How To Connect Sony Playstation 2 To Tv

Connecting the game console to the TV will allow gamers to enjoy the highest quality image. Especially if you use modern equipment from leading brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Many users have problems in the process of synchronizing devices. Now we will consider how to connect Sony Playstation 3 to the TV.

It is possible that the user correctly connected the connectors with the appropriate cable. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no sound, the image is displayed only on half the screen, or any other problems have appeared. Let us analyze the difficulties that users most often encounter.

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HDMI connection

Sony’s third-generation gaming console is capable of working on TV from various companies. However, in order to achieve high-quality images with maximum resolution, it is better to connect the PlayStation 3 to Samsung, Sony, LV LVs of the latest model range.

First you need to check if your TV supports HDMI. All necessary information can be found in the user manual. This connector is preferably located on the side or on the rear panel. The standard equipment for the latest versions of the PS3 game console includes an HDMI wire. Therefore, you do not have to buy it additionally.

Why is connecting a console to a TV via HDMI considered the best option? Firstly, this cable is capable of broadcasting on a large screen image in HD quality. Secondly, the cord provides simultaneous transmission of audio and.

Instructions for connecting the PS3 console to a TV via HDMI:

  1. Plug in the power cord of the game console. When everything is done, the red indicator will light up.
  2. One plug of the HDMI cable must be inserted into the corresponding console connector, which is located next to the network jack. Insert it until you hear a distinctive click.
  3. The second plug is inserted into the HDMI interface of the TV. The location of this input depends on which TV model we are talking about.

The connection is configured, which means that the console is ready for use. Turn on the TV and change the signal source. Instead of a digital or analog signal, select “HDMI”.

Connection via tulip

How to connect a PS3 to a picture tube type TV? Outdated equipment is not equipped with an HDMI interface. Therefore, users have to resort to the use of other connectors. Mostly the connection of devices is configured through tulips. Experts note that the tulip is a loose concept. AV, S-Video, RCA connectors are all tulips. Just different modifications.

Which of these cords is better to use? A very difficult answer. To objectively answer, we carefully analyze each of these options.

AV jack

If we evaluate all the available interfaces for connecting the PS3 from the position of the quality of the transmitted image, then the undisputed leader is HDMI. In second place is the AV cable. This wire has 5 inputs, with which you can connect the game console to the TV. At the second end is a special plug that is inserted into the corresponding socket on the back of the console.

How To Connect Sony Playstation 2 To Tv

The standard cable for the PS3 is HDMI. Therefore, the AV cord will have to be purchased separately. Pre-study the instructions for whether the TV supports the ability to connect additional devices via the AV interface.

Connection setup is carried out according to the standard scheme. One end of the cable is inserted into the TV connector, and the other into the slot on the game console. The plug is inserted into an input that is signed as Multi Out. All 5 inputs have the corresponding color, so there should be no problems with connecting.

For maximum user convenience, absolutely all inputs are marked accordingly. Elements responsible for audio output are marked as L and R. The signal is transmitted through the inputs: PR / CR, PB / CB, Y. This approach allows us to achieve decent image quality.


The order is an outdated format that produces a low-resolution image. Therefore, the image quality is poor. The lack of proper clarity will be noticeable to the naked eye. However, if you want to configure the connection of Sony PlayStation 3 with an old TV, then the S-interface is suitable for this task.

Cable is not included in the basic equipment of the TV and console. Therefore, the cord will have to be purchased separately. On the one hand, the cable is equipped with two inputs for transmitting audio. They are labeled L and R. At the other end, you will find a standard plug that plugs into the console connector.

All inputs have a different color. Therefore, focus on this aspect to connect the connectors and not make a mistake. When everything is connected, reboot the set-top box, and then turn on the TV. When a new device is detected, change the signal source. That’s all. The console is ready to use.

RCA jack

An option that will suit the owners of the oldest TVs. The advantage is that an RCA cord is standard on the game console. Therefore, the user does not have to spend money on buying a cable. You should not expect high-quality images. The only positive thing about RCA is the fact that almost all TVs support this interface.

It is possible that your TV is equipped with a SCART connector instead of the standard RCA. In such situations, you need to buy an adapter. AV-SCART. In the process of connecting a game console, you will have to experiment. Since older TVs do not have color-coded connectors.

Common problems

In some cases, during the connection of the PS3 via an HDMI cable, sound is present in the menu, but disappears after starting the game. Mostly this problem arises due to the fact that for a long time the user connected to one TV, but then a new device was purchased. The problem takes on a special character if you buy equipment from another manufacturer.

Troubleshooting is as simple as possible. Turn off the game console, and then turn it on by holding the Power button for a long time. Hold the button until you hear a second beep. A screen will ask for permission to output audio via HDMI, you need to give your permission. What exactly is the reason that the PS3 does not connect via HDMI after changing the TV? The thing is the conflict of sound formats reproduced by televisions.

What if the sound is still missing? Try a different HDMI cable. It cannot be ruled out that the problem is precisely in it. If the problem persists, output the sound using tulips or a digital input.

We figured out the sound, but quite often there are problems with the translation of the image. No pictures, only a black screen is visible. There are several reasons for this problem:

  • Until recently, the game console was connected to the TV using a different cord. The TV was corny failed to determine a new type of connection. To fix the problem, reset your PS3 to basic settings. To roll back the settings to the default values, press the Power button and hold it for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beeps;
  • the cable is damaged. Checking the cord for fractures and other mechanical damage is carried out using special equipment. You can also try another cable;
  • the final transition to connection mode has not been completed. If after turning on the console the channel is displayed on the TV screen, rather than loading the set-top box, then you need to change the signal source. The signal source is determined according to the cable used: HDMI, AV, RCA, S-Video. Changing the mode is carried out using the remote control.

The process of connecting a game console is as simple as possible. Customize the connection for any user. In total, all actions will take no more than five minutes. The main thing is to determine the type of connection.