How to connect the miracast to the TV

How to connect the miracast to the television

Technology has stepped very far forward

A lot of people may have questions: on what phones can you use this function? Which smartphones and other devices support Miracast by default?

Equipment that has Miracast support on it:

If you are in doubt whether your equipment has support for this technology, follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Android devices

Learn how to connect your smartphone to your TV via Miracast in the following

How to check if you can enable Miracast on your Android smartphone? Sequence of steps:

If you have this item, then the technology is supported. If this item is missing, there is no support.

Instructions for iOS devices

In the settings you need to find the “AirPlay” section. It comes with all devices by default and indicates support for this feature. If it is not there, then most likely the equipment is fake and not original Apple.

Instructions for TV

Today’s TV comes with Miracast initially. To verify the existence of the function in the settings of the TV must be found the section “Miracast.

Instructions for Windows 10 devices

Instructions are also available in

To check it, you need to do the following:

  • Use the system search option and enter “Miracast“.
  • The section that opens will show you if your PC supports the projection feature.

What to do if there is no support? The problem is solved by buying and installing a special receiver, which will make this function available for use.

System requirements for WiDi

Since WiDi is a technology, it is quite obvious that it will only work if the manufacturer provides it. By itself in the smartphone or on the TV it will not appear.

First, you should immediately check on your Xiaomi smartphone for the “Xiaomi wireless display” feature. You can do it this way: phone settings. Connections and sharing (in earlier versions of MIUI additional features). wireless display. Usually, it is supported on phones with Android 4.2 or higher and is built into the MIUI shell.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the display itself is ready to receive WiDi images:

In the case of a PC or laptop will be required to have a processor, video card and also a Wi-Fi module from Intel. For computers, these criteria are key, otherwise you won’t be able to set up connections to your Xiaomi wireless display with WiDi technology.

If we’re talking about a TV. it must also have a built-in chip that supports WiDi Miracast. You need to find mention of this technology in the TV settings or instructions. It is noted that the most recent televisions may no longer support this technology “out of the box”. In this case you will need to buy an external WiDi adapter, which is easily installed in the HDMI connector of the TV. Fortunately, in China, there are a lot of WiDi Miracast via HDMI connectors.

To use the wireless transmission of images in practice

I’ve played around a bit and tried to figure out what you can really use this technology for. The problem is that with this kind of image transmission, there is a slight delay. That is, on the tablet the page is already open, but on the TV it appears in a second, to put it crudely.

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Perhaps on more expensive equipment, this delay will be less, but it is likely to be. To show pictures on the big screen, this connection is perfect. All wireless, just the way we like it.

You can browse websites, or, for example, watch online video.

By the way, I was watching a video on the tablet, it seems to work fine on the TV. Though with a delay, but the sound goes in sync with the video. The sound, by the way, is also transmitted.

Tried to play games but the lag is a little annoying.


A great technology that allows you to display the picture you see on your tablet or phone on the big screen without any wires. Everything connects without any problems and works smoothly. At least, I did not notice any problems.

The only disadvantage is the delayed refresh of the image on the TV. In the game is difficult to play, but to watch a photo or video. you can. To display some presentation on the TV, no problem at all.

I would be glad to see your feedback and opinions about this technology. How it works for you, what use have you found? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! All the best!

Connecting to a TV or wireless monitor via Miracast

In order to turn on Miracast and transmit the image to the TV via Wi-Fi, in Windows 10, just press the WinP key (where Win is the key with the Windows logo, and P is the Latin one).

At the bottom of the list of display options, select “Connect to wireless display” (for what to do if you don’t see this option, see the “Wireless Display Connection” section). on).

Connecting to a display via Miracast

It will start searching for wireless displays (monitors, TVs, and such). Once the desired screen is found (note that for most TVs, you need to turn them on beforehand), select it from the list.

Once selected the connection for the Miracast transmission will start (may take some time) and then if everything went well you will see the monitor image on your TV or other wireless display.

What to do if there are problems with Miracast

Miracast connection sometimes drops out, takes a long time to establish, or takes forever. There can be two reasons: the receiver is damaged or drivers are not installed. In the first case we will have to replace the module, in the second. you must manually install or update the drivers. The following steps must be performed on your computer:

    To do this, go to the website of the company that makes the Miracast receiver and find the latest drivers for your operating system. Open the device manager.

Install the latest Miracast drivers

On your TV, under Miracst, you need to find the Upgrade function and use it. Your TV should be connected to Wi-Fi network at this moment.

Click the Upgrade button to upgrade Miracast

Miracast makes it easier to communicate between devices. You no longer need wires, flash drives, and routers to watch movies and play on big TVs and monitors.

Picture on your TV from your laptop, or smartphone over Wi-Fi

I have noticed that many people want to, for example, run on a tablet, view a movie online in the browser and output it to the TV. You must be able to download a movie from DLNA in order to stream it. Not everyone likes it, and not everyone knows how to download movies to your tablet or smartphone. If you have a Smart TV, you can watch online movies directly from your TV and you don’t need any additional devices to do so. Read how to do this in this article.

