slightly different. Therefore, giving universal recommendations in one individual article is hardly possible.

connect, computer, local, network

☝ By the way, when connecting via a router. A local network, usually configures automatically (t.E. All computers connected via a network cable should already be on the local network, there will be a couple of small strokes (about them below)).

How to Connect to Windows Remote Desktop in Local Network or via the Internet �� �� ��

The main task after that is to configure Wi-Fi connection and Internet access. But t.To. This article is about the local network, I don’t focus on this attention.

How to connect computers with each other

The first thing to do when creating a local network is to decide how it will be built. The home local network usually consists of a small number of computers/laptops (2-3 pcs.). Therefore, 2 options are most often used: either computers are connected directly using a special cable; either use a special device. Router. Consider the features of each option.

Connection of computers “on direct”

This option is the simplest and cheapest (in terms of equipment costs). Thus, you can connect 2-3 computers (laptop) with each other. At the same time, if at least one PC is connected to the Internet, you can allow access to all other PCs in such a network.

What to create to create such a connection?

Cable (it is also called twisted pair), a slightly longer between the connected PC. It is even better if you immediately buy a squeezed cable in the store. T.E. Already with connectors for connecting to the computer network card (if you squeeze yourself, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with: https: // PCPRO100.Info/kak.Obzhat-kabel-interneta/).

By the way, you need to pay attention to the fact that the cable is needed specifically to connect the computer to the computer (cross connection). If you take a cable to connect the computer to the router, and use it by connecting 2 PC. Such a network will not work!

Each computer should have a network card (it is available in all modern PC/laptops).

Actually and all. The costs are minimal, for example, a cable in a store for connecting 2 PC can be bought for 200-300 r.; There are network cards in each PC.

It remains only to connect the 2 system units with the cable and turn on both computers for further settings. By the way, if one of the PC is connected to the Internet via a network card, then you will need a second network card. To use it to connect PC to a local network.

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Creating a home local network using a router

A router is a small box that greatly simplifies the creation of a local network and connection to the Internet for all devices in the house.

connect, computer, local, network

It is enough to set up a router once. And all devices will be able to immediately go to the local network and gain access to the Internet. Now in stores you can find a huge number of routers, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article: https: // PCPRO100.Info/Vyibor-Routera-Kakoy-Wi-Fi-Kupit-Dlya-Doma/

Stationary computers are connected to the router through the cable (usually 1 cable always comes with a router), laptops and mobile devices are connected to the router via Wi-Fi. You can see how to connect a PC to the router in this article (using the example of the D-Link router).

In more detail, the organization of such a network is scheduled in this article: https: // PCPRO100.Info/Lokalnaya-Set/

From the phone we open folders on a computer/laptop on a local network

First you should make one important remark: both the computer and the phone must be connected to one Wi-Fi router // T.E. Be in one local network! (Connecting. Not necessarily a wire, you can and by Wi-Fi)

No specific settings need to be entered in the router itself, so I do not stop at SIM, and move to the next step.

Checking the network performance

The main task of the local network, as we have already said, is the joint use of resources. Most often, such resources are faxes, scanners, printers, etc.D., as well as the files themselves on different PC. We will not conduct a check of the printer from different PCs, but this function should definitely become available after fulfilling the above conditions.

We will deal with the performance of the network by transferring files. To do this, we will create a folder for total access on the laptop. We go to “Conductor”, and then in “Network”:

Computer named “Jenya”. This is our laptop, and the second computer “Evgeniy1”. This is stationary. This we checked that computers are really on the same network. Now we go to the local disk D and choose a folder for overall access, let it be, for example, “abstracts”. Choose it, click PKM, and then “Properties”:

Therefore, you need to click “Access”, and then “General access”. In the list of users, select the one who, under such a login, enters the system on the computer after that you will receive a message that the folder is open for overall access:

Now we click again “Ready”. On the computer we enter “My computer”. “Network”, and then select our computer “Jenya”. Now in the list of folders, our folder “Abstracts” has become available. It is important not to immediately go into this folder and check if everything was transmitted. You need to wait for about a minute after you closed the “properties” window, so that the changes come into force.

Similarly, you can transmit files from a computer to, no differences there are no differences. This is how you can create a local network between several computers and use all its capabilities to create convenient use of available resources.

When we decide to connect to the Internet, we are unlikely to think about what type of connection to use. The price is important and we need good quality of the provision of services. But in certain situations, we need to understand what we are.

Windows 10 users at the time of connection sometimes gets an error 651 and it is similar. They are called “Internet connection errors”. This is due to the appearance of a software or hardware network.

The necessary settings parameters must be selected during the installation and activation of the Windows 10 operating system.

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