How to Connect Iphone to Computer Through iTunes

iTunes is the program that all users of Apple devices need. With it, you can downloads, music, photos, books, and other files to your device. ITunes is also used to sync, backup and restore Apple mobile devices.

In general, iTunes is needed in a variety of situations, so it is very important to be able to use it. In this article, we will talk about how to connect iPhone to iTunes on a computer running Windows.

Step # 1. Find the cable.

In order to connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, you need a cable. If you have an iPhone 5 or a more modern iPhone model, then you need a cable with a Lightning connector. This cable is shown in the picture below.

How to Connect Iphone to Computer Through iTunes

If you have an older model (for example, iPhone 4s or older), then you need a cable with a wide 30 pin connector.

One way or another, you should have the right cable, because you use it to charge the iPhone. Just unplug it from the charger and you can use it to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Step number 2. Connect the iPhone to the computer.

Once you find the cable you need, use it to connect your iPhone to your computer. To do this, just plug one end of the cable into the iPhone and the other into the computer.

After connecting, you should hear a beep informing you that the computer has detected a new device. Also, the first time you connect to a computer, a message should appear on the iPhone screen asking you to confirm the reliability of this computer.

If such a message appears, then click on the “Trust” button.

Step number 3. Launch iTunes.

After connecting your iPhone to your computer, you can start iTunes. To do this, use the shortcut on the desktop or in the Start menu. If you can’t find the shortcut, just open the Start menu, enter “iTunes” in the search and the computer will offer you the application you need. If the search does not find anything, then maybe iTunes is not yet installed. In this case, go to the Apple website, download iTunes there and install on your computer. You can read more about installing iTunes on your computer in this article.

After starting iTunes. you’re done. You have connected your iPhone to iTunes on your computer and now using this program you can control your iPhone.

Additionally. Set up your iTunes connection via Wi-Fi.

In the future, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes via Wi-Fi. In order to get this opportunity, you need to connect the iPhone via cable, launch iTunes and click on the device button, which is located in the upper left corner of the window.

After that, you need to enable the “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi” and apply the settings.

After that, your iPhone will connect to iTunes via Wi-Fi. It should be noted that this function only works when the iPhone is charging and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer.