How to connect iPhone to TV via USB

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Is it possible to connect the iPhone to the TV and how to do it through Wi-Fi, USB cable or in another way?

Despite all the functions and capabilities of the iPhone, the device has one significant drawback: no matter how hard the developers try to increase the display and increase its quality, viewing files on it remains purely intimate.

How to Enable or Disable iPhone or iPad USB Access

If the task is to demonstrate photos, presentation or video of a company of several people, a problem arises. It is quite simple to solve it if you connect a mobile device to any monitor with a large diagonal, for example, to the TV. The article will tell you how to do it right and without unnecessary troubles.

Without Apple devices

Apple products are known for its high price, which is why not every user can afford to buy a device right away. In such cases, it is better to consider alternative options that will allow you to connect the iPhone to the TV. In general, there is nothing complicated, but for each TV model you will need to select a specific solution.

First, it is recommended to check whether the SMART-televisor maintains the function of the local connection on the AirPlay protocol, which can be viewed in the section of network installations.

If it is, then you can connect with the phone directly over the Wi-Fi network, using the described above scheme for Apple-TV. If such an opportunity is absent, you need to look for other solutions.


To connect the iPhone to the Samsung brand TV, it is best to use the branded solution that the developer offers. Smartview.

This application will not only transmit and play a specific file, but also duplicate the screen. To configure synchronization, you first need to open this utility on TV.

If both devices are connected to the same network then go to the AppStore and upload the application to the iPhone-Samsung-Smart-View

After that, the user will be able to select the desired file through the application and display the image on the Samsung TV with one command with Smart-TV support.

TV receivers of this brand are no less popular among users.

The manufacturer also produces original duplication for duplication of the screen of the iPhone smartphone:

The principle of their work will be almost similar to the action of the program considered above for Samsung. The difference will be only in the intense, t.To. Each utility is original.

And if there is no Wi-Fi, you can connect your iPhone to the LG TV through the AN-WF500 corporate Dongl player.

Its cost is 3 thousand. This is not cheap, but much smaller compared to the prefix Apple-TV.

connect, iphone

In addition, this media player has a large set of useful options:

Given the fact that the connection occurs according to the DLNA protocol, the LG media player can be used with any other equipment. Now install the 8player-TV application on the iPhone. It is necessary for the phone to support the DLNA protocol.

  • Confirm the Wi-Fi activation request and remember the code;
  • On the TV, search for devices through the Network, Network Connection menu (or using the Dongl Player utility);
  • Connect with the iPhone and enter the code indicated on its display.

On the TV, it is enough to activate the local connection of Wi-Fi Miracast

After that, you can transfer any multimedia content from the 8player TV application to the LG TV. If necessary, you can enter the settings and choose a resolution in which the picture should be transmitted a large screen.

Other TVs

Less famous brands like Philips or Sony Bravia have no original solutions, and you will have to look for universal ways. First you need to install an additional application that will allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi TV through other protocols.

In order not to guess with the choice of communication technology, it is better to immediately purchase the AllCast TV Pro application for 350, which supports any connection.

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Advanced functions are also available to the user (for example, use his smartphone as a output device and transmit a picture from the same game console or DVD to it).

If you use an iPhone phone instead of Android, and accidentally got to this article, it is also recommended to use the AllCast application. With it, it will be possible to display a picture from your device to any output device (in T.H. And apple products, t.To. The utility also supports AirPlay protocol).

  • In the TV menu, include Wi-Fi;
  • In the AllCast program, scan devices;
  • Connect to the TV and, if necessary, enter a password.

After that, a file manager will appear in front of the user, in which you can choose the desired content and click “Open”. File playing will begin. This method is very convenient for owners of unpopular brands of TV receivers.

  • You can display the image on a large screen only through the program. If you open a video or music in the usual way, the show will only begin on the phone.
  • There is no way to manage permission or organize flow transmission of content.
  • There is no manager of connected devices, which does not allow you to install a quick connection, and each time the same equipment will have to scan.

But most importantly, the user has the opportunity to watch films and clips with iPhone on any TV.

Programs for duplication through a remote server are always available as an alternative.

Alternative options

There are quite a lot of ways to transfer content from your smartphone to TV. In addition to the direct transmission of what is happening on the iPhone display, there are many programs and services that interact with the iPhone in one way or another:

Convenient application that allows you to record everything that happens on the screen of your smartphone. In this case, you can turn on the sound of the sound from the microphone. After that, the resulting stream can be viewed on the TV screen. For example, through a cable.

