How to connect headphones to your phone Samsung

Connecting headphones to the phone, possible problems

Headphones have become so popular in the lives of modern young people, and not only that it is simply impossible to imagine how they could do without them before. Phone headset allows you to easily and conveniently answer incoming calls without pulling out the device, and without interrupting your work. It is certainly convenient. your ears do not get tired from talking for hours, and we all know that girls sin with this, your hands do not get cold in the cold, and for drivers, this feature is invaluable.

The headphones also have another purpose, which is why they’ve become so attached to smartphones. They allow you to listen to music anywhere and anytime. The smartphone has long been more a player than a means of communication. The sound it gives good quality, always with the owner and quite autonomous.

How to properly configure?

Wireless headphones

Setting up the headset is as follows:

  • turn on the headphones;
  • turn on the option of data transfer via Bluetooth in the settings;
  • in the wireless connections section, click to search for an available headset;
  • Select the desired device in the list;
  • press the name of the headphones (this will make the connection);
  • enter necessary data when asked for code.

For ease of listening to music, you can disable the option to play sound during a call. In this case, the sound will not come to the built-in speakers of the device, but to the equipment connected to it. To listen to music tracks, it is important not to forget to turn on “Multimedia Sound.

Some models of this headset cannot support streaming media. To solve this problem you should just install appropriate software.

Step-by-step instructions for iPhone

Connection to the headphones of Apple gadgets is not very different. Turn them on first, then turn on Bluetooth in your phone’s settings. After that select your device in the list of found equipment and allow connection.

Most often, along with iPhone use Airpods, which allow you to use Siri remotely. In this case please first make sure that the software of your smartphone is new enough. For example, the Pro version of the gadget will only work with iOS version 13.2, 2nd generation will only connect to a device running iOS 12.2 and above.

The further sequence of actions is similar. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, place the case with headphones next to your smartphone and open it. The animation will appear on the screen, click “Connect. If you have the Pro-version, you will see the instruction. It’s easier with Gen 1 and Gen 2. If Siri is not set, then after connection the phone will offer to do it.

Do Airpods fit your Android smartphone?

When paired with your Android smartphone, Airpods are no different than a regular pair of wireless headphones. If you have Bluetooth on your phone, you can pair them with your Android headphones. But for more convenience, you may need different applications. For example, AirButton or Asistant Trigger can help you determine if you have headphones in your ear to automatically start streaming audio. Also, the software is able to determine the charge of the case and the “ears” themselves.

The following features will not be available to the user:

  • Siri;
  • Interruption of audio recording after the headphone is removed from the ear;
  • It is impossible to control the charge and energy consumption of the smartphone.

Connecting the Airpods headphones to your Android phone is easy. Also turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, then open the charging case cover. Press the button on the back of it and wait for the charge indicator to flash white. The headphones will appear in the list of available devices, connect to them.

Popular Questions and Answers

Although connecting wireless headphones to your phone is a simple task, there can be complications in the process.

For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appears in the list of available Bluetooth connections, but the connection does not happen. Or your gadget won’t appear on this list at all. There could be several reasons for this: 1. If you have turned on the headphones, but they do not appear in the list, try pressing the connection button again. If that doesn’t work, turn off your gadget and turn it on again. Then try turning off Bluetooth on your phone and turning it back on by manually searching for nearby devices. Also try to place the headphones as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection. 2. If the headphones are on the list but are not pairing, check: they may already be connected to another device nearby. If the connection is already established with another smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV, you will not be able to make a second connection. You must find that device and disable Bluetooth on it, then the connection will be broken and you will be able to connect to the other gadget. If you do not know what this device is, simply turn off the headphones, put them directly next to the phone with an active network and only then press the power button. The headset will then pair with the device which is closer to you. 3. Interference from other wireless devices may be the cause of the failure. Move them away and try again. 4. If the device is taking too long to connect and no results are available, tap its name in the list and select “Cancel Pairing” or “Disconnect. Then reboot your smartphone and try again.

