How to connect Honor wireless headphones to the phone

Connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to Android phone

Wireless headphones began to appear more and more often in articles on our blog. And today I will show how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to the phone under the control of the Android operating system on the example of Xiaomi. Although the instructions, and then the owners of any smartphones can listen to music. The algorithm of actions is identical for Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Redmi and others. Despite the difference in the characteristics of various models True Wireless (TWS) of the liners with the set and microphone, they are all connected to Android and iPhone according to the same principle. Therefore, this manual will also be universal for all types of “Headset”, whether it be pathos JBL, Marshall Major, Sony, Samsung, Apple Airpods or the inexpensive Ifans i9s, i10, I11, I12 or Elari Nanopods C aliExpress. But the settings for listening to music and calling calls on the phone via Bluetooth communication, depending on the modification, will differ, so for each of them we have made separate articles on the pages of the blog.

Before you start using, let’s see how to turn on wireless headphones at all. It’s about connecting a headset phone that works by TWS communication (True Wireless). This means that there are no wires between them at all. They are connected by Bluetooth 4 or 5.0 both between themselves and with the phone. At the same time, only one of them, leading. And the second works through the first, creating a stereo sound.

Therefore, when you took out the headphones out of the box, you need to start with the fact that you can turn it on and synchronize them with each other. In different models, this is done in one of two ways.

  • Manually is an obsolete type, in which you need to simultaneously click on functional buttons on each headphones. Then they will interconnect with each other, and then you can already connect them to the phone.
  • Automatically. This method is used on all wireless TWS headphones of the latest generations. The bottom line is that both modules are spaced from the plant, and as soon as you got them out of the case, they are immediately interconnected and are ready to work with a smartphone.

Which type is used in your model, you need to learn from the instructions that are included. But you can understand without it. If immediately after inclusion in them is a voice notification of the type “Pairing”, then they are already synchronized.

Honor headphones to Android phone

In order to use the Honor headset with all amenities, it is best to download AI Life mobile application on your phone? Available in the official android app store. This is a general control center for all Huawei and Honor devices registered in the same account. For example, I have already added my Huawei WS5200 router here. The application is on the Google Play Store, however, because of the well-known sanctions against the Chinese company, the latest version is located in the Huawei application store-Appgallery. It is on it that the link is encrypted in the QR code depicted in the instructions.

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Therefore, in order for your phone to have an actual program, it is best to open the QR codes scanner, consider it a camera and download the AI ​​Life application by link.

The very process of connecting Honor Earbuds Lite 2 to the smartphone is slightly different from many other models. There is no need to pull out the wireless headphones from the case. To include them and activate the mating regime, you need:

Features of the use of Honor Flypods headphones

Unlike other Chinese manufacturers of TWS headphones similar to AirPods, Honor has implemented their own set of functions in Flypods. Left and right headphones share the responsibilities of managing playing. For example, picking up the left and touching it quickly twice to its touch panel, you will be able to call a voice assistant.

And if you press the button on the right headphone once, you stop playing the track in the music player on the phone.

Click on the right Honor liner twice again if your number is currently calling for another subscriber. And you can talk to him without addressing the buttons on a mobile phone. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to change the purpose of the sensory buttons and establish our order to certain functions. But we can quickly get used to current functions and respond in time in certain situations.

There are other disadvantages on Honor Flypods. For example, we do not have the opportunity to accurately determine the level of charge on the headphones through the Bluetooth panel. This information is not displayed in the fast access panel. Only indicators indicate a critical or average level. Although we can fill this drawback with a mobile phone from Google Play. There is no branded program so far in the market, but you can independently find any other using a search line.

Possible connection problems

As you can see, it is very easy to install the connection, everything is done in just a minute of time. Air data transmission technologies are becoming more popular and easier to use.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices

Bluetooth accessories are easy to connect to devices with a wireless module. The gadget supports the creation of several conjugation, which allows you to listen to music on different devices. We will analyze the features of the connection methodology.

How to connect wireless headphones to PC

Before the hiring of the headset with the computer, the presence of a Bluetooth module on PC is checked. It is easier to find an element in the device manager. In the list, the technology is hidden called Bluetooth or icon with the letter b. They click on the icon twice, are convinced of the correctness of functioning.

The sequence of user actions when setting up the connection of headphones with PC:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on a computer. A wireless icon will appear in the lower right corner. If the tray is folded, then we recommend clicking on the arrow. The list will be displayed in the window.
  • The mouse click the symbol Bluetooth. The mode of adding devices is selected from the drop.Down menu.
  • Activate the headset. Hold the Power key for loading, then another 10 seconds. To turn on the wireless communication (the indicator blows).
  • PC is looking for conjugated devices. The name of the headphone model is found in the parameters window. For recognition to be faster, we recommend that you install drivers before the procedure (disk from configuration).
  • In the list of devices near the accessory is a mating mark.

If there is no sound after installing the headset, then it is worth it to manually double.Check the settings. Go to the Start menu, look for the control icon of the control panel. Open the configuration, twice click the mouse along the speaker icon. The window selects the “playback” tab in the window. Manually activate headphones in mode.

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How to connect to TV on Android

Smart TVs on Android OS support Bluetooth connection. Step.By.Step instructions for the user:

  • In the main menu, TV move to the section of wireless and wired networks.
  • Activate the module, include the search for devices.
  • Hold the Power key to “awaken” accessories. If you keep your finger on the button for 10 seconds, then Bluetooth will work.
  • In the list of devices found, the name of the headset model is chosen. Press “connect“.
  • The type of device is noted in the dropped menu. A checkmark is placed next to the headphones.

