How to Connect Huayu Remote to TV

A universal remote control for all TVs and other devices can be called a great invention and a dream come true for owners of a large number of consumer electronics. For example, if the house has several televisions connected to a satellite receiver, an audio system, a DVD set-top box and other devices that can be controlled remotely, this device will be indispensable. The convenience of using universal remotes is that all the electronics in the house can be controlled from one control panel. In this case, there will be no confusion when searching for the desired PU to turn on or off any device. But no matter how good the universal remote control should be, it must first be set up, since without this procedure this device cannot be applied to either the TV or other units.

Purpose of the universal remote control

Any universal remote control in appearance and device is similar to the native remote control of a TV, receiver and other devices with remote control. Inside there are:

  • a transmitter that creates a signal;
  • motherboard. commands are sewn into it;
  • place for batteries;
  • IR diode transmitting a signal;
  • keys for entering user commands.

Principle of operation following. Universal models have integrated commands for a large number of devices in the chip. By clicking on the buttons, the user sets a command that passes from the microcircuit through the transmitter and enters the LED. The LED transmits the given signal to the receiver of a TV or other equipment.

How to Connect Huayu Remote to TV

Despite the obvious ease of use, universal remote controls were not without drawbacks.

  1. Workmanship is quite mediocre.
  2. Ergonomics and service life are significantly lower than branded ones.
  3. The universal remote control after binding may not perform a full range of functions, as a rule, it is designed for general actions. switching channels, adjusting the volume, selecting a signal source, and more.
  4. If the connection is made to the technique of little-known brands, then the procedure may fail.
  5. Many universal remotes have a huge number of buttons. If the device is initially simple, then the extra keys can interfere and annoy, and the remote itself is impressive in size. However, the extra buttons have a plus. you can assign additional functions to them, as well as attach them to other devices. In this case, one universal remote control allows you to control the air conditioning, TV and smart set-top box.

It is worth noting that before buying you should make sure the compatibility of the remote control and the device to which it will be connected. Remote controls are often sold in blister packs, so if it doesn’t work, it won’t work in two weeks: the packaging is broken and the seller has the right to refuse.

How to configure

The universal remote control and the TV can be synchronized in two ways: automatically or in manual mode. The first option involves the automatic selection of the encoding that corresponds to a specific manufacturer, in the second case, the connection is carried out by enumeration of commands. The setup procedure for different models is similar, but there may be differences that are best clarified in the instructions.

Universal remote control with instructions

It was mentioned above that the tuning algorithm may differ for different manufacturers, but the general principle is quite similar. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Auto sync

Most universal remote controls have code auto-matching function. All you need to do is turn on the TV, point the remote at it and start the search with a special button. Further, it remains to wait until the TV turns off, or the sound volume begins to change. In this case, the process must be completed by pressing the same key again.

It’s easy to check that the correct code is selected. you need to check the operation of the main functions. If something does not work, then you need to re-search the code or go to the manual connection option.

Manual sync

Auto pairing is easy. However, this does not always give a result, or not all buttons work as they should. In this situation, you will need to connect manually. To do this, find device code in the instructions for the remote control, on the manufacturer’s website or simply on the forums. After that, pointing the remote control to the TV, the desired combination is entered. Often, for a single manufacturing company, a set of codes is indicated (for different models), so finding the right one can take time.

Important! Serious TV brands have information on connecting to universal remotes on the site, in addition, there you can find a list of certified remote controls that are guaranteed to fit the company’s devices.

Customization of popular models

Here are specific examples of setting up a universal remote control using popular products as an example.


To set up your Supra, the universal remote control for your TV, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the television and direct the remote control towards it. But in advance you should find on the Internet a code for the PU corresponding to your TV model.
  2. Next, press the “Power” button and, holding it, enter the code for your television receiver. The button must be held until the indicator on the control panel flashes 2 times, after which it can be released. On this setting can be considered complete.
  3. Check the operation of all buttons on the device. If they do not work, repeat the second paragraph again, trying to enter another code found on the Internet.

Universal Supra Remote

It is also possible to automate the entire process of binding PU. This will require:

  • turn on the tv receiver;
  • send the remote control to the TV;
  • To put the pu into automatic search mode, press and hold the “power” button for 6 seconds. after this time the lamp on the pu should light up;
  • if the automatic control of the universal remote control is successful, an icon will appear on the TV screen indicating the volume level “volume”. after that the button can be released;
  • Check the performance of the configured pu.


HUAYU UPDU is the most common device for LCD and LED television receivers.

We can thank the manufacturers of this device, because they took care of the users so that they do not puzzle how to set up the remote control for the TV, and put on the back of the device brief instruction.

The instruction for the PU HUAYU reads as follows.

  1. It is required to press the SET key, indicated by the number 1 in the figure above. Without releasing this button, press POWER (2), after which the remote control enters the programming mode. This is confirmed by the constant glow of the indicator on the device.
  2. Pressing the VOL button searches for the desired command. The button should be pressed until the volume bar appears on the screen. When the button is pressed, the indicator will respond by changing the intensity of the glow.
  3. To exit HUAYU debugging mode, press the SET key, after which the LED will turn off.

This manual may also be useful in situations where you do not know how to connect the UNIMAK control unit.

Universal Remote UNIMAK


Old models of universal PU Beeline could only be configured on a TV set-top box, and they did not have buttons “Setup ”. Also that PU had complex settings. But in new models, this key is present, and now it’s very easy to set up the remote control. In addition, it can be used for various devices. At first glance, this is not a very large remote, on which many keys are located.

Binding Beeline remote control to Cisco TV box happens as follows:

  • First of all, you need to turn on the telly;
  • then the stb key is pressed and released;
  • at the same time, the setup and c buttons located on the pb beeline are pressed, after which you need to wait a bit for the stb key to be displayed;

Universal Beeline Remote

  • waiting for the stb button to flash twice, the setup and c keys can be released;
  • To check the correct binding, you can press the volume key.

To bind to the Motorola set-top box, in step No. 3, on the Beeline UPDU, the SETUP and B keys are pressed. Accordingly, the Tatung TV set-top box is attached by pressing the SETUP and A buttons on the Beeline control unit.

In conclusion, we can say that there is no universal way to bind UPDU. In each case, there are nuances of binding the device to various devices. But sometimes there are similarities in the ways of connecting the PU, which can be used by reading these recommendations. If your remote does not work, and you want to pick up a new model, pay attention to the universal device. Its higher cost will pay off with significant ease of use.