How to Connect Quadcopter to Phone

Hello again, our dear readers. As you know, a remote control is needed to control an unmanned aerial vehicle, but this is not the only possible way to transmit commands. Drone manufacturers often expand the functionality of their drones, adding the ability to issue commands from a smartphone. Quadrocopter with a camera: control from a phone to Android or iOS. This is the topic of our today’s article. Mobile devices are used not only to control the drone, but also to configure and activate flight modes, work with the camera and the gimbal.

Is it convenient to control from the phone

If you ever had to hold professional-grade control equipment in your hands, then you can imagine how many buttons, toggle switches and switches are on it.

How to Connect Quadcopter to Phone

It’s not so easy for a beginner to figure out how to control a quadrocopter using all of these devices. The cost of such a functional remote control may even be significantly higher than the price tag for a drone.

As a result, the copter is equipped with high-quality, relatively simple amateur-level control equipment, while most settings and smart modes are transferred to the mobile application. This allows you to reduce the cost of the kit without any deterioration in the performance of the copter.

Managing a drone using a smartphone can be divided into several main elements:

  • Directly control the movement of the copter in the air
  • Setting flight modes, activating functions
  • FPV control

Only the first element may be inconvenient. Indeed, when virtual sticks and buttons are under the fingers, and there is no that physical contact, manipulating the copter is very unusual. A lot depends on the quality of the software. If the program is done poorly, then you will not get pleasure from the control, and some commands may be processed with errors.

Well-known manufacturers provide their users with quality software for smartphones on iOS and Android. It takes time to get used to, but in general, the touch screen is well suited for controlling the copter. And, for example, the nascent selfie drone class is focused specifically on working in conjunction with the phone. The remote control may not be used at all, or even be included. This significantly reduces the cost of the kit and its overall dimensions, which may not be the last value.

However, full-fledged control equipment is unlikely to ever outlive itself. Firstly, for so many pilots that physical contact with the sticks is important, secondly, for quick maneuvering, these buttons and switches are more convenient than touch buttons, and thirdly, only a remote control with a powerful transmitter will provide you with the required flight range and altitude.

The smartphone is convenient for quick access to auxiliary settings, for selecting and starting flight modes, for setting them. For example, you won’t be able to use the popular Fly by Point mode without a mobile device or computer. Working with a camcorder is also greatly simplified when it is possible to use the phone. You can adjust the shutter speed, exposure, balance, focusing on the image that the camera transmits. In FPV mode, a video signal is output to the telephone display.

How to manage from the phone

Before controlling the drone from a mobile device, you need to figure out how to connect the copter to the phone. The following options are possible:

  • Connecting the phone to the copter via a Wi-Fi point
  • Connecting the phone to the remote via Wi-Fi point
  • Connecting the phone to the remote control via cable

The first option is the simplest. After turning on the copter, a Wi-Fi access point is created, to which the pilot’s smartphone is connected. In the second version, the access point is created by the remote control. In the third case, the smartphone is simply connected by cable to the equipment.

In the mobile application, the control method from the phone is selected, sticks and buttons appear on the display. A copter controlled from Android or iOS behaves exactly as if it were controlled from a remote control.

By the way, the option of connecting the phone directly to the copter is not used very often, because the flight range is limited to 50-100 meters. The smartphone has a low-power transmitter, but in some cases (for example, for selfie drones), its power will be quite enough.

How can i use

Having figured out how to connect the drone to the phone, we move on to possible use cases. There are no restrictions here, and we can say that the combination of “remote plus smartphone” is almost always preferable to the remote. At least in the amateur segment.

A toy

Many children’s copters support the control mode using the phone. Some of the models lack a remote control, which makes them very inexpensive. Often such Wi-Fi quadrocopters fly only indoors, and this means that a small communication range ceases to be a minus.

For mini drones, powerful transmitters are not needed, because they will never be launched in open space. As for the camera and FPV mode, the miniature dimensions do not allow to install a high-quality video module. Shooting on GoPro for indoor models is hardly relevant.

