How To Connect Playstation 3 To LG Tv

Greetings to our regular readers and guests of the portal! In the age of high technology, human life becomes more comfortable with each new invention. Manufacturers of electronic equipment increasingly began to come up with “smart” functions and integrate them into devices. One of the famous and popular options is Smart TV. Let’s figure out what Smart TV is, and how to connect an LG brand TV to the Internet. Go!

  1. Basic information
  2. Internet Connection Methods
  3. How to connect via a router?
  4. Wireless connection if the TV does not have a WIFI module
  5. Cable connection
  6. Tips Tricks
  7. Conclusion

Basic information

Smart TV is the integration of the Internet into a device like a TV. With this feature, you have great opportunities to use various resources. For example, watching movies, surfing the Internet, access to social networks, applications and much more.

So, what is needed to connect our LG TV with Smart TV function to the Internet:

  • TV with built-in Smart TV option. It is desirable that the device has a WIFI module.
  • Proprietary receiver (you will need it if the TV is not equipped with a network adapter).
  • WIFI router (this is a device through which you can connect several devices to a wireless network).

Internet Connection Methods

There are several ways to connect the TV to the network, for example, through a Wi-Fi router, using a special adapter or through a cable. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider each of them in detail.

You can also watch a that describes the instructions for the most popular brands of TV:

How to connect via a router?

This is the most optimal way of all. In newer modern LG TVs with Smart TV, the Wi-Fi module is usually already integrated. The main plus of this option is the wireless connection. It is carried out through a Wi-Fi router.

How To Connect Playstation 3 To LG Tv

Here is the sequence of steps for setting up a network connection:

  • Plug in the router.
  • Turn on your LG TV and go to settings.
  • Open the Network Connection section.
  • Select your wireless connection type.
  • Find your access point, enter the password and save the settings.

Also on routers there is a WPS button. Her work is similar to the operation of a key to a doorphone. By clicking on this button on the gadget connected to the network, and then on the same button on the router, Wi-Fi will automatically connect within 15 seconds.

Wireless connection if the TV does not have a WIFI module

If your device does not have a built-in module, then buy a special adapter. It costs about 2000 rubles. You must buy an adapter that is suitable for your model.

To set up a network connection on your LG brand device, you need to:

  • Turn on the router that distributes the Internet.
  • Connect the WIFI adapter to the back of the TV.
  • A connection notification window will appear on the TV screen.
  • Go to the settings in the “Network”. “Wireless Connection” section.
  • As in the first method, find the name of your network and connect to it.

Cable connection

This option will take more time. Over, from the conductor, from which the connection to the Internet is supplied, only one device can be connected. If you have a laptop or computer, then you have to choose one device on which the Internet will be stable. If you connect a TV via cable, you will have to make an access point out of it.

If you nevertheless chose this method, then the connection instructions are as follows:

  • The LAN wire on one side connects to the router, and on the other to the TV.
  • After that, a window with a connection notification will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the settings in the “Network” section and select “Wired Ethernet Connection”.
  • Now your device goes online.

Tips Tricks

  • When setting up the Internet, there is a step where you need to enter certain data on your server. If automatic tuning is available to you (the default setting). Fine. But it happens that you have to enter the IP address, mask, etc. Manually. These numbers are indicated when concluding an agreement on the establishment of an Internet access point. That is, you will need to find this document and enter the necessary data from there. Filling this window is mainly required for cable connections.
  • The Internet should provide speeds of 50 Mbit / s for high-quality networking, watching high-resolution movies and just for a quick transition from one page to another.
  • The method with a LAN cable is less reliable and convenient. On devices, the port for this connection is often intended for other purposes.
  • If you wanted to work in a browser, then using the remote control for typing is not very convenient. The wireless keyboard and mouse, which can be connected via the USB port, will help you.

If someone needs it, instructions on connecting to the Internet are available in the LG s WebOS:


Internet in the TV is still not a common feature among users. Not everyone knows that this is possible, and how convenient and interesting it is. The benefits of this service are many. And if you have the opportunity to purchase a TV with Smart TV, do it and you won’t regret it!

If you have questions, write in the comments! And a small wish from our team. Delving into the virtual world, never forget about live communication! See you, dear!