How to connect iPad to a computer via USB

How to connect iPad to a computer. Instruction

As a rule, conjugation is performed for one of several main reasons:

  • For primary setting.
  • To install an application or game.
  • To download multimedia files.
  • In order to recharge iPad.

Today we will not consider the last reason for connecting. Since perform a special conjugation of two devices, when you just need to recharge the tablet, you do not need. It is enough to simply connect the devices with a complete cable, after which the iPad charging will begin.

The new Apple iPad owners are much more complicated, who want to connect the gadget to the computer in order to throw a multimedia file or install the program. The iOS operating system, which is used on aupad, has a number of restrictions that do not allow the beginner to immediately understand what’s what. Therefore, we propose to familiarize ourselves with detailed instructions, where all the actions necessary for performing are described step by step.

As soon as you can connect the iPad to the computer, the need for third.Party help will disappear. The operation is performed quickly enough, but first you need to choose the most suitable way of mating. Today we will consider 3 such options:

The first method provides for the use of a complete cable, and the rest allow you to connect the tablet to PC without any wires. Check out each of the proposed methods of conjugation to choose the most suitable for you.

IPAD connection cable to a computer

In order to connect the computer and any iPad tablet (no matter large or small) you will need a USB cable, such a cable is always in the standard set of tablet, if the cable breaks, then when buying, check with the MFI base.

One side of the cable is inserted into a computer or laptop, the USB standard is still used in all cables for iPad. But the other side of the cable can be two standards, depending on the model of the tablet:

Connect up to the iPad with the iPad with the ipad with a 30-pin plug. The newer Lightning plugs in this regard is a little more convenient, they can be connected by any side.

Ipad, like the second display for Mac: how to turn on and which Mac and iPad are supported

With the release of the iPados 13 and MacOS Catalina, the SIDECAR function has appeared, which allows the use of the iPad as a second display without installing additional applications on Mac computers.

This function interacts perfectly with Apple Pencil, so the iPad can also become a graphic tablet for your Mac. On the iPad you can display the controls of the Touch Bar control for Mac, which did not receive this built.In sensory panel.

What OS support SIDECAR

To use the SIDECAR function, iPados 13 (or newer) and MacOS Catalina (or new) is necessary.

What MAC support Sidecar function

  • 27-inch IMAC (end of 2015 or newer);
  • IMAC Pro;
  • Macbook Pro (2016 or newer);
  • Macbook Air (2018);
  • 12-inch MacBook (early 2016 or newer);
  • Mac mini (2018 and newer);
  • Mac Pro (2019).

It is very strange that there is no previous Mac Pro in this list. Despite all the power that this decision offers, it somehow turned out to be incompatible with Sidecar.

What iPad are supported by Sidecar function

Fortunately, all the iPad are supported on which you can install iOS 13 and newer.

How to add SIDECAR support for old Mac

Even if your Mac is not included in the list of supported computers, do not be upset. The developer of the Troton Smitted published a bypass that can make the Sidecar function work even on unsupported devices. However, no one can give guarantees of this.

Defaults Write COM.Apple.Sidecar.Display Allowalldevices.Bool Yes

How to use iPad as a second display for Mac

The SIDECAR function works both in the air (Bluetooth) and through the charging cable. Naturally, in the second case, the connection will be more stable and with minimal delays.

In order to activate the SIDECAR function, click the control point in the MacOS line.

Select the Sidecar icon in the display of the control point.

In the window that appears, select the identified iPad.

The same action is available from the Sidecar section in the “system settings” MacOS.

In addition, there are some useful parameters of the functions that allow you to move the side panel left or right and display TouchBar from the bottom or at the top, as well as turn on or disable the function of the double.Touch Apple Pencil.

connect, ipad, computer

In older versions of MacOS, to turn on Sidecar, click the AirPlay icon and select the IPAD that has determined.

After performing the above actions, the iPad screen will be displayed by the MacOS integration.

If you need to display any application in full-screen, enter the cursor to the green button at the edge of the application window on the MacOS and select the option to move it to the iPad.

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When using Sidecar, you can switch to work with apps for iPad. This will suspend, but will not close the sidecar session. To return to Sidecar, use the corresponding icon in the iPad Dock panel.

Sidecar side menu on iPad

After activating the iPad as a second display for Mac, frequently used control elements will appear on the side menu on the iPad screen.

Scrolling gestures and other actions

When using the Sidecar mode on the tablet, you can use various gestures.

