How to connect JBL wireless headphones to a computer

Frequent question: how to connect JBL headphones to Windows 7 computer?

In order to connect the headphones, the Bluetooth signal receiver should be on your computer. It can be built into the motherboard, and if it is not in it, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. Just insert it into the PC USB slope and in a couple of minutes the system will find it and activate it itself.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows 10

How to connect JBL Flip 4 speaker to Windows 10 Desktop

  • First you need to turn on Bluetooth on our laptop, or PC
  • Open the start and select “Parameters”
  • On the Bluetooth and other devices tab, we turn on the wireless adapter (if it is disconnected) and click on “Adding Bluetooth or another device”.
  • Turn on the headphones.

How to wear JBL Tune 120 TWS

For convenient use, the manufacturer recommends first to choose the size of the liners. In most cases, medium.Sized outpatules are suitable, but it is better to try everything alternately.

The second moment concerns the location of the device in the ear. It is necessary to lay the headphones so that the inscription “JBL” and the indicator are located strictly horizontally. Small deviations can prevent quality work and convenience.

How to connect 2 Bluetooth headset at once

PC OS settings allow you to carry out a single.Channel sound transmission through the Bluetooth headset. This means that if 2 pairs of wireless headphones are associated with the computer, only one of these steam will work.

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Using third-party utilities as Virtual Audio Cable and similar to it, you can achieve the simultaneous work of two Bluetooth audio gadgets. The task is real, requiring skills in setting up the system and unsafe.

How to connect JBL headphones to a computer?

In order to connect the headphones, the Bluetooth signal receiver should be on your computer. It can be built into the motherboard, and if it is not in it, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. Just insert it into the PC USB slope and in a couple of minutes the system will find it and activate it itself.

First of all, make sure your computer with Windows 7 supports Bluetooth.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device and make it detected
  • Select the start of the device and printers.
  • Select Add the device, select the device and press the button further.
  • Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Features of JBL Harman connection

The JBL Harman series, according to many experts, is the best among wireless headphones in their price segment. Here is a universal instruction that will help to cope with the connection of most models.

First you need to turn on the Bluetooth adapter of the headphones themselves. To do this, click on the “VKL” button. It is located on one of the headphones from below or from the side.

  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone (the power button is located on the upper curtain). Click on it, turn on Bluetooth, go to the settings. If there is no Bluetooth icon on the upper curtain, you need to go to the Bluetooth menu through general settings, in the subparagraph “Network and connection”.
  • In search of devices to find Bluetooth headphones. For synchronization, click on the required device.

How to connect headphones to a laptop

Everything is quite simple. As a rule, there is already wireless communication module in modern laptops. It remains to make sure that it is turned on. You can do this in several ways.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC | Windows 10 ��

Universal way. Find the key responsible for the wireless modules in the upper row. Usually the antenna is depicted on it. In combination with the FN key, it should enable and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Windows 10 method. Come in the “Start” menu, click on the gear icon in the left column. Next, proceed along the path of “devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices”. You will see the slider responsible for the inclusion of a “blue.Toe” connection. Move it to the right.

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Regardless of whether you have built.In module or discrete, ideally you need to install the drivers from the manufacturer of the headset. This is a guarantee that the device will work correctly. But you can also hide in the library of universal drivers, which is in Windows.

Reasons why the laptop does not see the JBL headset

First, consider the reasons why JBL wireless headphones are not connected to the laptop. There may be several explanations for this:

  • Bluetooth is disconnected on one or both devices;
  • Temporary malfunction of the headset (it can be eliminated by rebooting the headset);
  • Old errors in the conjugation;
  • Incorrect Bluetooth settings on a laptop;
  • Technical malfunction of one of the devices.

These are the main problems that PC does not see the JBL headset through Bluetooth. But they are all solved if you take the right steps to restore performance.

What is your operating system?

First of all, the user must figure out which operating system is installed on his computer or laptop. This is important because, depending on the OS, the procedure for connecting wireless headphones may differ slightly.

Mac OS

This OS is developed by Apple specifically for its computers Macintosh. It is thanks to Mac OS that many users were imbued with the advantages of using graphic intenses, and now this attribute is found in other operating systems. For the first time, the public showed the public in 1984 on PC Macintosh 128k.


No matter how popular Mac OS is designed only for Apple development. A representative of the Windows operating systems created by Microsoft is often installed on the rest of the computer technology. Now there are a lot of their representatives, the most widespread for computers and laptops are Windows 7 and Windows 10. Therefore, connecting wireless headphones will be considered by their examples.

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Possible problems and solutions

There are situations when audio.The device for some reason does not connect to the computer. Frequent reasons are as follows:

The laptop does not see headphones

If the headphones are not connected, because they are not determined by the computer, the following actions must be taken:

  • Make sure that the device is included and ready to connect in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer;
  • Check the correct connection settings;
  • Place the wireless accessory closer to the laptop.

The computer does not connect

  • Check the activation of Bluetooth. Adapter on PC. If necessary, turn on the function.
  • Reload the device.
  • Conduct a check of the device anti.Juriser program.
  • Make sure the wireless communication module is working.
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Problems when connecting to Skype

It is unpleasant when when communicating in the messenger with the help of Bluetooth. The headset disappears or it is interrupted by hoarse and other extraneous noises. Sometimes reloading the laptop and headset helps. If the problem remains, the following measures are recommended to eliminate the sounds with sound:

  • Check the relevance of the sound board and adapter Bluetooth on the computer;
  • Install the latest, stably working version of the messenger;
  • Assign the conjugated headphones in system settings and in the Skype program device by default sound transmission.

Stopped connecting

It happens that due to the synchronization failure, users cannot connect to wireless headphones from the laptop.

To correct the problem, you can try to remove the device from the list connected via Bluetooth on the computer, reset the connection on the headphones. Then carry out the device for the interface of the devices again.

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