How to Connect M4 to Phone

How to Connect M4 to Phone

Are you an avid gamer, but are you not comfortable managing apps for smartphones? You have an excellent game console, but don’t know how to connect the joystick to your Android phone? Our article will help here, thanks to which you will maximize your skills.

Features of connecting a gamepad to a smartphone

Unfortunately, the minimum number of consoles connects to the phone on the Android and IOS operating systems without any problems. Most often, remotes are oriented either to a special set-top box, or to communication with a computer. The latter option is much simpler: you just need to use the USB OTG adapter, which we talked about in the article “How to connect a USB flash drive to Android via OTG.”

How to connect the joystick to an Android phone from PS3 and PS4 via Sixaxis Controller

We need: two utilities, a USB cable and access to a computer. To get started, download the first program, namely SixaxisPairTool from a verified source. Install it using the standard method on the computer and run it. We connect the controller to the PC.

In the meantime, you need to download the application to your phone or tablet Sixaxis Compatibility Checker, publicly available on Google Play. Please note that without the Superuser mode the program will not function!

Once the preparation is completed and all the utilities are installed, in Sixaxis Compatibility Checker we find the following inscription at the bottom of the screen: “Local Bluetooth Address”. Copy this address in the format xx: xx: xx: xxin a special field “Change Master”, located in a computer program.

Next, disconnect the gamepads and turn it on by pressing the large central button. If one green light comes on. The connection process was successful, if we see the inscription in English. Unfortunately, the device is not supported.. And the last final action: click in the utility “Change input method” and indicate the desired gamepad.

We connect the joystick to the smartphone from the Xbox 360 and One

Alas, Microsoft 360 consoles do not have possible Bluetooth connections, and communicate with each other via special radio antennas. Perhaps the company made such a scheme specifically to avoid synchronizing its devices with devices from other developers. But there is still a way out.

Xbox 360 USB Connection

To connect the joystick to the PC there are special receivers, therefore, for Android connections we will use them. These are small receivers that are inserted into the gamepad via a USB cable, but operate on a radio signal.

But first you need to be sure that your mobile device supports the OTG standard, otherwise nothing will work. Use a great app to check USB OTG Checker, available for free download from the Google Store.

If the result is positive, we can proceed to the procedure itself. Connect the receiver to the joystick via USBand click on the large center button to search for the Xbox. In the meantime, activate the pairing mode on the console (the button is on the end). The devices should be connected without problems, after which the controller becomes available for interaction in games on Android devices.

Connect Xbox One Wireless Joystick via BlueTooth

With device Xbox one things are much better. The fact is that This set-top box has a built-in Bluetooth module, thanks to which a more or less simple connection of the joystick to a phone or tablet is available.

It’s just that such pairing is oriented to Samsung phones with the Android operating system no higher than 6.0, which is no longer relevant for many users. But it’s still worth a try, even if you updated to eight.

We connect the joystick from iPega

Here the user will have much less problems. The fact is that iPega joysticks have many advanced modes, and you will definitely find the most suitable for yourself. Namely:

  • Gamepad mode. Designed for games that easily support external control. Suitable for Windows, and, of course, for
  • SPP Mode. Created for applications that do not have the above function. In this case, for smooth interaction between the console and the smartphone, ROOT rights are required.
  • Keyboard. For games where a keyboard is needed.
  • Mouse. A mode that creates a mouse emulator.

Method 1

So we have listed the most important and effective modes. But how to connect the gaming console? There are two methods for this: simplified and standard. In a simplified method, there are only two steps: activate Bluetooth on the controller using the XHOME keys, also turn it on on the phone and in the list of devices available for pairing, select our gamepad. Done.

Method 2

The second method is a bit more complicated, but it allows you to immediately configure everything you need for a comfortable game. Download a special program Bit Games Center, go to point “Settings”, where we click on the label called “Search Handle.”

Now on the gamepad we press the above key combination again, and the utility determines the device. We click “Connect”. Go to “Settings”. “Language and input”. “Input methods” and specify the iPega controller. Done.

How to synchronize the joystick from a VR helmet with Android

Immersion in virtual reality allows you to more subtly feel the game, and For this, special VR helmets are created, which are kind of glasses. Most of these devices are, of course, focused on individual consoles and PCs, but there are devices for Android devices.

These helmets were first developed by Google Cardboard. They are lenses placed in a so-called box, where the telephone is inserted. They do not require special settings, but sometimes a joystick is needed for such VR glasses. It should be purchased specifically for a particular model.

Game joystick for Android TV

Many users connect keyboards, mice, gamepads to Smart TV, and, of course, peripherals are also available for Android TV. If you decide to spend a lot of time at the console, take care of acquiring a high-quality game controller that will be suitable for TV from the very beginning.