Displays a broadcast from the smartphone display on the tv screen. Its work will require a good Wi-Fi signal. The application works for free for a week. License version for one device will cost the user 13.

Free program that allows you to stream on TV any content in memory. In particular, photos and music. You can also work with the following Internet resources: Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive and other media services that you need to configure yourself.

But at the moment, the option is morally outdated and very little where it is used in practice. Programs Allshare Cast, AnyView Cast and others.

The list does not end there. Viewing the contents of the iPhone can be implemented through various TV settings and game consoles:

  • Roku. This brand appeared thanks to the Netflix service, which, at one time, launched the production of TV settings. Today Roku is not only prefixes, but also smart TVs that can be connected by iOS smartphone via Wi-Fi. The product line is very wide. You can find simple sticks for 25 or full-fledged TV settings for 80.
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360. Sony game consoles are very popular all over the world. Modern models allow not only to play, but also to connect a smartphone on the iOS operating system via Wi-Fi.
  • Amazon Fire TV. A small remote control, with an HDMI adapter that turns any TV into a Smart device. However, to show the display of your iPhone, you will need to install an additional paid application “Air Mirror for Amazon Fire TV”. The cost of a set of prefixes will cost about 45-50.

In addition to applications and additional TV settings, the user can synchronize the iPhone with almost any smart Smarttv. Different platforms for integrating a smartphone with a TV can be found in such brands as: Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Xiaomi, Philips, Dexp, Haier and others.

Bring the image from the iPad (iPad)

The same technologies are used to connect the iPad to the TV when working with iPhone. The simplest and most popular method is to use the USB cable.

This means that the connection has turned out and now you can use all the capabilities of a large screen.

You can connect the gadget to TV using a special VGA adapter. Such an adapter allows you to connect the iPad to the TV or to the computer monitor. Using Wi-Fi connection requires additional programs on the gadget, for example, Samsung SmartView for iPad.

No matter what size IPhone has, watching various photos and videos is better with a full screen. Almost all modern TVs have the opportunity to synchronize with the iPhone or iPad. This can be done using standard cables, as well as having several common applications.

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Most of the TV with Smart function without any problems connect to Wi-Fi. It is important that the TV and the smartphone are connected to one network. With sufficient technical characteristics of the equipment, after the connection there will be not only the opportunity to watch photos or videos, but also use TV as a game console.

Other ways to connect iPhone to TV

We examined the main methods of connecting iPhone and iPad to a home TV. Behind the scenes were less common, such as the stream player Chromecast and additional mobile in. Chromecast, as a rule, is used in the Android ecosystem. As for mobile applications for transmitting a Wi-Fi broadcast from a smartphone to a TV, many of them do not work as we would like. Most often, disappointment overtakes users when in the list of available screens they cannot find their TV. You have to study another application, and after it the second and third. That is why we limited ourselves to ways that will almost certainly lead you to success.

DLNA connection

Wireless network connection makes it possible to listen to music online. This method is universal and easy to use. The user will need to click on several buttons. Alas, not everyone can adapt to such actions. If there is no module, purchase a special router.

To launch the network through DLNA technology, you will need:

  • TV, on the screen of which a video appears and it has a separate router;
  • Adapter and smartphone that are connected on a single Internet line.

Connect your phone to Tv (just with USB Cable method) ENGLISH VERSION

If all the parameters are set, proceed to the launch of the program. After downloading the utility from the AppStore virtual store, start the settings. Display any picture on the screen within a few seconds.

Using the IMediaShare tool

Other available functions in the IMediaShare program work on the same principle.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen on Bluetooth?

Reproduction of the screen through “Bluetooth” is possible only on the latest versions of TVs. When choosing this method:

  • Run the search on iOS device;
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the TV;
  • Call confirmation;
  • Select “share” or “play like” on your phone;
  • You determine the path you want to follow-Bluetooth connection.

Wi-Fi connection manual

Now you can proceed to decisive action. How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi? As soon as the programs listed earlier are installed, it will be required:

  • Turn on the Smart TV on TV.
  • Connect TV to Wi-Fi.
  • Run the corresponding software on the iPhone.
  • Connect from the “apple” device to the Internet.
  • Go to the iPhone application settings and choose a TV model.

Perhaps that is all. If the user acted correctly, then the image from the “apple” device will appear on the TV display. All techniques proposed to both the iPhone and the iPad work, which greatly simplifies life.

connect, iphone

Iphone connection methods to the TV

In order for a demonstration from the iPhone screen to a large.Format TV, you need to choose the right type of connection, because the different model of devices from Apple differs by connecting. This must be taken into account, because in this case it will not work correctly to reproduce the data.