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One Airpods earpiece is not working. 1. Try “resetting” the Airpods. To do this, find the Bluetooth option in Settings, in the list of available devices, click on the letter i next to the name of the headphones and select “Forget this device”. First, put the headphones in a closed case for a minute. Then first open the case, wait for the white light to appear, place the device with the cover open next to the smartphone and press the connect button on the iPhone screen. 2. The problem could be an old firmware. Try updating to the latest version. You can check which one you have in Settings. To do this, select in sequence: Basic. About this device. Headphone name. 3. Check the volume balance on your device in Audio settings. The slider may have moved to the left or right and the sound is simply not coming to one of the headphones. 4. If the devices are connected but there is no sound, clean the headphones. Use a microfiber and cotton swabs for this. 5. Try to connect headphones to another iPhone and if the problem persists, contact the service center. The battery in the headphones may have failed or the internal wire may be damaged. Only one headphone of any brand is plugged in. 1. Try to reconnect by first removing the device. 2. Clean the headphones. 3. Try plugging them into another gadget to see which device has the problem. 4. If the problem is with your phone, update the firmware or perform a factory reset.

The first thing you can do is check the settings for your device on your phone. To do this, click on the info icon next to the device name in the list of available and check that the “talk” and “music” profiles are active. 2. Reboot headphones and smartphone. Check the battery level. If there is sound, but it disappears and is interrupted, try to check the operation of the devices in another place. Strong electromagnetic radiation may be the cause of the problem. 3. If it doesn’t help, please roll back the phone to the original firmware or reset it to factory settings. this will help if you have lost sound after installing unreliable apps. 4. If the problem is mechanical: a faulty battery, damaged headphone PCB, for example due to water, you need to contact a service center.

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How to connect headphones to a Samsung phone

Wireless headphones. a small modern device that allows you to feel the freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. How to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.10.2021

MOSCOW, September 15. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones are a small modern device allowing you to experience freedom of movement and mobility everywhere you go. On how to connect wireless headphones to the phone via bluetooth, how headsets work for Android and Apple, and what the main problems encountered when connecting wireless headphones to smartphones via Bluetooth. in the RIA Novosti article.How wireless headphones work?Nowadays wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most convenient way to listen to music, transmit voice or watch videos with sound. First of all, due to the absence of unnecessary wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such headphones is to receive a signal “through the air”. Technologically, it works as follows:How to use the headphones?The operation of wireless headphones is given much easier than in the case of wired, but it is worth following a few rules:What is needed to connect?To connect a wireless headset requires a device for receiving sound and a smartphone.Phone requirementsListening to audio through wireless headphones suits any phone model, but with one condition. it must support Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was chosen). In order to be sure of this, still in the store you can ask the consultant to check the possibility of connection and to make adjustments to the devices.How to connect headphones to an Android phone?Before setting up your Android wireless headset, it’s important to make sure it’s charged, then refer to the manufacturer’s recommended connection diagram. This is usually standard on most devices.Turning on and preparing the headphonesSome models turn on automatically as soon as they are removed from the charging box. Once the device is in pairing mode with the phone, you can start listening to music.Connecting via BluetoothTo establish a connection, you need to follow a few steps:Connecting headphones via NFCTo connect via NFC for Android, only a few steps are required:Allow connection on the phoneIn order for devices to be able to connect, it is important not to forget to give consent to the connection of the headset.How to connect Airpods to AndroidAirPods are universal headphones that can even be connected to a laptop. In the case of the Android system, the setup process is almost no different from the iPhone:How to connect headphones to an iOS phone?The procedure for connecting wireless headphones to an iOS device is similar to that for Android.Turning on and preparing the headphonesDepending on the model of headset, you need to make sure that the device is charged and ready to use.Connecting via BluetoothTo establish a connection, you need to perform several actions:Features of setting up headphones of different brandsDespite the fact that different brands of headsets have the same principle of operation, the process of operation may have its own peculiarities.AirPodsThe headphones from the Apple brand can be controlled by gestures, which the user sets at his discretion. Also, the device is successfully activated by voice and double-tap, and mutes when one of the headphones is removed.JBLThe wireless headset of this brand also supports touch control. In addition, the case is equipped with a LED indicator that shows the charge level, no/no connection and on/off.TWS ѕSetting the headphones of this brand involves a similar procedure. But if, for example, the user wants to reset all settings, it is enough to hold the touch button for 30 seconds, waiting for the red-blue indicator to appear.XiaomiAirDots implies separate connection of each headphone, which can cause difficulties. To set up the headset, you must remove the headphones, reset the settings by holding the button on the box until the indicator light appears, then put the headphones back in and take them out again at the same time. If the correct procedure is followed, the device should be available for connection. It is recommended that you connect the right earphone first (in the phone’s Bluetooth section) and then the left earphone by pressing the button on it until a signal appears. Once the devices are synchronized, all the lights turn off.SamsungThe headset from “Samsung” supports automatic connection to the phone, so the setup is not different from Airpods.Possible problems and solutionsAlthough connecting wireless headphones is a fairly simple procedure, nevertheless there may be difficulties in setting up and synchronizing the devices.No connectionEven if the user has done everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “available devices” section of the phone. In this case, you need to do the following:Not finding the deviceThe reasons why the phone “does not see” the headset, there may be several:To establish a connection, you need to charge the gadget with the headphones, bring the headset closer to him and just in case, reboot both devices.Only one headphone worksSuch a problem often occurs if the headphones are not taken out of the box at the same time, and as a rule, is solved by the following simple actions:Sound is missingThe missing sound can be caused by:It is worth making sure that you have selected the option to receive audio signal through the headphones, remove new programs that may have caused problems with sound transmission, and restart both devices. If this does not help, contact User Support or send your gadget in for diagnostics.

