How To Connect Nfs On Huawei

What is Huawei Share is known to almost all owners of the technology of this brand. But still there remains a small number of people, which mainly include beginners who have not heard of this method of transmitting information. Surely you know about tools like NFC and Bluetooth. Their main purpose is to connect between two devices in order to exchange information or content. In this article we will talk about a new option, which is based on NFC and Bluetooth, but is more modern and mobile.

What is Huawei Share

For those who have just acquired Huawei, or are just going to discover the pre-installed functionality, you should first understand the terminology and principle of operation. Huawei Share OneHop is a special module through which devices exchange files or information. We emphasize that the exchange is available only between devices released by Huawei.

Which devices support

As of 2020, there is a limited number of models in which this technology is present. Use the transmitter under these conditions:

  • if your gadget has an NFC module;
  • if you have a MateBuk series laptop.

On cheaper and older versions of smartphones and laptops, this tool is not yet distributed.

How to use Huawei Share

As soon as you find out that your gadget supports this technology, we proceed to the next step. the instruction manual. To use this module, use the guide below:

  • activate wifi and bluetooth;
How To Connect Nfs On Huawei

  • launch Huawei Share software;
  • select the components you want to share (link, photo, audio,, etc.);
  • click on the inscription “Sending”;
  • Choose among the available gadgets where you want to send;
  • on the second device, click “Accept”;
  • wait until the contents are transported, and then disconnect the working modules.

Transfer files using Huawei Share between Huawei and Honor smartphones

Collaboration with Honor is possible. This is due to the fact that both gadgets are produced by the same company, they have the same shell and technical software. Features of the transfer from Huawei to Honor:

  • on both phones should turn on wifi and bluetooth;
  • Make sure there is enough free space on the gadget that receives the file.
  • on the sender’s smartphone, follow the instructions above;
  • confirm;
  • wait for the sending to complete.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via Huawei Share OneHop

One of the commonly used options is to transfer content to and from a computer. Here, the manufacturer also provided for interaction, so there is Huawei Share for Windows. Usually it is already preinstalled on products from the MateBook series, but if you did not find it or accidentally deleted it, you can download Huawei Share to your computer from the official website. Next, we will gradually consider all segments of smartphone and PC interaction. At first glance, the instruction is long and complicated, but just use it once, and you will learn how to turn everything on quickly.

Connecting a smartphone to a laptop

To establish contact between a mobile device and a PC:

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

  • activate PC Manager on a PC (laptop or netbook);
  • activate wi-fi, NFS and Bluetooth on the phone;
  • place both devices close until the established contact is marked with a characteristic sound signal;
  • pass authorization in the system.

File Transfer via OneHop

Here you also turn on all the modules listed above, place the transmitter and receiver at a distance of 2-4 centimeters, click on the dispatch and wait for the operation to complete. Usually the process takes a little time, but the duration depends on the size of the file. If you throw a link, photo or voice message, it will be delivered to the recipient almost instantly. If these are some movies, clips or long audio recordings, then you have to wait. At the same time, do not take the gadgets apart from each other during the transfer. If the signal is interrupted, the person will receive a damaged file. Automatically sending does not resume, so you have to click again.

From smartphone to laptop

The algorithm is very simple:

  • turn on NFS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • select a file (as one component or several);
  • on the laptop screen you need to open proprietary software, and wait for confirmation of acceptance.

From laptop to smartphone

The instruction is no different, as well as the features of the transfer. We focus on the fact that if at least one point is not met, the file is not sent.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

Multi-Screen Collaboration (Multi-Screen Mode) appeared only in the EMUI 10 shell, introduced in 2019. This option is aimed at improving the performance of a mobile device, and connects gadgets to each other “over the air.” Using a completely new option, you can not only exchange information, but also duplicate the screen. After establishing a contact, you get the opportunity to manage applications on your phone through a laptop. In 2020, Multi-Screen Collaboration mode is available only for three devices based on EMUI 10 and five MateBook notebook models. But, according to numerous statements by the company, they plan to expand this optimized utility. Add plan in these versions:

  • P30;
  • P30 Pro;
  • Mate 20;
  • Mate 20 Pro;
  • Mate 20 RS Porsche Design;
  • Mate 20X;
  • Mate 20X 5G.

Screen recording via OneHop

If you want to quickly turn on the display recording, then shake the gadget, attach it to the recipient’s device, and confirm the operation. The recording time is a maximum of 1 minute.

Sending clipboard data through OneHop

To work with the contents on the clipboard, follow the instructions below:

  • run the software on the PC;
  • Go to the “My Phone” section;
  • enable the exchange by moving the slider to the side;
  • using software prompts confirm the exchange.

View recently submitted documents

The program is convenient in that it stores a history of interactions. You will be able to view the transferred documents by clicking on the service icon in the lower right (on the main screen).

How to disable Huawei Share

To deactivate a service, simply exit the program. Also, if Wi-Fi, bluetooth and NFS are disabled, then this technology will not work.