  • Scrolling: Bell with two fingers.
  • Copy: Make three fingers.
  • Cut: bring three fingers twice.
  • Insert: Dilute three fingers.
  • Cancel: brush through three fingers to the left or twice touch with three fingers.
  • Repeat: Bell right with three fingers.

If iTunes does not recognize iPad

What to do if the tablet is not displayed in the list of devices in the iTunes application?

  • This often happens after its update.
  • To get started, just try to reboot the computer, after turning off the iPad.
  • You can also reload the tablet. If this did not help, you should make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on the computer and all the necessary updates.
  • The second thing to check. Does the home laptop or PC recognize the tablet as a trusted one (the corresponding button can be pressed when the first connection).
  • If the inscription on obtaining access to the new device continues to appear regularly, you can also try to reset the LockDown folder.
  • The cause of this situation may be a malfunction of the USB cable. It should be carefully checked for damage and so on.
  • If there is another cable, then with it you can check whether it will recognize the device.

How to Connect IPad Pro with Your Windows PC for Blender and Any other Graphics Application

Sometimes the complete removal of all components and re.Installation of iTunes helps.

Real mobile expert! Writes in simple and understandable language useful articles and instructions of mobile topics, gives the right and left the smallest advice to the right and left. Following the section “Articles and Lifehaki”.

Connection via Wi-Fi

To synchronize by Wi-Fi, you also need to connect the iPad to the computer using a cable that came with the device when buying a device. Click the left mouse key on the name of the tablet. Go to the “Review” section and put a checkplace opposite the “Synchronize this iPad via Wi-Fi”. Click “Apply” at the bottom of the program window. After that, you can turn off the cable from the computer. If the setting was successful, your iPad will be displayed in the “Devices” section.

To synchronize Wi-Fi, it is necessary that the tablet uses the same access point as the computer. To complete the copy of the files in the device menu, use the “Synchronize” or “Apply” buttons buttons. After the primary configuration of Wi-Fi synchronization, re-connection of the iPad to the computer is not required using a cable-iTunes will automatically determine the tablet connected to the access point. If it is impossible to perform a wireless connection, try to restart the program, device and Wi-Fi router, and then repeat the synchronization setting.

Using a wire or wireless connection in iTunes, you can synchronize programs, audio files, books, contacts, calendar notes, films, photos and various documents. To start copying, move the necessary files to the program window, and then go to the control section of the device contents, mark the ticks copied documents and click the “Synchronize” button. After copying, you can turn off the iPad from the computer and start viewing or listening to available files.

How to connect iPad to a computer. 4 ways and 5 reasons why there is no connection

Ipad is a multifunctional tablet on which thousands of home and work files can be stored. The easiest way to transfer them to a computer is to connect devices to each other. How to do this, what problems can appear during synchronization and ways to solve them. In the article.

How to connect iPad to a computer

There are 4 methods, how can this be done. Each has its own characteristics that will simplify life in one case or another. For example, the USB connection is the most stable, Wi-Fi can easily circulate the devices even on different floors, and for Bluetooth you do not need to carry out the usual manipulations familiar to the “apple trees”.

Details about each of the methods are described below.

The simplest method of Connect of two gadgets, which additionally allows you to recall the tablet during data transfer.This type of connection is a mandatory step in the first connector through Wi-Fi.

Necessary cables

To connect the iPad via USB, you need an original Apple cord through which you can connect it to the computer.

Its type depends on the connectors of the gadgets:

  • To the iPad Pro (11-inch) and iPad Pro (3rd generation) is suitable for USB-C.
  • For models released from 2014 to 2018, and simple iPad 2019 need Lightning. USB cord. USB.
  • For senior tablets (released until 2014), you need a cable with a 30 contact connector.

You may also need such cords and adapters that are not in the basic configuration:

connect, ipad, computer
  • USB-C-Lightning is needed for the iPad Pro Connect to Apple devices, which have all nests, except Lighting.
  • USB-C-USB adapter will come in handy with the Connect of the latest iPad Pro models from PC from other brands.
  • USB-C-AV or USB-C-VGA-in case of connection to old computers.

How to work with files

You can familiarize yourself with the documents in Windows through the built.In conductor. In MacOS. With through finder or iTunes. You can only change files in the iTunes program.

Connection algorithm

Connecting iPad to a computer via USB is quite simple. Here are what actions are needed for this:

  • Connect PC and iPad via cable.
  • Find the connected tablet and choose by going into its file system.
  • Go to the Internet Storage folder and DCIM sub.Button (it is here that all the content is located).
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Important: working through iTunes, it will be possible to move through the file system, copy and delete. If there is no way to download this application, you can only view files without the ability to change or download.

