How to Connect the Unit to the TV

How to Connect the Unit to the TV

How to connect a computer to a TV?

We have put together various ways to solve this common problem.


  • Connection Choice
  • HDMI Connection
  • VIDEO: How to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI
  • Connecting a TV to a computer via a VGA connector
  • S-video
  • Miracast
  • VIDEO: Connecting a smartphone to a TV via Miracast
  • PC and Smart TV Connection
  • VIDEO: Connecting a Smart TV to a computer (Wi.Fi. Lan). Using WINDOWS
  • Image Adjustment
  • VIDEO: Setting up Smart Share for LG TV
  • VIDEO: AllShare Program
  • Combination of different outputs

Connection Choice

It is important to choose the connection that will be used.

Next, the main types of connecting the TV to a PC will be listed in order.

First, attention will be paid to the best options regarding image quality, with which you can easily connect. After that, several additional methods will be given.

Please note that the presence of gold coating on cables that are expensive does not affect the quality of the displayed image.

So, here are a few options for connecting a computer to a TV:

HDMI Connection

Surely many users have heard about this connector. It is on all modern TVs.

An HDMI cable has the same connectors on both ends.

You can purchase a cheap cable. But only if the user plans to work in 3D mode, it is better to use the latest version of the HDMI cable.

Next, you should find the jack that is located on the back of the computer (or on the side. If it’s a laptop), the same jack is on the TV panel.

Look carefully, a similar socket is located on the video card near the monitor connection.

With a laptop, everything is much simpler. It has the same HDMI jack. That’s just it is on different sides depending on the model with which the user works.

Sometimes the TV hangs on the wall and plugging in the back of the cable is very difficult. It is for this situation that a cable with plugs is sold at right angles.

As an option, buy a special HDMI corner.

VIDEO: How to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI

How to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI

How to connect a computer to a TV? Wired and Wireless

Connecting a TV to a computer via a VGA connector

Video Graphics Array is an interface designed to receive and transmit analog video signals. Sound transmission in this version of connecting the TV to a computer is completely absent.

Before connecting, make sure that both devices. Both the computer and the TV. Are equipped with VGA connectors and a special cable is available.

Appearance of the VGA connector

To make such a connection, your computer must be equipped with an operating system of at least Windows 7.

Connect the PC and the TV with the VGA cable in the off state, then press the SOURCE button on the TV remote control (in some models it may be INPUT) and in the menu that appears on the screen, specify as an external signal Vga (on some models. PC or RGB)

After that, confirm the selected changes by pressing the OK button.

Next, go on to configure your computer.

Right-click on a free space on the desktop and in the drop-down list, go to the screen resolution menu.

In this menu, you are given the choice of using both a TV and a computer monitor, as well as setting the required resolution.

In addition, you can select the point of using multiple screens, in which the following options will be available to you:

  • Duplicate screens. A function that allows you to get the same image on the monitor and on the TV screen;
  • Expand Screens. Allows you to simultaneously watch a video on the TV screen, and on the computer, for example, print text;
  • Display desktop 1 or 2. This function works only one of the available screens. Either a monitor or a TV.

In general, the process of such connection is not difficult, however, it creates some inconvenience associated with the transmission, in this embodiment, of sound.

It will have to be connected with a separate cable or use an external speaker system for these purposes.


Another option for connecting a TV to a computer is to connect using the S-Video connectors.

This option is convenient in that all TVs and computer video cards (except for very old ones) are equipped with an S-Video connector.

All that is required of you is to connect these devices with an S-Video. S-Video cable.

Appearance of S-Video jack and plug

Before connecting, both the TV and the computer must be disconnected, then insert one end of the cable into the connector on the computer’s video card, which is a round black jack, and the other into the S-Video jack on the TV.

Next, turn on the TV, and then the computer.

During the loading on the computer of the operating system, the TV screen will blink. Thereby indicating that an external signal source has been detected.

The next step is to configure the video card. To do this, click on the free space on the desktop and in the menu “Properties»Go to the tab Parameters.

Video: How to Connect the Unit to the TV

Then select Additionally and in the window that opens, opposite the name of the video card, activate the item Clone.

After applying this parameter, click on the item Display” and from the available list, select the name of the TV.

Then, on the TV, search for the signal source and adjust the image.


Miracast Connection

Miracast technology differs from DLNA in that such an option to output multimedia information from a TV to a PC simplifies the task of viewing not only recorded files stored on the gadget’s hard drive, but also played online in one of the built-in web browsers.

So it is supported only by individual computers, as well as tablets and laptops, which have powerful hardware filling.

It is important to implement such modern technology in the TV itself.

If the TV is only optionally supported by Miracast, then you will have to spend extra money on an adapter that easily connects to the HDMI port.

The technology of the wireless monitor is very simple. The displayed image is compressed taking into account a special algorithm.

After that, it is mirrored via Wi-fi to a large TV display.

