How to connect the drive to the computer

Why the computer does not see the external optical drive

The answer is yes. You can play a DVD movie on your laptop.

If your laptop has an inserted drive that is compatible with your DVD drive, you can play a DVD movie on your laptop. But not all laptops have a DVD drive for inserting a DVD for playback. Generally speaking, many laptops do not have DVD drives.

At that time, can you play your DVD if your laptop does not have a DVD drive?

No need to worry about. You can still play a DVD on your laptop without a DVD drive. Because we are going to share with you some useful methods on how to play DVD on your laptop regardless if your laptop has a DVD drive or not. We will introduce you the most commonly used media players and the best DVD ripper.

Connecting your drive to your PC

Turn off the power to your computer before you connect the drive directly. You can unplug the socket, but more correctly, cut off the power supply to the system unit itself. This is done here:

It is not necessary to deprive the computer of power, but it is recommended to avoid electric shock. Usually this does not happen, but if the drive has a factory defect or under other circumstances, the consequences can be very traumatic. It is not superfluous to protect yourself from force majeure circumstances.On the back of the system unit (in the upper left corner) there is a plug. It must be unplugged and the power will disappear. You can’t mix up the plugs: they go directly to the power supply. After powering off the computer you can start to connect the drive:

    Remove the two side covers from the system unit. You have to do this because. к. The floppy drive is fastened on both sides. To do this, unscrew the screws on the back of the case:

Then gently, by applying light pressure, the cover is pushed back and removed from the mounts. After that, access to the drive is open, and the process of connecting it directly begins.

Next, according to the previous photo, tighten the holders. These can be both usual screws and more sophisticated methods of fixing the device. The point of them, however, is the same. to hold the drive firmly in the case of the system unit. This can be screw-in fans, a snap, etc. п.After fixing the device, connect the wires correctly:

The thin and red cable is the SATA cable, it controls the device. The wider one is the power cable.You can’t insert them incorrectly, so just connect the plugs gently, and if that doesn’t work, try flipping them 180°. There is often no problem with it, but don’t force it. Do it very slowly to avoid damages.The SATA cable goes into the right slot on the motherboard (labeled as such. SATA):

And the drive’s power cable doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere. к. it originally comes straight from the power supply:

Finally, the case of the system unit closes the covers, they are fixed with bolts behind. After all these steps, the installation process is complete.External disk drive is connected to your computer the same way, but it remains outside the case. That is why it is called an external disk drive.

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It is connected to the motherboard (the connector is labeled IDE) using only an FDD- stub:

You can not connect any other drive because. к. the device will not work.

You can also use special adapters, but the amount of its purchase is very rarely pays for itself.This video shows how to connect the floppy drive. It does not take into account the connection of wires, but it does not require any special knowledge. The main problem arises when you physically install the device.

First option

Updates for Windows cr: Procedure How to install the disk drive in the system unit? First it is worth getting acquainted with the type of interface, which is integrated into your motherboard desktop PC, because this will depend on further action.

These days both types are used.

How to install such a component?

Prepare a set of screwdrivers. We will need them in order to disassemble the system unit and dismantle the device that has failed. First you need to de-energize the computer by unplugging the power cord from the outlet. Now you will need to disconnect all cables that are connected to the back of the system. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws that hold the side cover. After removing a component put all the small parts aside so as not to lose them. Next, you need to deal with the old part. It should be fixed somewhere on top of the system unit. Grab the screwdriver and unscrew the fastening screws

Do not forget to disconnect the power wires from the component. Take the new device and with great care (so as not to cause damage) mount it in place of the old one. Some drives can be secured to the chassis with clips, but you have to use a screwdriver according to the classic method.

connect, drive, computer

The gadget with IDE interface has a special jumper on its housing. You need to place it in “Slave” position.

The procedure is carried out with a set of screwdrivers and screws:

  • Carefully place the drive on the front side and fix it with screws.
  • Replace the lid of the system unit in its place, remembering to connect all peripherals to the PC.
  • Turn the power on, wait until the new hardware is detected and then proceed.

Connecting the Data Loop

Depending on the brand. Gigabyte, MSI, Asus or less popular, as well as on the form factors, the number and the position of the SATA ports may differ. They are usually located in the lower right corner of the motherboard, but this is not an axiom.

The main difficulty of mounting the drive is to place it so that the power cable from the PSU reaches the drive, and the data cable, in turn, reaches the motherboard.

This is especially important when building PCs in BigTower chassis. bay spacing is significantly bigger there than in medium towers, so the cable length may be insufficient. I recommend to buy longer cables.