Several connection options are available: via Bluetooth, via a radio signal and via one Wi-Fi network. The latter option is the most optimal, easy and affordable.

Fitness bracelets are widely entered into the life of almost everyone and us. Some use them for going to the gym, others for professional sports. With their help, it is possible to simplify the process of losing weight, lead a healthy lifestyle, monitor the condition of the body during physical activity, etc. Before setting up a fitness bracelet, you should study the manufacturer’s recommendations. Please note that the principle of setting different models is the same. The proper use of gadgets is also of great importance.

Universal setting for any fitness bracelet

Setting up a fitness bracelet includes the following steps:

  1. Charge the tracker and smartphone.
  2. Download and install the official app.
  3. Indicate all the necessary data (age, height, weight and parameters).
  4. Sync devices via bluetooth.

After connecting the devices, we go to the “Notifications” section on the tracker and indicate the functions for activating the vibration signal. In the “Settings” section, enter the date, time and indicate the necessary measurements. It is important to indicate the purpose of the activity, for example, to establish the number of steps that must be completed in a set period of time.

To expand the functionality, install additional programs: Selfie, Master. To exclude errors in the tracker, avoid completely discharging the battery.

On which hand to wear a fitness bracelet. How to wear.

After the settings of the smart bracelet are turned on, the device should be put on the hand and not removed. The tracker will measure the steps, and save the received information in the application. If the fitness bracelet is equipped with a screen, then you can see the statistics directly on the device.

During the run, you need to run the appropriate mode or use the additional Runtastic application. Fitness bracelet will automatically measure distance and heart rate. If the load is excessive, the device will notify you that your training goal has been reached.

Trackers equipped with the function of counting calories and steps are very popular. The functionality depends on the model used. Advanced gadgets are more expensive. Users learned how to use trackers, downloading additional applications that simplify the use of the gadget, making it more universal.

Gesture Control

Wearing a bracelet is recommended on the left hand. Information is viewed using the “Time Watch” gesture. To raise your hand as if it has a watch and you want to see what time it is. You can also just click on the button several times.

Using a smart bracelet, you can control the camera on a smartphone. This function is quite in demand, because it allows you to take high-quality photos without outside help.

Some bracelets have a smartphone unlock function without a password and fingerprints. To do this, you should enter the password from the bracelet once, of course, if the device is equipped with a screen. Next, set the distance at which the screen will be unlocked automatically.

Phone connection

If the gadget is not equipped with a screen, then synchronization with a computer or phone is carried out using Bluetooth. In this case, information is read through a special application. In order for the device to run smoothly and to get the most accurate information, use only official applications.

Before pairing, do the following:

  1. Download the application, install it on your smartphone and register or log in to your account.
  2. Next, bind devices and accept the terms of use and storage of user information.
  3. It is enough to press the button on the bracelet, enter the password for access on the phone and press the button on the tracker again.

After the devices are synchronized, a complete discharge of the bracelet should be avoided. Otherwise, the settings you set may be violated. Be sure to make all the necessary adjustments: notifications (incoming calls and messages), alarm clock, reminders. If necessary, you can specify the application for receiving alerts by ticking the checkbox opposite the corresponding icon.

The excellent “Do Not Loaf” feature, which does not allow you to stay in one place for a long time. It is enough to set the start and end time of the action (30-120 minutes). You can activate the do not disturb mode, for example, at night. Most users prefer to use the remote access or visibility of the bracelet, which is quite convenient.

How to use a pedometer

In order to use the fitness bracelet correctly, you should familiarize yourself with its functionality in advance. Activity parameters allow you to get detailed information about physical activity, tolerance of certain exercises and even about what kind of food was consumed. Using the application on your smartphone, you can evaluate the parameters.

The device allows you to adjust the daily routine in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body. If necessary, you can set notifications so as not to forget about important matters.

Features of using the Pedometer function:

  • It is important that the bracelet is properly worn initially so that contact with the skin is fairly close.
  • The need for wearing arises when playing sports, with diseases of the cardiovascular system and high blood pressure.

Thanks to round-the-clock monitoring of physical activity, you can draw up the correct daily routine and devote more time to sleep, playing sports and jogging is indispensable for people who lead an active lifestyle.

How to use a heart rate monitor

Regardless of the application used, there is a “Heartbeat” button on any device. By clicking on it, the user goes to a page on which the relevant measurements are indicated. During the measurement, you need to press your hand to your chest and not make unnecessary movements to get the most accurate information.

The control of pulse zones allows you to improve the response to physical activity. If we are talking about the need to lose weight, then morning runs should give the result. 130 bpm. If the indicators are higher or lower, then the process of burning fat will slow down. Without controlling the pulse, there is practically no point in jogging.