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Connect wireless headphones to your phone instructions

Although convenient and comfortable to use, users may have difficulty with the first connection, so for convenience, it is worth reading the detailed instructions on how to activate the headset. We suggest that you use the step-by-step instructions below to connect your headphones via Bluetooth:

  • Make sure your headset and smartphone have enough battery power before you start using them. If necessary, charge the devices, otherwise they will not connect and communicate.
  • Turn on the headphones by activating the power button and connecting to the Bluetooth system. Usually there is a corresponding icon on this button.
  • In the phone, you must also activate the Bluetooth system with one of the possible options. Open the “connect devices” section in the main settings menu and select the desired item. Or use the taskbar at the top of the screen. Swipe from top to bottom to open the main tools, among which should be the Bluetooth icon, drag the slider to the active position to enable.
  • Then select a suitable device from the suggested list and sync with it, the system will automatically connect and remember the headset for a quick reactivation. Important prerequisites for fast and correct pairing are close proximity of the phone and headphones, battery charge and no extraneous devices connected to the channel via Bluetooth.
  • The headphones will transmit a great signal and sound that will come from the phone. The system will automatically remember the headset, so when you reconnect it will be enough to activate the power of the phone and headphones.

How to connect Dexp wireless headphones to your phone?

Modern headphones tend to imitate the advanced brands that have become popular around the world. Dexp headset is very similar to the Airpods used for Apple products. With this version, the connection method is almost the same as the classic headset version. To do this, you will need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Charge the phone and the case with Dexp to ensure proper communication between the devices.
  • Take the headphones out of the case and place them next to your phone to start interacting.
  • The main screen will display the main settings menu, in which you will need to activate the headset. Press the “connect” button and confirm your actions.
  • At the top of the main screen or in the settings menu, activate the Bluetooth option, then select the appropriate line from the list with the Dexp display.
  • Now turn on the music and adjust the volume. You will be able to listen to audio recordings through the headset if connected correctly.

According to the same algorithm you can try to connect Wireless.

How to connect the Chinese wireless headphones to the phone?

When using Chinese analogs there should be no problems in connection, the principle of operation is the same as in the original versions. However, in some cases you will need to go to the factory settings or reset all settings at all through the appropriate menu section. It is very important to perform this operation carefully as it may cause permanent deletion of all data from the device memory.

