How to Connect One Computer to Another

Typically, the connection is made in one of two ways: wired or wireless.

How to Connect One Computer to Another

In the first case, both computers (computer and a laptop) were equipped with network cards, in the second case, you need a WiFi adapter in any form (card, external USB or built-in).

So how to connect laptops by wire.

Insert the ends of the patch cord into the network cards of the computers. After that, go to Network Connections. Select “Local Area Connection”. In the properties of the network connection, you will need to configure the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP). ” Open the Protocol properties on each of the computers or laptops and indicate on each of them an IP address. For example, on the first and on the second. Leave the default subnet mask at on both laptops. Run cmd.exe. To do this, just enter cmd in the search box in the menu. In the window with a black box, type ping and the IP address of another computer, for example If all the settings (and crossover) are correct, then there will be an exchange of packets, which will mean connecting computers.

We recommend combining your laptops into one workgroup. To do this, set the same workgroup names on both laptops in the My Computer settings section. In order for a folder of one computer to be accessible from another, you need to establish shared access to this folder. To do this, they usually call the context menu of the desired folder with the right mouse button and edit the properties of the folder. In the Access section, in the paragraph “Network Sharing and Security”, you need to click on the link. You will also need to determine what rights the user will have on another computer. Select one of the proposed options by checking the box next to it.

How to connect a laptop to a laptop via Wi-Fi.

Laptops You can easily connect to each other via Wi-Fi in point-to-point mode. For this on both laptops turn on the WiFi adapter (this can be done on your a laptop toggle switch or software).

Open the Control Panel through the “START” menu, and in it the Network and Internet section. Next, “Network Connection Properties.”
Configure the TCP / IP protocol properties in the same way as with a wired connection (see above)
If one of the computers will go online, it is recommended that you give it an IP address of If you want to provide the opportunity to access the Internet and a second computer, but without wires, then you will need to assign a couple more parameters to the computer that is not connected to the World Wide Web. The main gateway (specify the IP address of the first computer and the preferred DNS server. The address provided by the provider.

On a computer that is connected to the Internet, select the “Advanced” tab in the properties of the network adapter and check the box “Allow other network users.” Follow the wireless networks tab. Add a network. You can choose a network name to your liking. Be sure to check the box “This is a direct connection. “And Uncheck” Network key is provided automatically. “

Enter the network key. The same key will be used when setting up the connection of the second computer.
It is important to configure automatic connection to the created network. To our two laptop independently connected to the network as soon as they “see” each other, go to the “Connection” tab and put the corresponding checkmark.