How to connect samsung to a computer via wi-fi

How to connect to Wi-Fi phone from a computer

It is very easy to connect the Internet on a laptop and a computer if you know some nuances. Currently, all smartphones are supporting a Wi-Fi Razdach. To do this, the phone is equipped with suitable drivers, it remains only to choose the necessary parameters in the settings.

Vnoye will depend on the quality of communication. If the speed of the Internet transmission is high, then access to the World Wide Web will be much faster.

Advice! You need to learn in advance from your Internet provider the conditions for the provision of traffic. At best, this is unlimited, but it is not always allowed to distribute gigabytes. Often, an additional fee is charged for this.

The easiest way is to distribute the Internet via wi-fi. To do this, just lower the upper curtain, where there is a special icon. It can rarely be confused with something else. It looks like a wave of a wave (bracket) and a signature from below-Wi-Fi.

  • Press a button and hold it.
  • You can designate your name and password, also the type of encryption, if it is required.
  • If there is a desire, then you can put the limit to the distribution in order to automatically disconnect from the network when it is exceeded. This is especially often used if there are restrictions in traffic.
  • So that a large number of extraneous devices do not connect to the network, it is recommended to set the maximum number. This will be correct so as not to overload the network for the best Internet connection.

Need to know! In modem mode, the gadget spends its battery charge faster.

What can be done on the phone, which is connected to a computer via wi-fi

Thanks to connecting a smartphone running for any operating system to a personal computer, you can open a huge number of opportunities. As already mentioned, it can be a simple exchange of files, and, perhaps, a full synchronization of compatible devices, thin tuning of a wireless network and other points.

Traditionally, to connect a smartphone to a personal computer, a USB cable is used from charging. One end is connected to the corresponding nest on the PC system unit, and the other to the phone. This is the easiest way that does not require additional software and knowledge, but it is impossible if the cord is broken, lost or on one side is inextricably linked with the power supply (adapter). You can solve this problem using the data transfer on Wi-Fi wireless network. Below are the most popular ways how to connect the phone to the laptop or PC via Wi-Fi.

How to connect Android smartphone to PC Windows using the “Communication with the phone” application

This instructions use screenshots from Windows 11, but all the given steps will be relevant for Windows 10.

  • Make sure your smartphone running Android 7.0 or later version installed the application “Communication with Windows”.
  • Make sure that the “Communication with the phone” application is installed on your PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  • Make sure that both of your devices are relatively close and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch both applications on the relevant devices and enter your Microsoft account when a request appears.
  • Now you will be invited to connect your devices, install the “Appendix” Svyloviser with Windows “Ready”, this activates two options below, as shown below:
  • You can choose a pairing by a QR code or manually. In the second case, a 9-digit PIN code will be generated, which will need to be entered in the application on the smartphone.
  • After that, a few seconds will be required to establish a connection. When successful, you will be invited to provide permits on your phone to allow access to photos, calls and other content. Provide these permission.
  • On the next screen, you will be invited to fix the “Communication with the phone” application on the task panel. If you do not plan to use the application often, you can disable it in the settings.
  • Now right on the computer you can view messages, make telephone calls, use mobile applications and activate the broadcast of the phone screen. Some of these functions require appropriate hardware and software support. For example, for streaming the screen of your phone, dragging content and access to all applications you will need at least Android 11 on the Surface Duo, Samsung or Honor phone and at least 8 GB of RAM on your PC. In the same way, to make a call with PC, you must first install the connection between your two devices via Bluetooth.
  • After completing the work, just close the “phone connection” application on the computer and the “Communication with Windows” application on the smartphone.
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The benefits of using the “Communication with the phone” application depends on your work processes. For example, someone will not have a special need to connect the phone to the computer for streaming applications or making calls if the phone is always next to the computer.

connect, samsung, computer, wi-fi

Similarly, to transfer content, you can use the USB-C cable. Nevertheless, the “Communication with the phone” application can be useful for people who do not always keep their phone at hand or prefer to focus on one screen while working.

