How To Connect Iphone To Tv Via Bluetooth

How to connect a phone to a computer via Bluetooth? This question is common enough. The fact is that thanks to modern technology, we can freely transfer files from mobile to PC. And this is done without the use of any wires.

There are many different wireless technologies, but Bluetooth is the most common. Despite the fact that this connection is quite old, it still does not lose its relevance today. It has a lot of advantages. For example:

  • Immunity
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheapness.

In other words, this technology is extremely simple and understandable for everyone and at the same time it is available to absolutely everyone. But how to use it?

How to connect your phone to a computer via Bluetooth

It goes without saying that both devices must be equipped with Bluetooth wireless modules.

over, you need to enable detection. To do this on a laptop, you need to enter the module settings. This is done as follows. Locate the Bluetooth icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the desktop).

Right-click on it and select “Open Options” in the menu that appears.

In the “Settings” tab, check the box “Allow Bluetooth to detect this computer.” After that, go to the “Sharing” tab. Here you need to check the box “Allow search, transfer and reception of files.” A little below, for convenience, you can specify the path to the folder in which all received files will be saved.

So, the PC is prepared and configured. Now you can move on to the main question, how to connect the phone to the computer via Bluetooth.

Finding Bluetooth connectivity equipment

On a mobile phone, you should also enable detection. It is worth noting that on Android smartphones this function is turned on for a certain time (about 2 minutes). In other words, after enabling detection on a smartphone, you need to manage to find it on a PC in no more than 2 minutes.

So, we turned on the adapter and detection on the smartphone. Now right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the PC system tray. Select “Add Device.”

As a result, a window will open in which a list of available connections will be displayed. Select the name of your mobile and click “Next.”

After that, a message with a code will appear on the laptop. This code should match the one that appears on the smartphone. If everything matches, then confirm this on both devices.

Further, a window appears with a message that the connection of the mobile phone to the computer via Bluetooth was successful. You can close the window and use the connection for your own purposes:

  • Transfer files.
  • Use PC to play music.
  • Use as a headset and so on.
How To Connect Iphone To Tv Via Bluetooth

To do this, right-click on the Bluetooth icon (in the PC system tray) and select “Show devices”.

In the window that opens, find your phone. Right-click on it and select “Management”. A window will open in which you can control the connection and select its functions.

Transferring files from one device to another via Bluetooth

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Hello! After upgrading to Windows 10, the “Management” item does not appear as in the picture http://bezprovodoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/56e853e6c0c496eae54c5be6-2
I installed the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. In the properties, it indicates that the phone supports these functions.
Can I fix this somehow? Thanks!

Hello. Did the pairing devices go through? But, while the dialog for managing the connection does not start, right? I can assume that the problem is in Windows 10. Here is such a moment, drivers with Windows 7 will not work in Windows 10. Therefore, you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop, find your computer model and download the necessary drivers, but which were optimized for work Windows 10. If there are none on the site, then your PC is simply not designed for Windows 10. In this case, just roll back the system to the previous version of Windows. In general, from experience I’ll say that a dozen is a raw product that will be finished for another year. I recommend that you wait a year and only then update the system, and only if there is support from the manufacturer of your laptop. For example, I have DV6 and HP does not release drivers for Windows 10, so I can’t upgrade, although Microsoft constantly offers to do this and says that the computer is suitable for Windows 10. Nobody wants to write drivers. Therefore, if Microsoft offers you to upgrade, it does not mean that the computer will work normally. Check on the official website of the laptop manufacturer if there are drivers for it under WIndows 10.

Hello. The problem is the same. All connections have passed. Connection codes are the same, connections are established, icons are active. Sending a file from the phone to the laptop does not work, it shows that the file was not sent. Notebook HP DV7 Windows 7. Even the antivirus was turned off (when the antivirus is turned on, the Internet via Wi-Fi from the laptop to the phone is not distributed). I dumped files from phone to phone. It seems that the computer does not let.

the “Management” item as in the picture is also missing.