This connection of the iPad to the computer allows you to skid both gadgets, even if they are in neighboring rooms. They “see” each other through a joint network created by the router.

Important: the first connection should pass through USB using iTunes. This program will need to synchronize the technique. Next, everything will be held in a wireless way. The exception is systems with OS (operating room) of Catalina or younger. There you can use the built.In Finder.

IPAD and PC synchronization via Finder

To connect via Finder, you need to carry out the following actions:

  • Open Finder and connect to PC iPad.The tablet will be displayed on the side of the window.
  • Click on the desired iPad on the side panel.
  • Confirm the confidence of the device.
  • Choose a type of data for work. For the Connect, you need to click on the “synchronize”.
  • Set the flag near the synchronized objects.
  • Confirm new settings.

After configuring Finder, you need to additionally allow wireless synchronization.

  • Connect the tablet to PC with via USB, open Finder and select the desired gadget.
  • Click on “Show it if it is connected to Wi-Fi”.
  • Confirm.

Synchronization through iTunes

For Mojave OS and earlier versions, the Connect algorithm is next

  • Connect iPad to a computer via USB.
  • Open iTunes and click on the ipad icon on the left.
  • Go to the “Review” menu, find “parameters” and select “IPAD Synchronization by Wi-Fi”.

Then you need to have a working Wi-Fi on PC and iPad. Connecting to one network, the equipment will be synchronized automatically.


For this type of connection, you will need a Bluetooth adapter in a computer. In this case, no cables need.

Modem mode

Connect algorithm practically does not differ from the connection by Wi-Fi. The only difference here is that the gadget distributing the Internet will be the tablet itself.

Important: this connection option is available only in iPad models, where you can insert a working simka. Such plates are designated as Wi-Ficellular. The gadgets will not be able to replace the iPhone, since you can’t call through them, but you can sow on the network via mobile Internet.

Click on the “modem mode” and start the shering of the Internet. It can go through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. After that, the iPad should be scheduled for PC in one way:

  • By Wi-Fi-it is enough to actively act with PC to the network by entering the created password.
  • When synchronization via Bluetooth, the actions described by the point above should be carried out.
  • The USB connection option will be relevant if the PC does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module.

ITUNES launch and configure

Most methods for full synchronization need to install iTunes. The application will also come to the rescue when you need to send data on the iPhone or to another apple ecosystem technique.

The procedure is as follows:

Content synchronization with Mac on iPhone or iPad on Wi-Fi network

You can synchronize the Mac and the device when they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To configure Synchronization by Wi-Fi, first connect the device to the Mac via USB or USB-C cable. Then turn on Wi-Fi synchronization and select its settings. When the device is connected to the MAC on the Wi-Fi network, you can choose it in the side menu and synchronize it. (If desired, you can enable automatic synchronization.) The device should operate under the control of iOS 5 or newer or iPados 13 or new.

Connect the Mac device via USB or USB-C cable.

In Finder on Mac, select the device in the side menu Finder.

If the device is connected to the Mac by means of a USB cable, but it is not displayed in the side menu Finder, see. Section if the device is not displayed in the side menu.

Install the “show this [iPhone, iPad or iPod] checkbox if it is connected to Wi.Fi”.

Using the buttons panel, turn on and select synchronization settings.

When the device is connected to the Mac, the icon of this device is displayed in the side menu. Select the device in the side menu Finder to view or change the synchronization parameters.

Important! If the device is not displayed in the side menu, select the Finder menu “Settings”, then install the “CDs, DVD and iOS Devices” checkbox.

You can configure the automatic synchronization of the Mac and the device for each connection to each other. Turning on and off automatic synchronization on Mac.

Before disconnecting the device from Mac, press the extraction button in the side menu Finder. The device icon will disappear, but Wi-Fi synchronization will remain included. The icon will appear again the next time when the Mac and the device will be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

Note. To restore the iPhone or iPad and return their factory settings, you need to connect the device to the MAC via USB or USB-C cable.

Wi-Fi synchronization is slower than a cable. If during the synchronization of Wi-Fi you connect the device to the Mac using a cable, then the synchronization will continue through the cable. If during synchronization you turn off the device from the Mac, then the synchronization will stop, even if the Wi-Fi synchronization is enabled. Synchronization will resume the next time the devices are connected through the cable or by Wi-Fi.

What you need to connect

First of all, we will need, in fact, a USB cable from the delivery kit.

One side is placed in the corresponding connector of PC or laptop, and the other in the tablet itself.

