How To Connect Old Speakers To A Tv

TV speakers

Sometimes very funny situations happen. For example, a home theater does not want to reveal the secret of its connection. How did I connect the speakers to the TV? Despite the fact that all the cords are connected, there is everything you need, strictly in accordance with the instructions, there are still three unused “tulips”, and the same number of so-called “bells” are already placed in the free connectors of the TVs. However, the sound emanating from the dynamic, completely not reflecting the “quality of the environment”, stated.

How to connect speakers to a TV: a simple solution to an urgent problem

First of all, pay attention to the following moment: how many audio outputs are in your TV? Typically, these connectors are labeled “Audio IN / OUT” or “Audio R / L”. Depending on the modification of the TV, the device may be equipped with a SCART connector, optical or coaxial output. It all depends on the novelty of your blue screen. Almost all modern TVs were the best analogue audio guide (“tulips”). You can use them to connect speakers to a TV. “Audio output.”

Sound quality and power

Of course, it is possible to use a wide range of sound connected through “tulips”. You need a receiver or multi-channel amplifier to listen to surround. It is this device that gives the moment of shooting the effect of saturation and auction. And all this thanks to separate sound channels and loud subwoofer operation. It is enough to connect the speakers and set up the speakers correctly, since the quality of perception depends on the location of the audio devices.

How To Connect Old Speakers To A Tv

Connection Methods

  • Option 1: Connect your audio amplifier and TV using a standard RCA cable or SCART cable. Observe the polarity of the output and do not confuse “IN” with “OUT”.
  • Alternatively, use the “OPTICAL OUT” or “COAXIAL OUT” jack for the TV and the same terminal as the “IN” jack for the receiver or home theater.
  • The third way is to connect the computer speakers to the TV. Typically, it is located on the front of the TV and you can enjoy stereo sound.
  • Sometimes the old music center is almost never used. The miniJack-2RCA cord is the ideal medium for sound effects. Using the “AUX IN” jack of your CD-DVD processor, connect the “Audio OUT” TV output using the two “R / L” channels. Typically, music centers have a built-in equalizer.

The sound comes to life

Let’s focus on harmony when you need clean music and a good timbre. Only digital audio can be called comprehensive and all-consuming. Therefore, the question “how to connect the speakers to the TV” should mean the right decision. Agree, it’s very convenient to watch a movie with surround sound. We only have hearing aids.


Statistical stress that can lead to a malfunction in your electronics. To avoid such effects, connect only turned off equipment. Now you know how to connect the speakers to the TV. It is worth noting that not all known methods were considered in this article. However, the basic settings still need to be taken into account, so you don’t have to do your best to transfer audio and TVs to other devices.