In this case, there is no need to connect the TV to one of the local networks using a router.

To successfully transfer the image, install the Wireless Display add-on on your computer and start the broadcast.

Make sure that the Miracast function is activated on the TV menu. This can be done in the settings, if you enter the tab “Networks” and move on to the Intel WiDi sub.

VIDEO: Connecting a smartphone to a TV via Miracast

We connect the smartphone to the TV via Miracast

How to connect a computer to a TV? Wired and Wireless

PC and Smart TV Connection

PC and Smart TV can be connected without a special router.

As many people probably know, a home network can be created without using a router. In this case, the role of the access point will be played by the laptop.

This is done in several ways:

  1. You can create a connection in one of the special management consoles;
  2. Alternatively, use the command line;
  3. Use third-party programs, for example, Virtual Router Plus.

Note that the hallmark of most of the built-in Windows tools is their greater reliability and stability.

In addition, users will no longer have to spend time searching for programs and installing them on a personal computer. So the registry will not be too clogged.

A similar method is considered one of the simplest.

Further, this issue will be considered in more detail.

As an administrator, start the command prompt. To cope with this task of Windows 8, use the WinX key combination.

When the menu appears, select the “Command Prompt” item. In the seventh version of the operating system, you must press the Windows R keyboard shortcut in the window that opens, and also register CMD and press Enter.

And after that press Enter.

The creation of a new network will then be completed and you can begin to launch it. To do this, write on the command line

It is important to say that you can create a virtual network only once.

However, after the module is rebooted, the user must register a command to successfully launch the Internet.

As a result, the user will only have to connect the TV to the computer, having completed the necessary actions that have already been done when working with the router.

You can control TV from a PC over a Wi-Fi wireless network using the same programs.

There are various add-ons with which it is greatly simplified to control the TV using a smartphone.

In this case, the phone is used as a control panel.

So, in this article are the main ways to connect a computer to a TV.

To cope with this task is very easy if you select the appropriate option and follow the instructions. Then the user will not have difficulty connecting.

VIDEO: Connecting a Smart TV to a computer (Wi.Fi. Lan). Using WINDOWS

We connect the TV with Smart TV to the computer (Wi.Fi. Lan). Using WINDOWS

How to connect a computer to a TV? Wired and Wireless

Image Adjustment

If necessary, you can adjust the image of the TV using a computer

If the image is blurry, you should open the system settings and find the section that is responsible for the monitor.

Here the user can set the required resolution corresponding to the TV. If necessary, you can change the mode in which the video is displayed.

Most modern smart TVs can be connected to a PC wirelessly using a wi-fi local area network.

This helps to broadcast a variety of content. Music, video and so on.

If necessary, you can easily duplicate the images downloaded from the computer to the TV.

As a result, the latter will turn into a high-quality analogue of a wireless monitor. In addition, when working with wi-fi, you do not need a router.

As for the LG device, you can use the service to activate such a function Smart share

VIDEO: Setting up Smart Share for LG TV

Setting up Smart Share for LG TV

How to connect a computer to a TV? Wired and Wireless

But Samsung TV offers similar opportunities, thanks to the popular service Allshare.

VIDEO: AllShare Program

AllShare program

How to connect a computer to a TV? Wired and Wireless

There is a big difference in the settings for wireless connection between TV models from different manufacturers.

Most devices are able to establish a connection in automatic mode. To work with others, you need to install additional software on the connected PC.

So it may be difficult to formulate a universal instruction that is suitable for all users.

If you need to connect the TV to a PC via Wi-Fi, you can find the necessary information by reading the instructions, or by going to the manufacturer’s official website.

There you can find the answer to the question what software is needed for this.

Combination of different outputs

All devices have different inputs

Sometimes it happens that the equipment does not have the necessary connectors. It often happens that there is one port on the TV, and another on the computer.

What to do in this case? Very simple. You just need to unite which connectors will be used and purchase the right cable.

As an option, use special converters that simplify the connection of various ports.

You can use the VGA converter, which receives signals from the VGA output of the gadget.

After that, the signals are converted for the most common for S-Video TVs.

When shutting down, you should follow this order:

  • The TV and computer should be disconnected from the network;
  • Remember to disconnect the antenna and peripherals;
  • Connect cables if you plan to use adapters;
  • It is important to connect the computer, as well as the TV to the network.
  • Next, you need to turn off the computer and wait for the full system boot;
  • Only then can you start turning on the TV.

Next, the setting for outputting images to a TV will be discussed.

By clicking the right mouse button, the user will see a context menu in which to find the item “Screen resolution”. In order for the system to connect the TV, press “To find”.

Selecting item “Multiple Screens”, user must configure image output:

  • Duplication of screens. At the same time the same information will appear on the TV as on the computer screen;
  • When expanding the screens, the display of the computer and the TV will constitute a common work area;
  • Displaying the desktop halfway means that the image will be displayed either on the TV or on the computer.