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How to connect the Redmi AirDots/Xiaomi Earbuds correctly?

It is very important to properly perform the first pairing of headphones with your phone, tablet, or other device. Since these are TWS headphones, and the right headphone is the main one, it is important to connect it.

In my case, only the right earphone was displayed in the list of available Bluetooth devices on the phone. But I have seen cases where people connected the left earphone to the phone, and then the AirDots were out of sync and only one earphone played, because the headphones are not paired. This problem is usually solved by resetting to factory settings (I showed you how to do this in the article below) and reconnecting.

  • Take both headphones out of the charging case. On both headphones LED should be actively flashing white for a few seconds. Then the light on the left earpiece should go out, and the light on the right earpiece should continue to blink slowly. This means that our AirDots are now paired.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on our phone, or other device. The headphones should appear in the list of available devices. Mine are called “Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R”. They may also be called “Redmi AirDots_R”. It is best to choose a device with “_R” in the name. This is the right earphone. I used the iPhone as an example. On Android devices, the connection process is exactly the same. You just have to select the headphone from the list of available devices.
  • The earbuds are plugged into the phone. You can use them.

How to disconnect or connect headphones to another device?

To disconnect AirDots/Earbuds headphones from your phone, you just need to put them in the case. They will automatically disconnect and start charging. As soon as you take them out of their case, they automatically connect to the device with which they were previously paired. You can also turn them off forcibly. You need to hold the button on each headphone for 5 seconds. And you can turn them off in the Bluetooth settings on the phone. About this I will tell in more detail.

If you want to connect the headphones to another device, such as a tablet, and they automatically connect to the phone and the other device no longer sees them, you must first either disconnect or remove the headphones on the device to which they are currently connected. You can do this in the Bluetooth settings on your Android smartphone, or on the iPhone.

On the iPhone, you just need to click on the (i) icon next to the headphones and select “Disconnect”, or “Forget this device” (won’t connect automatically in the future).

On Android, to disconnect the headphones you usually need to click on the headphones themselves in the settings and select “Disconnect”, or confirm the disconnection by pressing Ok. And to remove the headphones, you need to press (i) or the gear and select something like “Cancel pairing”. On different phones and Android versions the names of menu items can be slightly different.

After disconnecting/removing, the headphones will go into connection mode (white light blinks) and you can connect them to another device. Or reconnect to the same device.

Disconnecting the earpiece from the old device

One moment: if you plan to use headphones with this device in the future, you can not remove them (then you will have to reconnect them). and simply disable, or turn off Bluetooth on this device.

On all devices by opening the Bluetooth settings and then the properties of the connected headphones you can either disable or delete (forget) them. I will now show you how to do this on an Android smartphone, on an iPhone and on Windows 10.


Open the Bluetooth section in the settings. Find your headphones there, click on them (or on the button opposite) and select what you want to do “Delete” or “Disconnect”.


Go to settings and go to “Bluetooth”. Opposite the headphones, click on the (i) button. Select “Disconnect” or “Forget this device”.

Windows 10

Go to Start menu. Settings. Under “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” by tapping on the headphones two buttons will appear: “Disconnect” and “Delete device”.

If the disconnect/delete option doesn’t work, you can try resetting your headphones (TWS instructions). If you have regular Bluetooth headphones (like on the photo below). You may need to activate the connection mode on them.

Typically, to do this, you need to hold down the Bluetooth icon button for a few seconds, or the power button.

Connecting wireless headphones to your Samsung

The procedure itself for syncing the Galaxy Buds to your mobile device is very simple. To begin, you will simply need to press the power button on the device and activate the Bluetooth module on your phone. You can do this in the settings of the device, in the “Connected” section or by swiping the menu bar on the desktop and clicking on the service icon.

Next you need to open the Bluetooth settings, to do this, hold down the blue icon for a few seconds.

At this stage it can often be a problem with synchronization of devices. they simply will not appear in the list of active. Make sure your device is turned on, press “Search for active devices” on your smartphone. Your phone will update search results and your Galaxy Buds should show up. Press them. the devices are automatically synchronized.

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