How To Connect Samsung Tv To Wifi

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Samsung TV: Set up Smart TV

The ability to connect the TV to the Internet significantly expands the functionality of a conventional device for watching TV programs using an antenna. This option of accessing the World Wide Web provides access to any media content online. A TV used as a device for connecting to the Internet can replace a computer, since it allows it to perform the same functions as a PC.

How to connect Wi-Fi to Samsung TV and how to set up Smart TV, we will understand in detail in this article.

What you need to know?

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • If the TV does not connect to the Internet?
  • Set Smart TV settings manually
  • Entering the MAC address
  • Reboot equipment
  • Eliminate interference that affects signal quality
  • Automatic device connection
  • Connection speed control
  • Checking the connection
  • Tv. Router
  • Router. Internet
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP
  • Useful Tips

    Tv. Router

    Here you need to re-configure the Smart-TV:

    • We activate the “IP” button, select the manual input of parameters and indicate the properties of the router (the information is reflected on the device case);
    • Save the Ethernet connection;
    • Testing the created connection.
    • What you need to know?

      In the process of preparing Smart TV for connection, it is recommended to clarify a number of criteria that will determine how to set up the Internet on a Samsung TV.

      The presence (absence) of a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If there is no such module, you will need to ensure its availability and connect via USB (synchronization with the TV system will occur automatically).

      Take a look at an overview of an inexpensive Samsung TV network adapter:

      Wi-Fi connection parameters. Here you should take into account the terms of the provider’s tariff plan, signal quality, router functionality, etc. If you plan to view previously downloaded media content (to a computer), it is enough to use WiFi-D technology.This method involves synchronizing the TV with a PC, duplicating the contents of the computer monitor and the subsequent watching content on the big screen.

      Set Smart TV settings manually

      Before you start setting the parameters in the TV system, go to the router settings and deactivate the DHCP (Dynamic Configuration Protocol) function. In the TV menu “Network settings”, set the IP address and IP gateway parameters (the gateway IP corresponds to the address in the router settings.

      • Ip address: (you can enter any local address: or, for TRENDnet.;
      • Subnet mask:;
      • Gateway:;
      • Dns server:
      • Manual entry of settings usually solves the problem of lack of wireless connection.

        Automatic device connection

        If the WPS function is available on your Smart TV and router, it is recommended to automatically connect. Connection is carried out by simultaneous activation of the WPS keys for 15 seconds (on two devices).

        If the TV does not connect to the Internet?

        The factors that block the connection and prevent you from turning on Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV are in most cases related to the router settings. This reason is obvious if other devices connected to the router cannot access the Internet.

        If the devices used in the wireless network function properly, and the TV cannot access Wi-Fi, then the obstacles are recommended to be removed as follows.

        Connecting to a wireless network using a Samsung TV as an example

        As in the first case, you will need a TV with Internet access that supports Smart TV. Naturally, you need a router and a wireless network connection. Please note that the settings of the built-in or external adapter are absolutely identical.

        So, go along the path Menu. Network. Network Settings. Wireless Network (General). Here you will see a list of all networks, from which just select the one you need and click on the Next button.

        If your wireless network is password protected, a window will automatically open for entering letters and numbers using the alphabet on the screen. Use the arrows on the remote to control the cursor.

        Although, if desired, ordinary computer mice or even keyboards are easily connected to the TV. Then you will see how the connection to the Internet occurs directly.

        If unsuccessful attempts to connect, enter the settings and confirm the automatic IP detection. But if your router does not support the DCHP server function or the Wi-Fi wireless network is built using manual assignment of IP addresses, you will have to configure it manually.

        How to connect your TV to a wireless Wi-Fi network

        Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular due to their inherent functionality. Their main advantage is Internet access, including using wireless networks.

        But having bought a new TV, we have absolutely no idea how we can use these possibilities, how to connect it to a wireless Wi-Fi network? And the Wi-Fi receiver is not built into every model. What if he is absent?

        The most important thing is not to get upset, because absolutely all TVs have USB connectors. This allows you to use an external WiFi receiver, with which you can easily connect to the Internet.

        Please note that you do not need to have a router in your apartment. If your neighbors have any wireless router, you can also use it, having previously obtained their consent. And do not forget to specify the network password. Without it you will not be able to access the Internet.

        Sometimes the reason for unsuccessful attempts to access the network is blocking by MAC address. You need to know in advance all the connection details so that the setup is quick and easy.

        How To Connect Samsung Tv To Wifi

        Connecting to a wireless network using an example of an LG TV

        Since this manufacturer of equipment is one of the most popular, many will connect TVs of this particular company to the wireless network. Although the setup process is similar on most devices and other brands.