Connecting a phone to a computer via Wi-Fi with the ES program Explorer

This program is worthy of a separate and detailed consideration, as it is more popular than everyone else. Its advantage over others is that the connection using it is extremely convenient. Although you have to enter the necessary links for connection, but it works great and functions, rarely gives errors.

To start work in it, you must do the following:

Share Internet From Android Samsung Galaxy A12 to PC/Laptop via USB cable

  • The conductor is downloaded through the official source on Android. Through Play Market. The advantages of the program can also be attributed to the fact that it is free;
  • After that, it is downloaded on PC;
  • Next, the application is connected to the wi-fui on which the connection with the computer is installed;
  • After the phone, the side menu is opened on the phone and looking for a “network” item;
  • Next, the user must find the Wi-Fi to which both devices must be connected under the status button. If this is not, then you need to choose an active mode;
  • After performing all the actions, they proceed to the work of the computer itself;
  • In the “My Computer” tab, the conductor address is clogged and the entire list of files available on the phone becomes available to the user.

This program is convenient for working with files only because it perfectly connects gadgets and synchronizes them with each other. If you choose between the programs, then Accent should be done just for this, because it copes with its tasks perfectly.

And how to distribute the Internet Samsung smartphone for all home gadgets and computers by Wi-Fi?

It is not difficult to establish such a connection. It is very similar to the process of connecting a smartphone with a computer via a USB cable, which is described in an Internet transmission article from a smartphone to a computer via USB wires. To go to this article, click here.

Next, we will describe how to create a small Wi-Fi home network on your own smartphone, and how, an Internet or laptop joined it, to get an Internet through a smartphone using an editorial laptop Sony VAIO with a Windows 7 and Samsung Galaxy A50 phone operating under the OS Android 9 pie.

The Internet connection procedure consists of 3 stages:

How to launch the Internet through a Samsung smartphone to a home computer?

The computer output to the Internet through a smartphone can be implemented in several ways. We recommend the easiest and most reliable option, when the Internet smartphone is transmitted to the computer via a USB cable, which is included in the set of most smartphones. The connection via a USB cable provides the largest data transfer rate, and the computer settings are automatically carried out.

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Next, we will describe the order of the computer to the Internet through a smartphone using the Sony VAIO editorial laptop with Windows 7 OS using the Samsung Galaxy A50 phone operating under the Android 9 PIE OS. Important note: since the traffic of mobile Internet is most often limited by a certain volume of gigabytes, it is always necessary to monitor the consumption of the mobile data traffic in order not to unexpectedly remain without communication.

Copy Files Between Samsung Android Phone and PC via WiFi

How to connect samsung to a computer

Samsung connection to a computer is a simple process, only you need to choose, with which it will be carried out. This can be done in three ways:

Thus, the user is given a large selection, which he himself can dispose. It is worth checking each way.

Connect the Samsung phone to the computer using USB

The first connection method. Using a special cable. For him, first of all, the cable itself is needed, which comes with the device of the phone. Charging with which the Samsung tank is fed. The necessary option.

The user also needs to turn on the computer in advance, and also check that there are no viruses on it. This is necessary so that the computer does not infect a relatively weak phone system. Such a situation can poorly affect his work.

Note! So that there are no problems with checking PC for viruses, you can use various programs. For this it is worth watching this video

After checking and preparing all materials, it is worth conducting the connection itself:

  • Connection can be called successful if charging has gone to Samsung. If this does not happen, then it is worth checking the correctness of the cable. Does he have anywhere chips or other additional damage;
  • To start data transmission, a pop.Up window will appear on the screen, in which you need to click on the “allow” button. This will allow the computer to receive data about the operation of the device, thus guarantee that the images and other files will go through the phone system easily and simply.

This is the most basic way to connect a device to a computer. He has his pros and cons of. For example, the user simply may not have the right cable, and there may also be problems with the connection, which should be discussed later.

It is also worth noting that if the user is fine with this type of connection, then he can try others. They are more difficult to set up, but still take place as cool methods of connecting Samsung to a computer.