Through Wi-Fi, the connection

Iphone users with a Smart TV TV will connect the phone much easier, and the quality will be high and stable. In this case, synchronization occurs through an “apple” device. It acts as a functional drive. Such televisions built the function of the Wi-Fi connection, and the devices are enough to connect on the Internet networks. This method is good because any iPhone model is suitable for him. The disadvantage of this compound is limited functionality. That is, you can only watch what is downloaded to the phone, so each time you will have to download new videos to watch them from the TV.

Depending on the brand of the TV, you need to download a special software for activating the Wi-Fi module. For example, if you are a user of LG, you must put the Smart Share program. For owners of Samsung, the manufacturer has developed a similar application called “Allshare”. On other TV models, this utility will be in the “settings”, and then in the “Applications” tab. Find the Wi-Fi Direct mode and activate it.

The iPhone will also have to download software. Use either Imediashare or Belkin MediaPlay. All listed programs are free and there are in the App Store.

  • Make sure your TV has Smart TV functions. These are mainly famous brands with the example of Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and so on. Enter the name of the model in the search engine and read the characteristics;
  • Download the software that allows the smartphone and the TV to connect by Wi-Fi;
  • Go to the TV menu and go to the “Applications” section, and then to the “Network”;
  • Launch Wi-Fi Direct or installed software for the above brands;
  • On the TV display, select the network and get the code-paralle;
  • In the smartphone, connect to the same network and enter the code indicated on the screen;
  • After some time, both devices are synchronized.
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Run the downloaded application on the iPhone and choose a media content for shows. Keep in mind that the menu items in your TV may vary slightly, but in general, the connection procedure is carried out in this way.

How to use Belkin MediaPlay:

  • Download the free utility via the App Store;
  • Open the application and put the flag on the option “Show or hide visual indicators”;
  • Next, select a media file that you would like to broadcast on a large screen;
  • If the word “beaming” appears on the smartphone display, then synchronization has begun successfully.

The Belkin MediaPlay application allows you to broadcast content from your smartphone to the TV, whatever you do, whether it be games or just sewing on the Internet.

How to use IMediaShare:

  • Sour up the application and run it on the iPhone;
  • Go to the menu and go to the “Wireless Networks Connection” section;
  • Set a unique code to protect information through WPA/WPA2;
  • The following actions take on the TV screen-go to the “Network”, run Wi-Fi Direct, find in the list your iPhone model. After the steps held, a library of files that are saved on the device will open.

Connecting using the USB cable

As well as for the previous method, any model of the device from Apple is suitable. Only a USB cord differs-for models of the 4th generation and below it is a 30-pin, and from 5 to more modern-Lightning. You don’t need to buy anything, so the one that goes with the device in the box is suitable. The plus of this method is that the smartphone at this time is charged from the power of the TV.

And as well as the last connection method, the iPhone is used as a memory drive. It is impossible to broadcast what happens on the screen. For example, the video game process. The image is not duplicated, but it is possible to use a smartphone as a player for video files, viewing a photo or presentation. Content management occurs through the TV control panel. The USB connector, as a rule, is located either on the side or on the back of the TV panel. Sometimes it is signed. To connect the iPhone as a drive, follow the following actions:

  • Connect the wire to the device, and then to TV;
  • Turn on the TV, go to the settings, and select the USB port as the main source of the picture display;
  • Wait for the end of synchronization. Next on the TV display, the file library on your iPhone will be displayed.

We connect to the TV via HDMI

Another simple and popular way to demonstrate files via iPhone. HDMI wire allows you to synchronize not only smartphones, but also laptops, computers. Why is it worth giving preference to this cable, not USB? The difference from the past method is that if you are going to start the movie as Full HD (1080p and above, if the TV itself allows), then it is worth giving preference to HDMI wire. This is an ideal option for watching video files in high format.

However, connecting the gadget itself through this wire itself is quite problematic, because the “apple” smartphones are equipped with a unique Lightning connector or 30-pine. Difficulties that have arisen can be easily solved. It is enough to purchase a special adapter of Digital AV Adapter (for iPhone 4 generations), Lightning to HDMI “Mirascreen” (for iPhone 5 generations and above) or any other, equipped with an HDMI integer, which can be found on Aliexpress. It costs inexpensively, and if you have to often broadcast content on TV, then this is an excellent and at the same time economical option. And also a plus of this method. A demonstration of the screen itself, and not the file libraries (with the exception of iPhone 4 and below models). This is the easiest way. No additional programs need to be connected.

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