How to connect telephone to Pioneer boombox

possible ways to connect your phone to the car stereo

Hello all! To think that just recently the presence of a car stereo, capable of playing CD discs, was something incredibly prestigious and inaccessible to most mere mortals. But technology advances with amazing speed. And now in order to play your favorite song in the car it is enough to have your smartphone with you.

Today we will talk about how to connect your phone to the car stereo. Let us try to consider all actual methods which allow to connect these two devices, and receive an opportunity to listen to music.

I want to note, that smartphone in some cases allows even without having in your car a modern audio system with easy access to a huge media library. Here the smartphone and one of appropriate ways of connection will help you.

How to connect a smartphone to a boombox

The first thing to check the support of radio recorder USB-connection. To do this, examine the device from all sides, and find the connector labeled “USB. If there are no inscriptions above the ports, you can find the right input visually. Look at what the USB plug looks like and try to locate a similar plug on the player panel. The most popular USB-enabled magazines:

After that, you should download your favorite songs to your smartphone. Note that recorded music must be in MP3 format. Then connect one end of the cable to the phone and the other end to the radio. Your phone should notify you that it’s connected to the player. Open the top notification bar and go to “USB tab” or “Connection Method”. The names of the tabs depend on the model of your smartphone, as well as the Android version. Here click on “Transferring files”.

This function lets your boombox play the tunes stored on your phone whether they are on the SD card or the internal memory.

Connecting devices using AUX

Connection using the AUX output is considered one of the first options used for connecting external media to the car stereo. Already cassette recorders had these outputs, which allows you to make a connection to them different devices. This output is made in the form of a usual round plug, which has a diameter of 3.5 mm. such are now used on phones for headphones.

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To connect your boombox and phone together you only need a cable with connectors

To connect your player and phone together, you only need a cable with 3.5 mm jacks on both ends that plug into your boombox and smartphone.

Connecting a phone to a radio via AUX

The easiest and fastest way. And even older boomboxes usually have an AUX input. And on the phone there is a 3.5 mm headphone output. Or it comes with an adapter. On a car stereo, the AUX input looks something like this:

This is the input for the regular 3.5 mm jack. If you have an OEM stereo, the AUX input could be somewhere in the armrest, glove compartment, a of some kind. You need a 3 mm jack to AUX cable to connect your stereo to your phone.5 mm jack. 3.5 mm jack.

I had it in the kit. If you don’t have it, you can buy it at almost any digital store. It is not expensive.


The iPhone can also be connected via AUX.

If you have a newer iPhone which doesn’t have the 3.If you have a 5 mm jack, you must use an adapter. If the adapter did not come with your phone, you will have to buy it yourself. By the way, I have already seen a Lightning-3 cable on the internet.5 mm jack.

I often listen to music in my car through AUX myself since I don’t have Bluetooth on my stereo. Not as convenient as Bluetooth, but not bad.

How to connect your phone to your boombox via Bluetooth

It is possible to connect the car radio to the phone via Bluetooth connection, if the phone and car radio have the appropriate functions. You can check whether your car radio has such a function in the menu.

How to connect your phone to the boombox via Bluetooth. connection

Also check that both devices have the same Bluetooth communication protocols (including A2DP). In modern boomboxes this protocol is usually supported, older smartphones may not support streaming. If your radio does not support Bluetooth, you can purchase a Bluetooth-dongle (adapter), in which case the connection is made with this additional device.

How to connect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth. connection

Communication with the phone via Bluetooth can be organized both from the phone and the car radio. In this case, both devices must activate Bluetooth. Then you need to search for all Bluetooth devices in range on one of the devices. Then select the appropriate device, give a connection request, exchange the code.

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Advantages of Bluetooth connection: no cable required, wireless connection.

connect, telephone, pioneer, boombox

Disadvantages: Difficult to configure the connection, the possibility of interference.

connect, telephone, pioneer, boombox

How to connect the AUX cassette player to the phone

Another way to connect your phone to your boombox is via the AUX jack. This method of connection to an external device has existed for a very long time. since the days of cassette decks. This is the very first way to connect the head unit to an external carrier.

How to connect your phone to the car stereo via AUX

Connecting your smartphone to your car stereo via AUX output is very easy. You just need a cable with two jacks (3.The jacks are made from two 5mm jacks on both sides of the head unit, one of which is connected to the designated output on the boombox, and the other is plugged into the headphone jack of your smartphone. Everything, now you can set the desired music on your smartphone and enjoy.

Obligatory conditions for the success of this type of connection are the presence of a cable (it is easy to buy and costs a penny), AUX output on the radio (they are in almost all booths, even not the most modern ones) and, most importantly, the presence of a suitable connector for headphones on the smartphone.

How to connect your phone to the radio via AUX

Here the situation is more complicated, because some manufacturers “forget” about this useful output, while others use some specialized outputs, which can only be used in a set with branded headphones. If there is no headphone jack, there is nothing you can do, but if it is not standard, the problem can be solved with a special plug.


Connection via Bluetooth is the latest word in modern electronics, by far the most advanced method involving wireless communication. However, not all car stereos can support this function. This way is available mainly on multimedia systems with touch screen.

Of course, such a connection needs no cords and this is already a big plus. To make the connection, you need to run Bluetooth on both your boombox and your phone, and then pair them.

As a result of pairing, there is total integration between the boombox and the telephone. For this reason it is possible to remove a cell phone. the control is carried out from a radio. Besides, the boombox will read not only audio but also video from your cell phone via Bluetooth.

This type of connection allows some boomboxes to play the role of an intercom. That is, if you receive a call on your cell phone, you can answer it with the boombox. In this case, the driver will be relieved of the need to take a cell phone in hand.

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The first way of connection

So, the first way is the connection from the car stereo; and the second way is the connection from a mobile device.

This does not mean that the connection itself will involve a single device; it only means which device will be used the most.

All you need to do to connect with a cell phone is to take the mobile device, go to the settings of the phone and activate the Bluetooth function. After that, scan nearby devices. After a while, on the display of your phone should appear the name or icon of your car device, car stereo. Press the name of the car and now, you need to confirm the connection of devices. Your car radio should prompt you to connect your mobile device. After the devices will start to work together, play back a desired song on the mobile device, and you will be able to use the provided options.

Connecting to the car stereo via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This bundle is the most convenient, lightweight and modern today. But it is important that the car itself, the audio system itself supports it. Then you can use the display of your car radio to work with maps, messengers, calendar, listen not only to songs but also podcasts, audio books, use the voice assistant.

Today, Connect supports the latest models of car stereos from:

As for cars, Connect support with modern smartphones began to appear in 2016 releases. Over 500 models today:

  • Audi
  • Toyota
  • Citroen
  • Skoda
  • Subaru
  • Nissan
  • BMW;
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi, etc.

As for the phones, the connection supports models:

  • iPhone: from iPhone 5 onwards.
  • Android: from version 5. How to connect your phone to your Android car? Up to Android 9 requires the installation of special software. Android Auto. As for Android 10, this application is already built in.

Manual for connection is the easiest way. connect gadget to your headset with USB cable. The device will adjust itself. you can control the music on your gadget as well as on your car stereo.

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