Depending on the model of the gadget, the delivery kit may include Lightning or 30-Pin cable (found in the first three models of iOS planes).

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The first species is more convenient in that its plug can be connected by any side. As for 30-pin, such cables have labeling.

The second thing you need to connect is the iTunes application on the home computer. You can download it completely free from the official website. Installing such an application is also very easy.

Note that ITUNES already has the entire set of necessary drivers for iOS devices that will be installed simultaneously with the program.

It should be borne in mind that the operating system is mandatory when installing the application must coincide. After installation, it will be necessary to configure synchronization parameters.

Joining via USB cable or charger cable

The USB cable not only charges the device, but also helps the computer or Mac detect, read or recognize the iPad. If synchronization occurs correctly, the user will see the tablet as a data storage device. To ensure the correct connection, you should follow the instructions:

  • Use the cable attached to the device for charging. Connect a USB-connector to the port on PC or Mac, and the other end to the iPad.
  • If the first connection of the tablet is made to the computer, there will be a message with the question of whether it is possible to trust this computer or not. Press “trust”. Next, the computer recognizes the new device.

Connection via a Wi-Fi network

It is necessary to first turn on the wireless connection of Wi-Fi on both devices, and then perform the following steps:

  • When the tablet appears in the list of devices, click on it.
  • On the “Summary” tab, install the “synchronize with this iPad via Wi-Fi” checkbox.
  • Press “apply”. Wait for the completion of synchronization.
  • Press “ready”.
connect, ipad, computer

Connection via Bluetooth (supports only Mac)

This is a unique way to connect the Apple tablet to the Mac computer because it is not available for Windows computers. To use this method, you need to perform the following actions:

  • On the iPad, open the “settings” and click on the “Bluetooth” switch.
  • Open Apple Mac menu and go to “System settings”. In the window find the parameter “Bluetooth”. Turn on Bluetooth if it is not turned on.
  • In search of devices, find the right one and click on the Mac “couple”. Click “Connect” on the iPad if a message appears.
  • Enter the Code to complete the conjugation.

Easeus mobimover

It will be useful to get acquainted with universal software for free data transfer with iPad and iPhone, which supports free connection of Apple devices to a computer running Windows. And the most interesting is that you can take full control over the data of the tablet.

Using this tool, you can connect the iPad to the computer only via a USB cable. The utility can be used to simultaneously transfer all data from the tablet to PC, including contacts, messages, photographs, music, videos, books, notes.

(Updated)How to Transfer Files From PC to iPhone. Ipad. Ipod (Without iTunes. Without Program)!

To join in this way, you need to take such steps:

  • Connect the iPad to a computer using a USB cable. Launch Easeus Mobimover Free on PC and select IDEVICE to PC on the main screen. This mode will help export data on PC. If Mac is used, you need to select Easeus Mobimover Free for Mac.
  • Mobimover allows you to transfer all data at the same time at high speed. But you can also choose contacts, messages, notes, photos, videos or audio separately.
  • Go to the upper right corner and click the folder icon to change the destination by the default for exported files. If you do not install it yourself, the application will upload data to the folder on the desktop.
  • Click “Transfer” to start moving files from iPad to a computer. It is important not to disconnect the tablet during the transfer. When the process ends, you can press View to check the elements on PC.

Over, Mobimover allows you to transfer files in the opposite direction: from PC to iPad via USB without iTunes.

Elimination of iTunes problems for Mac

If the Mac cannot recognize the device on iOS or iPados, the following should be done:

  • Check the USB connection, inspect the cable connector for the presence of dust, try using another USB port and other cable.
  • Make sure you pressed the “trust” button on iOS when connecting to the Mac computer (Trust this computer dialog box).
  • Reload your iOS device.
  • Reload the Mac.
  • Check the availability of software updates on Mac. For example, you need to update the operating system to MacOS Catalina or install a local update so that the MAC connects to the iPhone on iOS 13. If necessary, you will see the corresponding message on the computer screen.
  • If you have an antivirus installed for Mac, turn it off during the connection. This may be the reason that the Macnook computer does not see the iPhone via USB.

Finally, check if your iPhone, iPad or iPod is determined on Mac. To do this, click on the apple in the upper menu and open the point “About this Mac”.

In the “hardware” section, open the USB section and your iPhone, iPod or iPad should be displayed on the right side of the window.

If your device is not displayed, it remains only to contact Apple’s technical support or service.

We hope that this leadership helped you solve problems with the iPhone, iPad or iPod display in iTunes. If you have questions, ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help.

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