        To get started, remember that when you first turn on, most models offer to connect to the Internet. If you do not ignore this offer, then you will not have to specially deal with the device settings later.

        So, enter the menu using a specific button on the remote. Now click Network, Network Connection and then Configure. You will see a list from which you need to select one item.

        Please note that, if necessary, you can independently set any of the parameters of such a network by going into manual settings. Most often, this will have to be done when connecting with a hidden SSID, when you need to specify a static IP or when using WPS technology.

        After completing the described steps and entering the correct password, you will see a message on the TV screen about the successful setup of the wireless network. Now click on Done and start surfing.

        After connecting the TV to the Internet, all the functions of LG Smart TV will be available. And on the monitor screen you will see an icon signaling a successful connection to the Internet.

        Connect using WPS, One Foot Connection, or Plug Access

        These technologies are supported only by some equipment models, check the availability of these features before purchasing. For example, WPS is a fully automatic setup of the TV’s Internet connection. All that is required in this case is to go to the TV menu and at the same time hold down the button on the router for 10-20 seconds.

        One Foot Connection allows you to connect routers and TVs from the same company. Samsung. To do this, you need to make only one touch. Turn on the function in the TV menu. Unfortunately, no other brand has such an easy way to connect to a wireless network.

        It will also be pretty quick to set up an Internet connection when you use Plug Access technology. Everything is extremely simple here: you need a clean flash drive, which you alternately insert into the USB connector of the router and your TV. Wifi connection will be completed in a few seconds.

        After successfully connecting to the Internet, go to Smart Hub to access entertainment information, applications and other useful functions. There is also a built-in browser, with which you can easily browse Internet pages and even from YouTube.

        Solving possible connection problems

        If you are unable to connect your TV to the Internet, use one of three possible algorithms.

        Try turning the TV off and on again, often this simple action is enough to fix the problem.

      • Reset Smart Hub settings. To do this, follow the path Smart Hub. Tools. Reset settings and enter the pin-code. After you agree to the terms of the license agreement and privacy policy, the application will be automatically restarted.
      • Only if there is no result after completing the first two points, you can try to update the software installed on your TV. You will need to follow the path Menu. Support. Software update. Over the network. If there is no network connection, you can use a USB flash drive, which will be pre-recorded with the latest firmware version for your TV model.

        As you can see, there is nothing complicated about connecting the TV to a wireless Wi-Fi network. You just need a little of your desire and time. If you follow all the steps carefully, then within a few seconds after starting the setup you can enjoy browsing the Internet on a large and high-quality TV screen.

        How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi using auto-configuration

        Samsung’s auto-configuration feature allows you to associate your TV receiver with third-party wireless access points. If they do not support this function, then the connection must be made using PBC (WPS), automatic or manual configuration.

        Before connecting the TV to Wi-Fi, you must turn off SWL.

        You can check if a specific device supports the auto-configuration feature at

        Swl connection

        This function makes it possible to connect modern TVs to an access point that supports PBC. Connection can be established without a Wi-Fi router.

        Before connecting the TV to Wi-Fi, the access point must already be connected to the wireless network.

        Normal operation of the adapter is possible only with the USB 1 port. Devices using the 2.4 GHz frequency are supported. 5 GHz frequency not applicable.

        Direct connection of the TV receiver to a PBC-enabled device is possible when SWL is set to On and the Wi-Fi adapter is plugged into the USB port.

        To connect using SWL, you need to do the following:

        Perform steps 1-5 of the PBC setup.

      • Select SWL and press ENTER to enable it.
      • Open “SWL Connection”.
      • If the message “Press the PBC button of the device to be connected for 120 seconds” appears, you need to do the following. For more information, refer to the operating instructions.
      • Once the TV is connected to the network, the countdown window will automatically close. If the connection fails, try again after 2 minutes.

        Eliminate interference

        Image distortion may occur on some channels when connected via Wi-Fi. This can be eliminated by placing the adapter in a location free from interference:

        • Via USB angled connection;
        • Using an extension cord.
        • In the latter case, the wireless network adapter must be installed in an area where there is no interference from the tuner. Connect an extension cable to it and to the USB port. Fasten in the upper rear of the TV receiver body with double-sided tape.

          How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi: settings, instructions. Smart TV

          You can connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi using a wireless router or a modem and a wireless network adapter connected to the USB connector of the TV receiver.

          Configuring using plug and play

          Place an access point (AP) and TV nearby and turn them on. Since loading times can vary, you may need to wait about two minutes. Before connecting the TV to the Wi-Fi router, you need to make sure that the network cable is connected to the router port. Otherwise, auto-configuration will only verify the connection with the access point, and there will be no confirmation of the Internet connection.

