How To Connect Hdd To Computer Via Usb


Sometimes it happens that a laptop or computer does not turn on, and information from its disk is needed for work. Well, or you have an old hard drive lying “idle” and which would be nice to make a portable external drive.

In this short article I want to dwell on special “adapters” that allow you to connect SATA drives to a regular USB port on a computer or laptop.

1) Only modern discs will be considered in the article. They all support the SATA interface.

2) “Adapter” for connecting a disk to a USB port. it is correctly called BOX (this is how it will be called in the article).

How to connect a laptop SATA HDD / SSD drive to USB (2.5 inch drive)

Drives from laptops are smaller than from PCs (2.5 inches, on PCs 3.5 inches). As a rule, BOX (translated as “box”) for them comes without an external power source with 2 ports for connecting to USB (the so-called “pigtail.” Connect a disk, preferably to two USB ports, despite the fact that it works it will be if you connect it to only one).

What to look for when buying:

1) The BOX itself can be with a plastic or metal case (you can choose any, because in the event of a fall, even if the case itself does not suffer, the disk will suffer. That means the case will not save in all cases.);

2) In addition, when choosing, pay attention to the connection interface: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 can provide completely different speeds. By the way, for example, BOX with support for USB 2.0 when copying (or reading) information. will allow you to work at a speed of no more

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3) And another important point is the thickness that BOX is designed for. The fact is that 2.5 laptop disks can have different thicknesses: 9.5 mm, 7 mm, etc. If you buy a BOX for the slim version, then you probably won’t be able to install a 9.5 mm thick disc in it!

BOX, usually disassembled quite quickly and easily. As a rule, 1-2 latches or a screw hold it. A typical BOX for connecting SATA drives to USB 2.0 is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Installing a drive in a BOX

How To Connect Hdd To Computer Via Usb

When assembled, such a BOX is no different from a conventional external hard drive. It is also convenient to carry and use for quick exchange of information. By the way, on such disks it is also convenient to store backup copies that are usually not needed, but in which case they can save a lot of nerve cells &# 128578;

Fig. 2. Assembled HDD is no different from a regular external drive

Connecting 3.5 drives (from a computer) to a USB port

These rims are slightly larger than 2.5 inch. USB power is not enough to connect them, so they come with an additional adapter. The principle of BOX’s choice and its work is similar to the first type (see above).

By the way, it is worth noting that you can usually connect a 2.5-inch drive to such a BOX (i.e. many of these models are universal).

Another point: manufacturers often do not make any boxes for such disks. that is, simply connect the disk to the cables and it works (which is logical in principle. such disks are hardly portable, which means the box itself is usually not required).

Fig. 3. “Adapter” for 3.5-inch disk

For users who do not need one hard drive connected to USB. there are special docking stations to which you can connect multiple hard drives at once.

Fig. 4. Dock for 2 HDD

This concludes the article. Good luck to everyone.