How to connect LG TV to wired Internet

Working methods to connect TV to the Internet

Today, more and more electronic devices acquire “intelligence” and become indispensable assistants to a person in solving ordinary household problems. Since the work of any smart functions is tied to uploading information from external servers (video content, pictures, photos), the use of Smart-TV on Samsung, Philips, Sony, LG is impossible without an Internet connection. The article will tell you how to connect a TV to the Internet and prepare the operating system for use.

[LG WebOS TV]. Connect Internet (LAN Cable, Wi-Fi) to LG Smart TV

What you need to connect the TV on the Internet over the cable

To establish a wired connection, you need:

  • The cable of the provider, which comes from the entrance either from the modem in your apartment, or the LAN cable (if we connect through the router);
  • TV with Smart TV and LAN connector;
  • Router (if a direct connection is not suitable for you);
  • The presence of access to the Internet (paid tariff);
  • Type of network. Find out from the provider with which protocol it works: call technical support or look into your contract with the company. Protocol options: PPPOE, L2TP, PPTP, Dynamic IP, Static IP.

How the method of connecting quality affects

If the user has a high and stable data transfer speed, then the connection quality of him will have the same. In the event that the speed of the Internet connection is low or the TV and the router are on a substantial distance from each other through several walls, when you go to the Internet via Wi-Fi and, especially, when watching streaming videos or television online, the user can detect freezing or brakes. That is why, with a low data transfer rate, it is recommended to conduct a wire from the router to the TV and connect the equipment to the Internet via the LAN connector.

You can configure the Internet on LG TV in two ways: through a cable or via Wi-Fi. Next, you will need to register and log in to the LG system, after which it will be possible to use all the capabilities that LG SMART TV function provides.

Connection and configuration depending on the model

Now briefly consider connecting TV popular brands to the Internet.


Open the menu remote control. The color scheme may vary, depending on what model you have, but the name of the items and their location are the same. Open the “General” item and go to the “Network” section.

Now enter the password and click “Ready”.

There will be a message that the TV is connected to the network.

For a cable connection, you need to select a cable connection in the menu and wait until the setup is performed.

Open the menu, select “Expanded Settings”-“Network”-“Connection to the Wi-Fi network”.

connect, wired, internet

Find your network in the list and click on it. It will be proposed to enter a password.

Cable connection is configured automatically. It is enough to connect the network wire to the LAN port and wait.

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In the menu, go to the “Settings” item. Go to the “Network Settings”. “Wireless Settings”.

Press the WPS button in the menu and do the same on the router.

If you can’t connect in this way or there is no desired button on your router, select the last point “scan”. A list of available networks will be displayed. Indicate the necessary and enter the password.

For a wired connection, after the cable is attached, open the wired network in the “network settings” menu and select the “auto” mode. Wait until the TV sets up the connection.


Press the “Settings” button on the remote control. In the menu, go to the “All settings” section. “Wireless network and communication”.

Select WPS for a non.Wire connection or Wireless to select a network manually and input passwords.

To configure the cable connection, select WireD and wait for the process to complete.

Installation of applications

The Smart TV operating system LG operates on the principle of average Android.Devices. Users can install or delete players, games, organizers, widgets.

  • Authorization in the LG system is necessary.
  • The list of available applications is formed based on your stay in the region.
  • There are paid applications on this platform, so pay attention to the corresponding icons.
  • Installation is automatically, manual application setting is not required.

Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

Look in the user guide if there is a built-in Wi-Fi module in your TV model. If it is absent in your model, you can connect a TV via a Wi-Fi-adapter for the LG AN-WF100 USB port (purchased separately). Connect Wi-Fi adapter to a free-free TV.

Before connecting, you need to configure the access point. It is recommended to be located no closer than one meter from the TV to avoid interference and conflicts with the control panel. If a wireless connection to the network is available for your TV, a item will appear on the settings screen: Network Setting: Wireless;.

Select it by pressing the OK button on the remote control.

In the window that appears, select the desired connection method:

  • Setting from the list of access points (AP);. If you know the name of your home Wi-Fi network and additional parameters.
  • Simple installation (WPS cap mode);. If your router supports the automatic connection mode of Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is the easiest way to install. Just click the WPS butter, go to the TV menu, click and select automatic or manual IP setting, as with the wired connection.
  • Network setting [Ad-Hoc];. If you want to connect the TV to a home wireless network, but without access to the Internet. On the computer in the network connection settings, you must enter the IP address (, subnet mask ( and the default gateway (192.168.0.Ten). When choosing this connection method, you will need to enter the network identifier and the protective key of the device (the settings can be changed if desired can be changed using the red button), then enter the computer address in the quality of the IP address of the TV and vice versa and vice versa. Computer IP address as a TV gateway.

In the list of Wi-Fi networks found, select the name of your access point or Wi-Fi router.

connect, wired, internet

When using a secure connection (if you have a hidden network configured. Hidden SSID) Select a new SSID;, specify the name of the network manually and enter your key.

If your Wi-Fi network is protected by a password, enter it using the remote control by pressing the PIN red button;.

