How To Connect Internet Channels To A Tv

Modern technologies are developing more rapidly and rapidly. And it so happened that a TV familiar to everyone since childhood is already capable of not only showing us on-air channels, but also performing many other functions. By their architecture, modern TVs can be compared with computers (processor, memory, etc.). Today’s technology allows you to create a single entertainment center at home, where there will be films, music, games, photos, news, on-air and digital television. And the central role in this system is given to the TV. But to use the capabilities of a modern TV to the maximum, it will be necessary to connect the Internet, a home computer, a hard drive, various media players, a sound system and the like to it.
Today we will not consider all the possibilities of switching, but we will stop at how to connect a tv to the internet. As an example, consider connecting a Samsung TV UE-40D5520 2011 model year. It is fair to say that the connection options will be the same for TV models of other manufacturers, but the settings menu itself may slightly vary. In any case, if you understand the essence, then you can easily figure out the connection yourself, without paying for the services of third-party specialists.

How to connect a TV to the Internet

There are only two connection options. either a wireless network connection or a cable network connection. Let’s start with the simplest and at the same time the most reliable. cable connection.

Cable network connection

In order to connect samsung tv to internet using a cable, there are two main ways.
The first method (very simple)
a) There is a separate cable for connecting to the Internet in your apartment. In this case, it will be enough to connect it to the LAN connector on the back of the TV.

b) Your apartment has a special outlet, to which an Internet cable is connected.

In this case, you need an Internet cable with RJ45 connectors to connect the outlet and the TV. The correct name for this cable is RJ45 patch cord.

When you connect your devices, this way you get your home LAN with all its advantages. If you take a bunch of computer TV, then you still have the opportunity to configure them using the DLNA protocol. As a result, you will get access to files (movies, music, photos, IPTV) on the computer from your TV. Routers are wired and combined (wired Wi-Fi interfaces). When buying a router, be sure to consult with the seller so that the characteristics of the router meet your needs. The most common routers for home use are D-Link and Asus.

How To Connect Internet Channels To A Tv

Wireless network connection

Connect Samsung TV to the Internet Using a wireless connection is even easier than a cable. But with the settings, the fuss will be a little more. This is primarily due to the security of the radio channel through which the signal will be transmitted. To connect, you need a familiar Wi-Fi router and a wireless network adapter for the TV. Please note that some TV models already have a built-in adapter, and some do not have the ability to connect an adapter at all. So be careful when choosing how to connect your TV to the Internet.

That’s all the wireless connection with all the ensuing pros and cons. Of the pros, it can be noted the ease of connection and the absence of extra wires, and of the minuses. the ability to slow down some films in HD quality.
Well that’s all. I hope you have already decided on the method of connecting the TV and connected everything. It remains only to configure our connection. As you can see, the question is, how to connect a tv to the internet It turned out to be not so difficult. But in order not to tire your eyes and not load the page of the site, we will consider the remaining step of setting up the connection in the second part of the article. Continuation is available on the link How to connect a TV to the Internet. Settings

If your TV does not have a built-in Wi-Fi module, but supports external connection, we advise you to pay attention to the Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless adapter.

Most of the connection problems described in the comments to the article are related to the lack of a router (access point, router). After connecting and configuring the router, the Internet will be available for all your devices. To connect smart TVs, you can consider these models