If the TV does not have a wireless module, then transmitters are used to conjure. The portable device is connected to TV using the Audio Cabel “Tulip”. Include the device and the headset, set the equipment in the search mode for new equipment. The radius of signal reception does not exceed 10 m from the receiver.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones on Honor

Honor mobile phones are also equipped with a popular Android OS. Therefore, the connection process will be similar to the previous.

To connect wireless headphones to the Honor smartphone:

  • Turn them on with a long click of the power button. But do not let go when you notice the first sign of the indicator. Hold the button until the indicator begins to flash blue and red flowers. Headphones can be postponed so far, we proceed to setting up the Honor smartphone;
  • You can open the Bluetooth settings from the quick access menu. Lower the “curtain” of Android and select this icon also long holding;

You can find out that the headset is connected by status under the name of the device in the list. If for some reason they do not get involved, maybe you did something wrong. Repeat the process on the phone again.

Huawei Freebuds and FreeLace headphones

To conjure and connect headphones, follow the following actions. If you can’t find headphones or connect them to the device, see. Section “Huawei headphones are not able to detect or connect them to the device”.

To obtain more detailed information about the association of headphones of another brand (not Huawei) with your phone or tablet for see. The section “Huawei phone or tablet cannot detect Bluetooth nashelds or Bluetooth-dynamic”.

  • The headphones automatically go into the conjugation mode at the first turning on, opening a charger or restoring factory settings.
  • Some Huawei headphones support the conjugation function when approaching the device, and some Freelace headphones support the Hipair function.

Connecting headphones to a phone or tablet

  • Put the headphones into a mating mode (for more detailed information cm. Information in table 1, table 2 and table 3 in the section with answers to frequently asked questions).
  • On the phone or tablet, go to the Bluetooth settings section and click on the headphones to install and connect the headphones to the device.

Connecting headphones to a computer

    Connection to a computer with Windows 10
  • Put the headphones into a mating mode (for more detailed information cm. Information in table 1, table 2 and table 3 in the section with answers to frequently asked questions).
  • In the lower left corner of the desktop, click on the Windows icon, and then on the settings icon.
  • Go to the Bluetooth or other device add.On. In the device adding device, select the Bluetooth option. The computer will automatically search for available Bluetooth devices.
  • Find the name of the headphones or columns on the computer and click on it. Wait for a message on the screen that the device is ready to work.
  • Put the headphones into a mating mode (for more detailed information cm. Information in table 1, table 2 and table 3 in the section with answers to frequently asked questions).
  • Press the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and open the system settings menu. In the displayed window, select Bluetooth. The computer will automatically search for available Bluetooth devices. After detection of headphones, select them and click on the option to connect.
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Huawei Honor Bluetooth Not Working Problem Solved || How to Fix Bluetooth Problem in Huawei Honor

Connecting headphones to the multimedia system of the car via Bluetooth or to other Bluetooth devices

  • Put the headphones into a mating mode (for more detailed information cm. Information in table 1, table 2 and table 3 in the section with answers to frequently asked questions).
  • Find the Bluetooth settings of the multimedia system of the car, search for the BluetOothuations and select the headphone name. To obtain more detailed information about the Bluetooth settings multimedia system of the car, contact the device supplier.
  • Freebuds Pro
  • Freebuds 4
  • Freebuds 3
  • Freebuds 4i

Place the headphones in the charging cover and leave the cover open. Press and hold the functional button on the charger case for 2 seconds until the indicator starts to flash.

Place the headphones in the charging cover and leave the cover open. Press and hold the functional button on the charger case for 2 seconds until the indicator starts to flash.

Place the headphones in the charging cover and leave the cover open. Press and hold the functional button on the charger case for 2 seconds until the indicator starts to flash.

Honor Choice True Wireless Earphones. Unboxing & Review

Click on the power button and hold it for 4-6 seconds until the indicator begins to flash white.

connect, honor, wireless, headphones

Press and hold the functional button for 2-4 seconds to enable headphones. Then the indicator will blink alternately red and blue.

When the headphones are turned on, click on the control button of the Bluetooth connection and hold it for 2 seconds, until the indicator starts flashing white.

Pros and cons of wireless headphones

The positive qualities of this type of device include:

  • Ease of use due to the absence of anticipating and broken wires;
  • Connection to a smartphone in 2 presses;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Audio signal transmission range 10 meters

The disadvantages include the fact that when playing sound, noise and interference may appear. It depends on whether there are physical obstacles between the phone and headphones: concrete walls, metal screens, user body.

connect, honor, wireless, headphones

What to do if Huawei headphones do not connect to the phone via Bluetooth?

Sometimes readers ask why Huawei wireless headphones do not see a smartphone and do not connect to it. Very often the reason is that they are already working with a different device. For example, you watched a film on a laptop through the garntur. A feature of the majority of Bluetooth headphones is that they automatically connect to the gadget to which were the last time. And in the absence of the function of the simultaneous operation of headphones with two devices, they will be associated with this very laptop (if Bluetooth is active on it) and will not be visible on the phone. To connect, it is necessary to transfer them to the mating mode. On Huawei Freebuds 4i and similar models for this need:

After that, they are disconnected from the previous device, found in the mobile operating system (Android Lee iOS), and it will be possible to re.Connect the smartphone to the Huawei headset

If this method does not help, then we recommend that you complete the full reset of the Huawei headset to factory settings.

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