How to Connect Iphone Phone to Lg TV

Need to bring your favorite movie, YouTube, or other content from an Apple smartphone to your LG TV? Not a problem! For this, there are as many as 6 tried and tested techniques. But before you connect the iPhone to the LG TV, you need to decide on the model of technology and the purpose of synchronizing 2 devices: watching online or from the device’s memory. After that, you can begin to choose the best way to connect the phone to the TV-panel.

How to Connect Iphone Phone to Lg TV

Wi-Fi connection

For whom is this method suitable? For owners of LG TVs with Smart TVs (like the 43UK6200PLA here). To connect the iPhone to the TV, you need a Wi-Fi module, which both devices have.

What remains to be done by the user:

  1. Go to the official LG web-resource, go to the “Support” section and select the item with firmware and software.
  2. Find and install a special program in the TV-panel for quick and easy access to multimedia content. Smart Share.
  3. Now it’s the turn of the iPhone (as an option, XS Space Gray). You need to go to the App Store, find and download the program “Tvonki Bim” or “Aymedia Sher”.

And now more about working with these programs:

Tip: You can use the similar utilities TV Assist, Belkin MediaPlay, which are also available for free and available for download on the App Store.

HDMI connection

You can use the wired method and connect the iPhone (for example, XR Black) to the TV using the High Definition Multimedia Interface. Many LG TVs have at least 1 such connector. It is easiest to find by reading the instructions for the technique.

But what to do with the Apple smartphone, in which there is no such port? You will need an adapter that combines the two devices.

For apple smartphones:

Then everything is simple: connect the adapter to the phone’s Lightning connector, the other side. to the TV. Settings are made automatically.

Tip: If you cannot synchronize the devices, you need to select HDMI as the signal source in the TV menu.

USB cable connection

There is simply no place: one end of the cord to connect to the iPhone, the other. to the connector on the LG TV, like 32LM6300PLA. Manual settings are not needed. The process of displaying images on a large screen is carried out automatically.

A plus of the method is that the phone not only transfers and other content to TV, but also recharges from a television device.

Minus. online broadcasting is not possible. An iPhone, such as the 11 Pro, acts as a USB drive and displays only the files stored on the phone on the TV panel screen.

Analog cable. connect via AV

An option for those who have a TV device without High Definition Multimedia Interface. In this case, the will be transmitted to the composite input. To use an analog cable, the Apple Composite AV Cable is useful.

To connect your iPhone XR White or another to your LG TV, you will need one of 3 options:

USB AV. suitable for Apple smartphones 3G / 3GS / 4, inserted into the RCA jack on the TV (“tulips” have different shades so that there is no confusion when connecting);
Apple component audio / cable AV HDTV. needed for mobi devices 4 / 4S;

VGA is needed to synchronize the TV and smartphone on iOS, starting with the 5th series. separately output the audio cable for acoustics or through the lightning connector.

Additional settings for connecting LG and Apple devices are not needed.

Apple tv

This is a smart console with a remote control. Using Apple TV, you can stream multimedia content from the Internet, iTunes, or smartphone memory to your TV screen.

How to connect a set-top box, a smart and a television device to watch on a large screen? The connection process takes place via the HDMI or Wi-Fi port. To begin the process of synchronizing devices you need to stock up:

  • Apple technology (set-top box such as MP7P2RS / A and smartphone);
  • LG TV with HDMI
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface cable
  • provide Internet access.

Before starting a gadget connection, it is worth updating the OS on Apple technology to avoid connection errors. All is ready? Then you can start.

To connect Apple TV to the TV-panel you need:

  1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the set-top box, the other end to the TV connector.
  2. Connect Apple TV to a wall outlet.
  3. Using the remote control / smartphone, select HDMI as the signal source in the TV menu.

Next, it’s up to setting up the set-top box, and this can be done in 2 ways (more details in the table):