For movie shooting

It is difficult to imagine a quadrocopter for video, lacking a display. As a rule, either the monitor is already built into the control panel, or it is supposed to be installed, or you can use a smartphone / tablet. In the latter case, the mount on the remote allows you to fix the mobile device and use it to control the camera quadrocopter.

Using a smartphone, you can access the settings for photos and videos, view already captured material, adjust the angle of rotation of the camera and suspension. All these actions are more convenient to perform using the touch screen. The quality of shooting improves markedly if the operator has the ability to change its parameters.


Racing drones are a completely different class of quadrocopters. They can not do without professional equipment, while a mobile phone is used for FPV. The pilot controls the copter using a real remote control, however, it focuses on FPV. If the flight takes place at a considerable distance and the visual contact is lost or difficult, the video transmitted to the display helps to continue the flight.

Cheap quadcopters

The drone may not be equipped with a GPS module, a barometer, a suspension, but at the same time maintain control from a smartphone. A budget quadrocopter for a phone can be quite inexpensive and the choice is actually very wide.

Video: How to Connect Quadcopter to Phone

From the available models we can distinguish:

  • JJRC H37


The SYMA X8SW copter has large dimensions, fairly powerful collector-type engines, carries a camera on board and supports control via a smartphone. This is one of the best options for beginners, in addition, characterized by affordable cost. A standard camera can be replaced with a better one, for example, GoPro Hero. The phone is used for FPV mode, as well as for starting and stopping video recording, viewing footage.


JJRC H37 is one of the most affordable selfie drone. It is distinguished by its small size, folding design and the lack of a remote control in the kit. Management is carried out only through a mobile device. The copter is very compact, in the folded state it can be carried even in the jacket pocket. Unfortunately, the low resolution of the camera does not allow to obtain high-quality photos. This is a toy machine, but there are no complaints about its assembly.

Expensive models

Among the more expensive models, some of the most interesting are DJI devices. It is they who set the bar for quality and functionality for the entire market of amateur quadrocopters and regularly enter the top of the best quadras.

We would like to pay attention to:

  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Phantom 4

DJI Spark

Spark is the best selfie drone to date. It supports control via a mobile phone with the proprietary DJIGO 4 application; it does not need a remote control. True, if you use only a smartphone, then the flight range is reduced to 100 meters. The remote control allows you to control the drone at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. A compact folding case, many flight and shooting modes, a high-quality camera, gesture recognition. This is not a complete list of Spark features.

DJI Phantom 4

For the Fourth Phantom, a smartphone or tablet are integral controls. The mobile device is installed on the remote control, technical information, FPV video is displayed.

Using the DJIGO 4 application, the pilot gains access to additional settings and intelligent flight modes. Camera and gimbal settings are also carried out using a smartphone. A mobile device is connected to the remote with a cable, which ensures that there is no interference with the transmission of information.


As you can see, using a smartphone to control the copter is not so much a tribute to fashion as a really useful and interesting technology. It has long been adopted by all major manufacturers, because this is one of the easiest ways to expand the functionality of control equipment. A mobile application can contain dozens or even hundreds of parameters for adjusting flight modes, video cameras, and gimbal. Using a mobile phone, you can control the drone via FPV, shoot video and take photos, make a flight plan and even broadcast live on the Internet.

That’s all for now, do not forget to subscribe to our articles and share useful materials on social networks. Until we meet again.

Quadcopters are unmanned aerial vehicles, which today are only gaining popularity due to the potential realized in them. Data devices based on which high-resolution cameras are integrated enable the user to take a bird’s-eye survey and in hard-to-reach spots. For this reason, the use of quadrocopters has become so relevant for professionals involved in photo and video shooting, as well as for representatives of rescue services who can use autonomous aircraft to study the terrain and choose the best action for an effective response to a force majeure situation.