        • After a few minutes, connect the adapter to the TV. After that, a pop-up window will appear.
        • After connecting, place the router parallel to the network adapter no further than 25 cm from it.
        • You need to wait until the automatic connection occurs. Otherwise, a window with a message about the malfunction will appear on the screen. To try again, you need to reboot the router, disconnect the adapter, and start again from step 1. You can also choose another connection method: auto, manual or PBC.
        • Place the AP in the desired location. If its parameters have changed, or a new access point is configured, the steps must be repeated from the beginning.

          How to connect a TV to Wi-Fi via PBC

          If the access point has a PBC button, the procedure is as follows:

          Connect TV receiver with Wi-Fi adapter.

        • Turn it on, press MENU on the remote control, use the ▲ buttons and go to the “Settings” section.
        • Select the menu item “Network”.
        • Enter the type “Wireless”.
        • Open the menu item “Network settings”.
        • Press the red button on the remote control.
        • Within 2 min. Hold down the PBC button on the access point. The TV receiver will automatically receive the required settings and will connect to the network.
        • Press the RETURN button to exit.

          Connecting a TV via Wi-Fi

          If you already have a configured wireless network, then connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi will not be difficult. It doesn’t matter if the TV receiver has an integrated or external Wi-Fi adapter. To be able to view the content of the world wide web, you need to go to the settings menu, where you select the network item. In its settings, two options will be offered to choose from:

          • Wi-Fi;
          • Cable connection.
          • You need to select the first option, and then start the scanning process. The TV will display a list of all available connections on the screen. Among them, you need to go to your access point. The name of the network can be indicated by the name of the router used or specified in the settings of a computer or laptop. If the general access to the network is closed, then you will need to enter the password.

            After connecting the TV to the Internet via a router, you need to check for a signal. To do this, you can open a browser or any available application. It should be noted that to view high-quality resource-intensive content online, you will need a stable data transfer rate of at least 30 Mbps.

            How to connect your TV to the Internet

            The latest generation TVs are very different from their predecessors. This is evident in the improved picture quality, and the TV screens have become even thinner. But with the development of Internet communications, the world wide web has become available to every user. Television faded into the background because people were more attracted by the variety of content on the world wide web.

            Tv manufacturers had to react to this fact. As a result, all modern TV receiver models have the Smart TV function and are adapted for using Internet resources. But no matter what advanced technologies they use, each TV is not able to autonomously connect to the network. To do this, you need to make certain settings and use additional equipment.

            Ways to connect your TV to the Internet

            Interactive television provides users with great opportunities. Now you can schedule TV viewing, compose your own program, record your favorite sports events and movies, and remotely monitor their release. In addition, smart TVs have a basic set of popular Internet sites and social networks that can be viewed on the big screen.

            There are two ways to connect your TV to the Internet:

            • Wireless connection of a TV receiver;
            • Connecting a TV with a cable.

            Before you start using the worldwide network, you need to prepare and clarify the technical capabilities of your home equipment. To use Wi-Fi, your TV must have a built-in wireless module. Its availability can be checked upon purchase or in the device passport.

            If this module is missing, then you will need an external Wi-Fi adapter that connects to the TV receiver via USB input. It is better to purchase such a module taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations for each TV model. You will also need an internet access point. It can be a router or a computer with a configured wireless network.

            How to connect a TV to the Internet via cable

            If your TV with Smart TV function does not have a built-in or external Wi-Fi adapter, then you can connect the Internet to it using a wired connection. There are two ways to do this:

            • Direct cable connection;
            • Cable connection from a router.

            If you have cable Internet in your apartment or house, you can connect it to the TV directly. But for this your ISP must use dynamic IP address technology. It should be borne in mind that by connecting a single cable to the TV, you will not be able to use the Internet on other devices.

            In addition, most Internet service companies bind the user to a specific MAC address. In this case, the connection is possible through a router or router in which the network is already configured. To do this, you need to connect a TV to it with a cable.

            On many models, an information window appears immediately indicating that the cable connection is active. If this did not happen, then it must be activated in the network settings. Then you can use the Internet.

            Connecting to wi-fi without DHCP

            To configure the network connection on Samsung, you need to specify the values ​​according to the router’s gateway address, for example

            To do this, enter:

            IP address:;

          • Subnet type:;
          • Gateway parameters:;
          • External DNS server details from Google: (or gateway address

            After this reconfiguration, the wireless connection should be established.

            As a rule, after setting up the TV in manual mode, the wi-fi router finds its Internet network.

            Now it is necessary to eliminate the problems in the operation of the DHCP session, which ensures the functioning of the rest of home gadgets (laptops, tablets) through an automatic connection to the Internet. To do this, it is enough to take into account the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC address. Such redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in DHCP operation, and all gadgets will respond to a single router IP address every time they connect to the network.

