How to Connect Phone to Mystery TV

How to set up a Mystery TV

Our company produces TV setup Mystery for all technical parameters of broadcasting, cable and satellite television, adjusting the brightness, color and geometric parameters of the screen, setting the optimal soundtrack, connecting the TV to the global Internet, connecting external playback and recording players.
We know how to tune channels on a Mystery TV.
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Mystery TV Guide

TV Mystery instruction: The TV is connected and configured using the connectors, buttons and sensors located on the front and rear panels of the TV and on the remote control.

On the front of the Mystery TV are located:
1) IR remote control sensor
2) Operating / standby indicator
24) Main power switch (bottom)

TV remote Mystery

TV remote Mystery contains the following buttons of the infrared remote control:

1)On button. turning on and off the Mystery TV
2) Button. rewind
3) Button. flash forward
4) Play button
5) Pause Button
6) TEXT Button. enable teletext
7) SUBTITLE Button. subtitle mode

8) MENU Button. inclusion of the main menu
9)Cursor buttons. arrow keys
10)OK button. inclusion of the selected function or mode
eleven)EPG Button. Enabling the TELEGID menu for digital broadcasting
12)FAV Button. turning on the FAVORITE menu
thirteen)VOL /. buttons. volume change
14)Buttons 0. 9. channel number selection

How to Connect Phone to Mystery TV

fifteen)AUDIO Button. sound system display
16)RECALL Button. switching to the previous program
17)REC button. write to USB
18)CH /. Button– channel switching
19)EXIT Button. exit the menu
20)SOURCE Button. signal source selection
21)FREEZE Button. freeze

22)INFO Button. display information
23)STOP Button. stop viewing and recording
24)INDEX Button. call teletext index page
25)Button. go to previous file
26)Button. go to next file
27)Color buttons. delete, rename, move, install
28)MUTE Button. mute

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Mystery TV Setup

TV menus

The TV is controlled and configured using TV remote Mystery, via the television menu of the commands displayed on the screen. The main menu includes the sections: CHANNEL, IMAGE, SOUND, TIME, PARAMETERS, LOCK. The menu sections are entered by moving the cursor with the buttons on the remote control “left” and “right”. The cursor is moved along the lines by the buttons of the remote control for the TV “up” and “way down”. Exit the menu by pressing the remote control key “exit”. Muted color modes in this TV model are not involved. When setting up the Mystery TV, prompts are displayed on the bottom line of the screen.

Mystery TV initial setup

Initially, you need to select the menu language and the country of residence for the Mystery TV remote control. Next, it will be proposed to perform an automatic channel search. To start it, click OK on the remote control. In the menu that appears, the search and fixation of television programs in the modes of analogue broadcasting of ATV, digital broadcasting of DTV, search for radio channels RADIO, or recording data if they are transmitted in the received signal will begin. The table shows the number of programs found. The Mystery TV remembers 100 television programs in analogue mode and 400 programs in digital television mode.

Setting up the Misteri TV HD media player

The Mystery TV has the ability to listen to music files, view photos and plays from external USB drives. flash drives or hard drives.
The media player supports the following types of files: avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, mkv; audio files: LPCM, ADPCM, MP3, MPEG1, AC3, AAC; jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff image files.
The media player supports USB HDDs with a capacity of up to 400 GB.
Currently, there are a huge number of operating standards for USB devices from various manufacturers. Not all such devices are compatible with the TV.

TV Mystery Answers to Questions

Mystery MTV 3207 TV lost image

The child on the remote control pressed something. image is missing, there is sound , only the dark screen still works. Tell me how to return the image? TV LCD Mystery. Model Mystery mtv 3207. The screen is completely dark. When you switch the program, the soundtrack changes. The channel number is not displayed on the screen. So already once he pressed something and I pushed all the buttons and turned on, which I don’t remember, now I tried it.

Your child has nothing to do with it. The elderly are not to blame either. they are often accused of being “blindly” they pressed some wrong button, and the image disappeared.
If you do not have service information (channel number or volume slider) on the screen when switching programs or changing volume. this is a malfunction of the TV, it needs to be repaired. This can happen not only in Mystery, on a TV of any brand, either from a well-known manufacturer, or in noname equipment.
Most likely, the LCD backlight module has failed. At the same time, the TV turns on and off, on it you can switch programs and adjust the volume. But. the screen remains completely dark. To make sure that the fault is located in the backlight module in this way: direct the desk lamp with a good brightness to the screen. If on the screen when the TV is turned on, looking closely, you can see a very pale and fuzzy, almost the same shadow, image, then the image is formed correctly. If there is a working internal backlight, everything will work as expected.
Such a malfunction often manifests itself periodically. the screen itself begins to work (for a while), and then goes out again. Rather, periodically. this is not a definition. There is no cyclic operating and malfunctioning condition. It depends on both external conditions. air temperature in the room, its humidity and atmospheric pressure, and from internal conditions. how deeply the malfunction penetrated the elements of the backlight module. In the end, the TV will break down completely and, whatever one may say, will have to be repaired.

How to exit RADIO mode on TV? Mystery MTV-3223LT2

How to exit RADIO mode on TV? I do not see the tv / rad buttons on the remote control. I do not find tv / rad in the transition menu. Rostov on the Don.

Radio channels appear when tuning digital channels. Switching between ATV / DTV / Radio modes is carried out using the number buttons. The first press, for example, the number 1 will turn on the first ATV channel, if then press 1 again, it will switch to the first DTV channel, again. first channel Radio.

Mystery MTV 3218LW channel sorting

How to arrange channels with 1 and so on? Saratov.

After automatically tuning the channels of the Mystery MTV 3218LW TV, the programs are mixed up. To sort them, use the menu item Program Edit.
The Move section allows you to move the desired program from a random position to the desired one.
Use the cursor buttons to select the desired program.
Press the yellow button.
Use the cursor up / down buttons to move the channel to the desired location.
Repeat for all necessary TV channels.