At the same moment, note that even with cameras in practice, most devices work in conjunction with remotes without displays, which greatly complicates the shooting procedure. Based on this, it is not surprising that aircraft owners are increasingly interested in the question of how to connect a quadrocopter to a smartphone and display the image on its display. Later in the post, you will familiarize yourself with a simple instruction that is suitable for almost all models of modern quadrocopters.

Connecting the remote control to a smartphone

Before you begin functional debugging, you must configure the physical connection.

Most quadrocopters come to the user in conjunction with a remote control equipped with additional mounts to accommodate the smartphone.

If your drone’s remote doesn’t have such mounts, be prepared for inconvenience during the control process. After you physically connected the control device to the smartphone, you need to go to software synchronization. To do this, follow these steps:

    Download the appropriate sync app on Google Play or the App Store. Being interested in how to connect a quadrocopter to the phone, you should know that practically All drone developers today offer proprietary utilities for operational work with aircraft.

Install and run the application, without forgetting to turn on the remote control from the device. The menu of such applications is quite intuitive, and therefore the user just needs to follow the instructions, which will appear on the device’s screen during debugging and pairing.

During the synchronization process, you will need to connect to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi network and wait for the appropriate message about the successful setup.

After completing the above steps, in a couple of minutes you will be able to enjoy the views from the camera of the launched drone and forget about the question “how to connect the quadrocopter to the phone?”.

The video signal transmission, as well as the speed of the aircraft’s response to user actions on a smartphone, directly depends on the power of the Wi-Fi module preinstalled in the device. This should be taken into account by the owners of quadrocopters, who completely switched the control of the aircraft to a multifunctional gadget. That is, be prepared to face significant limitations in the distance and inhibited reaction of the drone.

Practice shows that in the process of controlling the actions of a quadrocopter it is better to use a standard remote control.

The upgraded drones support a large number of functions, one of them is the ability to control the quadrocopter from phones based on Android, iOS and other analog OSs. Piloting from a smartphone has its own specifics, since it is necessary to install applications and utilities that will allow the drone to perform all possible functionality. The adjustment of devices from the telephone device as a whole remains the same as the control using the remote control.

To control the quadric from a mobile device, you need to connect the drone to a smartphone via a Wi-Fi network, as well as prepare the software. Android applications basically allow you to transfer videos made from the copter during the flight to your smartphone. Such a translation of images is performed by Syma x8w / x5sw. Also, with the help of Android utilities, you can adjust the flight settings. You can download such programs in PlayMarket.

[affegg style ="text-align: justify;">The installed software will allow the drone to perform flips, acceleration or hovering, to function in the follow me or auto-return mode. Using utilities, you can manage quadrics in real time, transfer video directly to the Internet, for example, to the YouTube channel. This is only part of the capabilities that can be controlled from a smartphone. Learn about alternate drone control options here.

Universal copter models are entering the market that support iOS and Android systems with equal efficiency. Now operators no longer need to purchase devices for a smartphone and its support. There are exceptions, for example, the DJI Phantom model works better in conjunction with iOS (it reacts more quickly to signals, supports more functions) than with Android. In addition, it is important to consider the model of the phone itself. Innovative devices are preferable for piloting.

To connect the drone to a mobile device, you need to perform a simple algorithm, guided by the instructions. The connection procedure involves:

  • Direct inclusion of a quadrocopter;
  • Turn on Wi-Fi connection on the phone;
  • Finding the network in which the quadric manufacturer will be registered, FPV, etc. Will appear. A properly selected network will allow you to configure the data exchange between the mobile device and the quadrocopter;
  • Enter the automatically launched application.

First you need to install the application itself. Information about which of the utilities will be optimal can be found on the Internet or at the drone manufacturer itself. After the automatic launch of such support, the operator will be able to make a flight that is in no way inferior to piloting using the remote control. For maximum operator convenience, you can use special holders for phones, which are equipped with drones. This will further simplify the management and control of the device during the flight.

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