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This is interesting: Why doesn’t the Internet work on your TV when connected via network cable (without a router)?

There are two basic technologies that allow you to wirelessly duplicate everything you see on your laptop screen, or mobile device, to your TV. It’s Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi) technology. and Miracast. You’ve probably already heard of these technologies, or seen them in the settings of your devices.

If you explain their work in your own words, it goes like this: the image that is displayed on the screen of your computer, or mobile device is compressed, and via Wi-Fi is transmitted to the TV. All of this happens very quickly, and there is almost no noticeable delay.

You simply turn on Miracast, or Intel WiDi on your TV (if it supports this technology, if not, you need a special HDMI adapter). and on your mobile device, or on a laptop using a special program, you start the broadcast. The devices connect and the picture is transmitted to the TV. By the way, you do not need a Wi-Fi network (router) at all, the TV creates the network itself, you just need to connect to it. Something like Wi-Fi Direct.

At first glance, everything is very simple. But, at the moment, not all devices support this wireless technology. Although, I think that in a year, it will not be a problem.

By the way, Intel WiDi (starting with version 3.5) Miracast compatible. So, Intel’s technology can be considered universal.

Read how to view the picture on your Android tablet or phone using this technology in this article.

Navigating Through Entries

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After reading the previous 3 paragraphs one might get the impression that you need at least two higher technical degrees to use the device, but in fact everything is much simpler.

In order to get started you need:

  • Connect your device to HDMI and the power cord to the TV’s USB connector.
  • Connect from your mobile device or laptop to Smart Cast via Wi-Fi (necessary instructions will appear on the TV screen)
  • Install the EZCast app on your device and run it.

Next, you can start playing videos, watch photos or listen to music through the built-in Smart Cast apps or enable EZMirror mode (AirPlay for iOS/OS X) and use your favorite apps on your smartphone or laptop. the device screen will be duplicated on the TV Disadvantages:

  • You need to figure out the initial setup of your device. it’s a little more complicated than just plugging in the cable.
  • The inconvenience of a built-in player
  • You may experience slowness when watching high definition movies in EZMirror mode
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The ability to connect to your TV practically any device
  • No need for extra wires

For more information about Rombica Smart Cast, please visit the official website. And in general, they have a whole line of media players there for completely different tasks, the Smart Cast attachment is quite simple, but there are quite tricky.

Most modern TV models already have a built-in Wi-Fi module, it allows you to connect other devices to the TV and display different content on the big screen. If your TV does not have this feature, but you want to connect to it and watch, for example, photos and video on a big screen. Then an external HDMI Wi-Fi adapter comes in handy, or as it’s also called anycast. You can also connect it to a regular LCD monitor, if you like.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

The Miracast feature in your TV gives the user a lot of advantages:

  • Connect without using a separate Wi-Fi network.
  • Viewing video content in high quality.
  • High IEEE 802 speed transmission.11n.
  • Ability to set up an internal network without a router.
  • Works without installing additional app.
  • Capable of transmitting 3D video. Full HD.
  • Built into most modern devices.
  • Easy setup, intuitive interface.

The technology has minor drawbacks:

  • Cannot transmit Ultra HD, because the maximum resolution that the standard supports is 1952 x 1200;
  • there may be problems when setting up the connection between the devices;
  • H codec is required for operation.264.

Setting up Miracast

If the user is sure that the available devices support the Miracast technology, he can connect them. You must activate the connection with the expectation that your cell phone or tablet will be the sender and your computer or television receiver.

Setting up your smartphone

The process of setting up your cell phone will not take long. Here are detailed instructions for selecting settings on Android and iOS smartphones. To set up Android:

  • Activate the wireless network connection.
  • Connect your cell phone or tablet to the WI-FI router.
  • Find the tab with the wireless screen. This subsection can be under “Wireless network”, “Wi-Fi” or even under “Screen”. It depends on the phone model.
  • Open the section with “Enable option” button.
  • In the list of devices that appears, select the necessary.
  • Wait for the final stage of synchronization.

Activation on iPhones takes much less time:

  • It is necessary to open the list of available connections of the router.
  • Find the network that is distributed by Miracast technology.
  • Open the sharing window.
  • Select the “AirPlay” tab.
  • Define the screen for sending the signal.
  • Enable video replay.
  • Waiting for the synchronization of the devices.

Computer configuration

The process of connecting a computer is more time-consuming because the operating system settings take longer to synchronize with Miracast technology. What you need to do:

  • Join a wireless network that is distributed by the TV.
  • Open the main system settings.
  • Find the section with the devices.
  • Add the desired device using the “Connected Devices” block.
  • In the window that appears, find the name of the item from which the Miracast network is distributed (TV).

After you finish, the synchronization of your computer will start. The appropriate picture should appear on your desktop. If the synchronization procedure was unsuccessful or no picture appears, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Start the screen output setting mode manually from the control panel or “WIN P” combination.
  • Connect to the wireless screen by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Specify the device name in the input line.
  • Choose a display to duplicate.
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