Connect Samsung via Wi-Fi to a computer

This is the second more complex, but progressive way to connect. It consists in the fact that the user can quickly connect the phone to PC using Wi-Fi. Previously, this method of connection was considered something unusual and impossible. At the moment, it is more popular than all other methods taken together. In order to use it, you will need two additional items:

You can use various software as a program. FTP server, my Phone Explorer and many others is perfect. It is worth noting that when choosing a program, you need to build on what functions it has. For example, FTP server works only with phone files, and if you need access to SMS. Data, it will not work at all. It all depends on what the user needs.

If we consider those utilities that were previously named, the most multifunctional is my Phone Explorer. A more detailed review on her functionality, work in general, can be seen in this video

The user himself decides which device is best used to him. It is worth noting that when choosing, it is worth making an Accent for the functionality, as well as so that there are no viruses on the downloaded source. It is also important if there is a need to further protect not only the computer, but also the phone as a whole.

When the user set the desired program, it is worth taking a few actions:

  • We activate the PC, install a special and selected utility on the device, and then activate it;
  • In the utility itself, select the connection method. In this case, it is with Wi-Fi;
  • After that we wait for the devices to synchronize. This is done quickly enough. Both the phone and PC should be connected to the same Internet network. Without this important point, synchronization simply does not work.
  • Now the user can prescribe a special code in the settings to make the connection fast;
  • Enter the PIN in the settings and the name of the device to which I would like to make a connection;
  • We wait for synchronization.
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Thus, using Wi-FI, you can also easily and successfully synchronize contacts, transmit the necessary data. This method is convenient when there is no cable or the user does not know how to work with it. The minus is that you need to install a program that will not take up a lot of space on the computer, as well as that a router is needed.

How to connect a Samsung phone via Bluetooth

This is the third way that also takes place. In order to use it, devices must have a special Bluetooth module in its system. On the computer it is located on the lower panel, and on Samsung. On the upper, in the dispatcher of the program.

Next, the user must prepare devices. On the computer it is worth finding the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, click on it. After that, a window opens in which click on “open parameters”. Now it is worth going to the “Parameters” section and using a tap on a checkmark to allow devices to detect a computer. Thus, the user allowed the devices to connect to the computer.

Now you need to carry out the very fraud, it is done quickly and simply. First you need to activate Bluetooth on Samsung by transferring a function to an active position. We confirm that other devices see the phone nearby.

When the adapters are finally turned on, in the same tray of the computer, click on the Bluetooth with the right mouse button and open the “Add device” item.

connect, samsung, computer, wi-fi

Mobile phone like a modem

This is another connection option through which the video signal is transmitted to Wi-Fi from the phone to the computer. Compared to the previous one, it has a huge plus. Many devices allow using a mobile device as a modem. It is inferior to the previous method in a more difficult way to connect. Consider it step by step:

Connecting a telephone to a computer. This action is carried out using a cable or Bluetooth. Upon completion, we install a program that synchronizing mobile phone with a computer. Its name depends on the brand of the telephone device. Nokia will need Nokiasuite, Samsung requires Samsungkies. It is also required to install the drivers if they are in configuration to the phone. When all the work is finished and the connection is completed, a mobile phone modem appears in the device manager.

Connection of the phone to the computer via USB cord

Airdroid program instructions

Another application that will easily synchronize PC and the connected smartphone.

Connection of the phone to the computer using the Airdroid program:

  • Download the program from the Google Play Market;
  • Run the program, registration can be passed;
  • Next, the address will be allocated at which the connection of the connection via Wi-Fi will be carried out;
  • Copy the address to the browser and agree to install the connection on the phone.
connect, samsung, computer, wi-fi

A separate desktop will open, through which you can not only move files, but also remotely control the smartphone.

There is nothing difficult to connect the phone to PC through Wi-Fi phone to a computer, on the contrary, it is very easy and provides a wide range of opportunities for interaction with both devices.

Strictly following the instructions, there will be no problems, for example, such as the Internet is connected, but does not work on the phone. Everything can be controlled from a stationary computer.

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