How To Connect The Remote To A Philips Tv

The developers of the technology complement the device with a useful control panel. This makes it easy to use any system. Now it’s possible to turn off the lights, turn on the air conditioning or set up the console while sitting on the couch. The user will need one device. Faced the question “How to set up a universal remote control for LG TV.” Brief instructions will help to understand this issue. With simple actions, users activate control with appliances at home.

What is a universal remote control?

Owners of digital television acquire a universal remote control. To install it you need a separate receiver. They have the same structure and consist of a plastic case, electrons, soft keys, LEDs and parts for electronic power.

Universal remote control has a similar internal structure, like the standard one. Not every device is adapted to control. External similarity does not guarantee the versatility of PU. Before buying a useful accessory, study the technical specifications.

Differences between the original and universal remote

The remote control is useless as a separate device. It connects with a television receiver. Operation Action:

  1. When you press a key, the user touches the chip. Because of this, a circuit of electrical pulses is formed.
  2. The LED element of the accessory translates the action into infrared radiation. In this case, the wave indicators reach 0.75-1.5 microns. The signal is transmitted to the connected device.
  3. There is a phototransistor in the TV. It exhibits an IR signal and transmits it as an electrical impulse. The signal goes to the control room. Because of this, the action is reproduced.

The communication method, which is extended to remote ones, is pulse-code modulation. It differs in that each action is given a sequence:

  • digits 000 to deactivate the TV;
  • code 001. switch to the next channel in the list;
  • code 002. return to the previous channel;
  • 011 combination for changing volume indicators;
  • 100. reduce the level of reproduced sound;
  • 111. deactivate the TV.

Thus, when a key is pressed, the electrical circuit converts the signal according to a clear pattern.

At the moment, such PUs are popular:

  • Original
  • Fakes
  • Suitable for everyone.
How To Connect The Remote To A Philips Tv

The first and second type are controls designed for a specific type of device. The main difference is that the original creates a factory where TV is produced. Non-original companies are licensed.

The universal option is customizable for any technique. It is designed for various TV models. In the case of a lost gadget, suitable for any device. When buying, the user often pays attention to the external structure and its design. Since, the technical specifications are the same.

Top 3 best universal remote controls

Now on the market such models:

  • Rexant 38-0011;
  • Vivanco UR 2;
  • One For All URC 6810.

How to find out the LG TV code?

Need codes for your LG TV on a universal remote? To connect to a TV, you need to know the code. He is in the technical passport. In addition, such information is on the manufacturer’s website. Go to the “Reference” section and find the appropriate code.

If this data is still not available, use the built-in automatic configuration options. The system itself finds the TV code and plays the data on the screen.

How to set up a universal remote on an LG TV?

How to connect a universal remote control to an LG TV (Lji)? Insert batteries or rechargeable battery. Next, determine the conjugation of the TV and PU. Click on the correct mode and wait for the indicator to turn on.

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Auto-tuning method that fits most models. Follow the instructions:

  • start the receiver;
  • activate the “TV” section and wait for the light to appear;
  • click on the “Mute” button to search;
  • at the end of the action, check the operation.


For each TV, there is a specific code for communication. With it, it is possible to set the UP parameters. Depending on the model, select the instructions.

  • start the receiver;
  • on the universal remote control, click on the “Start” button, and then enter the TV code;
  • Now release the key.
  • open the change mode, simultaneously press the keys: “Start” and “Set”;
  • We are waiting for the signal to appear on the gadget;
  • enter a combination;
  • the signal goes out.
  • activate the TV;
  • click on the buttons “C” and “Settings”;
  • after initialization, remove the fingers from the keys;
  • check the work.

No code

Another universal method is code search. Brief Instruction:

  • activate the TV and translate the remote;
  • hold down the “TV” and “OK” keys;
  • after 2-3 seconds, the keys light up;
  • click on the “switch” TV channels and turn off the TV;
  • count successfully selected;
  • To save the parameters, click on the “TV” button.

Smartphones with universal remote control function

Most smartphones have a built-in universal remote control option. Customize according to personal preference. Regulate mobile light in the apartment or the supply of cold air in the air conditioner.