TV will check the network settings and display the screen result on the screen.

connect, wired, internet

Connection options

There are two LG SmartTV connection options with a worldwide web: wireless-Wi-Fi and cable-LAN (Ethernet). Each of the methods has advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of the type of ligament depends on the needs of the user. It is worth noting that cable connection is suitable only for those who plan to install smart television even at the stage of repair work in the room and are ready to delve into additional parameters. To date, Wi-Fi technology is most popular.

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Through a network cable

This method is far from the most convenient, as it requires installation work in the room. If you already have a network cable for a Wi-Fi-Rooter from the provider in your apartment, then you will also have to conduct a second one: the flow of information on one Ethernet channel can only be directed to one device.

Another disadvantage of this method is that not all network standards of domestic providers support modern LG TVs (among incompatible, for example, PPPOE and L2T). The LV technique simply won’t see the Ethernet port, which is going directly from the Internet supplier.

For these purposes, a router is required, and it is already authorizing for the PPPOE server. You should not be scared, 99.99% that everything will work the first time.

If the cable connection is the only possible solution, then you should be prepared for manual installation of the connection parameters (if DHCP is not launched on the router). It will be necessary to independently score in the memory of the device such data as IP addresses and DNS server. It may also be necessary to inform the MAC television device’s connection supplier: some providers use this code to identify the device in the system.

Please note that if there is only one LAN cable at home and it is inserted into the LH TV, then distribute Wi-Fi for other gadgets with Smart-TV. You can find out the compatibility of the device with local standards from the contract or using a call to the provider (house.Ru, Rostelecom, MTS and others).

Through Wi-Fi

A wireless connection of TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi-marching not only will take less time, but also more convenient, from the point of view of everyday use. In some cases, it is convenient to use WPS technology, for quick synchronization of devices, in more detail in the section below.

The user does not need to pull special wires in the apartment (called twisted pair) or buy additional accessories. Only a router connected to the network will be needed.

The exception to the rule is those models of LG TVs that do not have a built-in Wi-Fi module, but at the same time support Smart-TV technology: you have to purchase an external network module (for example, LG An-WF100). This accessory is inserted into a USB port, PCMCIA CARD (for old models) or C1 connector, and its synchronization by the device occurs automatically-no difficulties should occur in any person. Do not try to save money and buy a cheap analogue, since TV LH are compatible only with adapters of this manufacturer.

Another option of the wireless method is an AD-HOC network, the creation of which does not require a Wi-Fi modem. In this case, the TV is connected directly to the computer (the local DLNA server) and does not have access to the Internet, but the user gets the opportunity to broadcast on a large television screen any media files stored in the memory of the Leptope/Monoblock/System Block.

What to connect for connection

To understand what the user will need to connect a TV to the Internet, you need to decide how exactly he is going to configure communication. If the TV is equipped with a Smart TV function, it can be connected to the network via a network cable or router, PLC adapter, as well as through Wi-Fi.

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Depending on the method, the user will need a router or modem, Ethernet cable or PLC adapter. In the event that the television receiver is regular, you can connect the Internet to a TV of this type only using additional devices. It can be a computer or laptop, as well as a prefix for digital television with a Smart TV function.

The Internet does not work on Smart TV when connecting

If your provider uses a dynamic IP connection technology, and does not use a binding at the MAC address, then immediately, after connecting the cable to the TV, the Internet should earn.

LG Smart TV Connect To Wired Connection Ethernet Lan Cable Quick View

This is interesting: the TV formatted (initialized) the hard drive (flash drive), and the computer does not determine it. What to do?

If you connected the cable to the TV (a cable that comes not from a router, but from an Internet provider). And the Internet does not work, most likely, your provider uses static, pppoe, l2tp, or pptp connection technology. And/or makes a binding at the MAC address.

The best way is to call the provider and ask what technology they use, and whether they are binding on Mac. Or look at the official website of the provider.

  • If the technology is dynamic IP, then the Internet should work immediately after connecting the cable, without any settings (provided that there is no binding at the MAC address).
  • Static IP technology. You can set this very static IP (which should give you a provider) in the network settings, on your TV. How to set these settings, I wrote in this article (for example LG TV).
  • If PPPOE, L2TP, or PPTP, then such a connection, you can’t configure on the TV. At least at the moment (perhaps not on all TVs). But, as far as I know, such a connection on the TV cannot be raised. What to do in this case? You need to buy a router, set up a connection with the Internet on it, and from it already distribute the Internet through a cable, or via Wi-Fi on your TV, and other devices. Here for example, the article on setting TP-Link TL-WR841N.

If the connection on the dynamic IP, or by static IP, but the Internet on the TV still does not work, that is, it is likely that the provider ties the Internet at the MAC address (this must be clarified by it). What to do in this case?

Go to the TV settings and go to the support tab. Info. About the product. This is on LG TVs, if you say Samsung, Sony, Philips, or another manufacturer, then these points may differ a little there. Look there MAC address.

Call in support of your Internet provider, and ask to prescribe another Mac for your contract. Devote the Mac of your TV for them. Or, change the Mac through your provider’s personal account if there is such an opportunity. Everything should earn.

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