As I wrote earlier, in the SATA port number 0 (and if it is not present, then 1), always connect the hard drive. You can connect the drive to the next available.

To increase the aesthetics of the inside of the computer, especially if you build it in a case with a transparent side cover, the data cables from the hard drive and disk drive can be wound with a spiral before connecting to the motherboard. so they take up less space, and look unusual.

The final touch. before installing the operating system check the BIOS setup if the drive is not designated as the master boot device. If so, you should change the settings: hard drive with an OS installed on it must be the master.

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As you can see this stage of assembling is not difficult and we can move on. Also I recommend you read how to connect cooler to motherboard. if there are no slots available and how to connect the sound card to the motherboard. To learn more about installing video card to your computer, you can read here.

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Disassembling a PC Chassis. First stage

Before you connect the disk drive to the motherboard, you need to disassemble the case of the system unit in the off state. To do this, unplug the power cord. Next, unscrew the screws on the back of the case, which fix the side walls. Then the latter are pulled back and dismantled. And from both sides.

After that we recommend to do a dry cleaning of the PC case. No matter how long it’s been in use, dust still collects inside it. That’s why its removal from internal parts of the PC is a prerequisite for its long and reliable work.

Installing a new disk drive in the system unit

In addition to the screwdriver you may need pliers.

As a side note! If you have replaced the drive and followed the previous step to remove the old one, you are all set to install.

Now we will look at what to do when you want to put a disk drive in a new computer where there has never been one before, or want to put a second disk drive in addition to the old one.

Note ! It would be nice to find the original system box bolts, but if not, buy four or eight bolts to hold the drive together.

Connecting the data cable

In different brands. Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, and the least favorite, as well as in various forms of reasons, the number and placement of SATA ports for connecting devices may vary. Usually, they are placed in the lower right corner of the motherboard, but this is not a theorem.

Especially vital when building PCs in BigTower chassis. the distance between bays there is much more than in the “average tower”, respectively, and the loop length may not be enough. I recommend to use longer cables.

As I said before, the hard drive is always plugged into the SATA port number 0 (or 1 if it’s not available). The drive can be connected to the next available.

To increase the aesthetics of the computer internals, especially if you are collecting it in a case with a transparent side cover, the data cables from the hard drive and disk drive, you can before connecting to the motherboard coil. so they both take up less space, and look especially.

You see, this step of the assembly also did not cause us any difficulties and we can move on. I also suggest to read how to connect cooler to the motherboard. If there are no free connectors and how to connect the sound card to the motherboard. For more information about installing a video card on your computer, click here.

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External disk drive

In this case, everything is much simpler: as a rule, such a device does not require mounting inside the case, since it is designed for regular transportation, and has a self-sufficient design. Both data and power are transferred via USB, of which there is an abundance on modern PCs.If the ports are not enough, you can buy a special hub. a kind of splitter with one plug and a few “sockets. In addition, an external drive, as a rule, does not require the installation of drivers. Just as easily, you can disconnect the drive from one computer and connect it to another.

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A common occurrence is when the computer does not boot when the disk drive is connected, but when the device is missing, it works fine.

The problem is most likely in the boot priority: the drive is listed as the first device in the queue. If there is no disc in the tray or a disc with content other than the OS, the computer does not boot.

To get rid of such a problem is easy. just go to your BIOS and set the priority device hard drive or SSD.

It is much more serious when the computer does not turn on after the device is installed. In this case the problem is most likely in the power supply: although the drive consumes little power, the power supply is already underpowered.

Well where to buy the best accessories for your computer ? If you are looking for a suitable drive I recommend to visit this popular online store. where you can buy everything for the best price.

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Two or more drives

It is also possible to put two or two drives on one system unit. for example, separate for DVD and Blu-ray disks. The differences in installation are not principal: first install and mount the first one, then the second one, and after that connect the data transfer interface and power to each.

The external disk drive is connected using a USB cable and does not require installation of the device into the case. even its design is designed as a logically complete portable computer component. When in use, it can be kept next to the system unit and removed when not needed.

One last thing I’d like to clarify. Increasingly popular are cases without a floppy drive, that is, those that do not provide for its use at all.

For example, some top cases for gamer builds assume that the owner is in step with progress and has long abandoned the use of obsolete optical drives.

And the developers are absolutely right. most gamers today can do perfectly well without a disk drive, but it is unlikely without a powerful video card.

A little reminder that you can find all needed components for PC assembling in this popular on-line store. I also suggest to read articles about connecting power supply to the computer and DVD drive to the motherboard.

For instructions on how to install the motherboard into the system unit, click here.

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