            Set up the connection of Samsung TV to the Internet via a router, it is easy to learn how to connect Smart TV to a local network using a LAN cable. Customizers recommend using a UTP-5e patch cord, but a hand-molded LAN cable will work.

            Connecting Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi router

            Let’s look at the connection process on a TV that runs on the new Smart TV Tizen OS system. You need to open the Smart TV menu. To do this, on the remote control, press the button with the house icon. You may have a different remote control. It does not matter.

            Hover the cursor over the “Settings” item, go to “Network” from above and select “Network Settings”.

            Or open “Settings” and go to the “General”. “Network”. “Open network settings”.

            Next, you need to select the type of network. Since we want to connect the Samsung TV to the router via Wi-Fi, we select “Wireless”.

            After the search, the TV will display a list of Wi-Fi networks available for connection. Choosing your wireless network. In the screenshot below, my network is called “iPhone” (I was distributing the Internet from my phone).

            Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and click on the “Finish” button. If you want to see the password that you enter, check the box next to “Show password”.

            If the connection was successful, then a message should appear that the TV is connected to the Internet.

            You can now return to the Smart TV menu and use your internet connection in different applications. For example, browsing websites through a browser. On Samsung TV, it is called “Internet”. Or watch YouTube on TV through a separate app.

            You can also set up playback of movies from a computer, laptop, or mobile devices via DLNA. The main thing is that the TV and the other device are connected to the same network. I am leaving a link to the instructions for setting up a DLNA server in Windows 10. You can also output to a TV from an iPhone or iPad. From Android devices, you can also configure the broadcast of media content via DLAN.

            Connecting a Samsung TV with an old Smart TV system is similar. In the settings you need to go to the “Network” section and start the network setup. Select the wireless network type. Then select your network from the list of available networks and enter the password.

            If your TV does not have a wireless network, then most likely your TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi. Or you need a proprietary USB adapter. But in this case, it is easier to connect via cable.

            Checking the connection

            After properly connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, a remote connection will be established.

            Internet access will be provided by the built-in Smart TV web browser. If the access key is entered correctly, and the wireless connection to the router or router has not been established, then you need to return to the settings and change them.

            The reason for this situation may be problems in the operation of the DHCP scenario for home network access, as indicated by the corresponding TV message.

            You can reconnect a Samsung TV via a wi-fi remote connection through the administrative panel of your wi-fi router by disabling the DHCP server protocol and changing the “IP Settings” to the “Enter manually” option on the smart Samsung. Enter the network connection parameters according to the settings of your router in manual mode.

            Wired connection

            If your TV has an Ethernet (LAN) connector, you can use a cable to connect it to the network. But if you connect the cable entering the apartment to the TV, then other devices will be without the Internet. You can use a router to split the incoming Internet signal. It may not even support wireless communication protocol. Next, in the menu, find the item “network” and make the settings according to the instructions that come with the Samsung TV. Be sure to select the “cable” item in the settings. The router is configured separately through a computer according to the instructions for the router. If you directly used the Internet cable included in the apartment to connect the TV receiver, then you also need to register all the network settings on the TV.

            Wi-Fi connection steps

            Home network owners who have already installed a router and configured Wi-Fi on it should first check the Internet connection settings on Smart TV. After entering the “Menu” select the “Network” option, then the “Network Status” key and click on the “IP Settings” function.

            The IP and DNS status must match the Obtain Automatically method. Then make sure the router is using the Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) script and is generally allowed on the Internet.

            Do not forget that connecting the router to your Samsung Smart TV via a cable will enable the connection setup through it. Disconnect the cable from your SMART TV and enable automatic setup using a Wi-Fi connection.

            Take the remote control and after pressing the “Menu” key in the navigation window that opens, find the “Network” item. In the list provided, click on the “Network Settings” option. The first step will guide you through setting up a wireless connection using the internal LAN adapter. Clicking on the “Start” button, start the search for a Wi-Fi router.

            The second step will reflect the search results and list the closest route flows on the Wi-Fi network. After selecting your router, click “Next”. This will check and establish a remote connection.

            The third step involves entering the security key previously selected to protect the wireless transmission, that is, the password is identical to the eight-digit code of the router.

            Useful Tips

            What will help the owner of Samsung Smart TV when connecting the gadget to a Wi-Fi router? In case of a weak wireless Wi-Fi response, diagnostics should be performed using the instructions of the inSSider program, switching to a freer network channel. If Samsung does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you should purchase an external wireless device and connect to the web using it. It is important to select a USB Wi-Fi router model compatible with the TV model you purchased.