How To Connect Joystick To Android Tv

Many games have been written for smartphones, many of which are almost as good as computer ones. As controls virtual touch buttons are used, but their use is not always convenient. This is especially noticeable in the action genre, where you need to move a lot, aim and perform other similar actions. In the current article, we will consider how to connect a gamepad to Android in order to ensure only the best gaming experience.

Depending on the type of joystick, you can connect in one of three ways:

  • Via a USB cable and a special adapter.
  • Directly via Bluetooth.
  • Using the application via Bluetooth, for joysticks from game consoles.

Each method has its own nuances and subtleties of tuning, so we will dwell on each of them in more detail.

USB connection

It’s easiest to figure out how to configure the joystick on Android using a USB cable. To connect, you need the cable itself, as well as a Micro-USB adapter, which is inserted into the corresponding input on the mobile phone.

Further actions depend on Does the game support gamepad control? If so, then no additional settings need to be made.

Otherwise, you should visit the Play Market and install the application to configure the controller. For example, Tincore Keymapper.

Bluetooth connection

Joysticks specially created for working with Android devices often do not have wires and are connected via Bluetooth. Also for ease of use they can be equipped with a special stand-holder for a smartphone or tablet. The configuration process is performed as follows:

    Open your mobile device’s settings and activate Bluetooth. You can also do this by lowering the quick settings curtain by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Connecting game console joysticks

Many owners of the Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles have the question “how to configure the gamepad to connect to an Android phone or tablet?”. You can accomplish your plan wirelessly using Bluetooth.

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The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Install application on smartphone Sixaxis Compatibility Checker, which allows you to check the device for compatibility with the gamepad. If the test yields a positive result, proceed to the next step.
  • Download and install SixaxisPairTool on a personal computer and Sixaxis Controller app on your phone.
  • Connect the joystick to the USB input of the computer using the appropriate cable.
  • Wait until the program recognizes the connected device and issues a 12-digit MAC address.
  • Launch the Sixaxis Controller application, allowing it to obtain superuser privileges.
  • Wait until the local address of the Bluetooth channel appears on the screen.
  • Enter the obtained value into the program on the computer in the field “Change Master”. Click the “Update” button.
  • Disconnect the gamepad from the cord and activate its operation with the PS key.
  • Press the "Select input method" button in the application and select Sixaxis Controller.
  • Go to the settings by clicking on the three vertical points in the upper right corner, select the "Joystick Settings" section. Check the box next to "Enable joystick."

Setup completed. You can exit the application, launch the game and enjoy convenient controls.

How to connect Android as a joystick?

The options discussed above involve setting up the gameplay on the phone using the joystick, but there is another interesting option. using a mobile device as a gamepad.

How To Connect Joystick To Android Tv

For this you need a smartphone or tablet itself, a computer with Windows 7 and higher, as well as a game installed on it that supports the corresponding type of control.

The setup process is performed according to this algorithm:

  • Download and install the program by clicking on the link:
  • Open the Play Market and install the PC Remote app.

There is a separate preset for GTA5 and just a repetition of the gamepad interface. During the game, an accelerometer can be involved, which is very important for racing arcades.

For maximum comfort, we recommend connecting devices with a screen size of at least 5 inches.

The material presented describes in detail how to connect the gamepad to Android in several ways using a wired and wireless connection. An interesting experiment will be the use of a smartphone as a game controller on a computer.