How To Connect Earphones From Iphone To Computer

In today’s article, we will consider in detail the process of connecting headphones (including with a microphone and speakers) to a computer and laptop. In general, everything is simple.

In general, this allows you to expand the ability to work on a computer. Well, of course, first of all you can listen to music and at the same time not to disturb anyone; Use Skype or play online. After all, a headset is much more convenient.

How to connect headphones and a microphone to a computer: we understand the connectors

All modern computers are almost always equipped with a sound card: either it is built into the motherboard, or it is a separate board. The only important thing is that on the panel of your PC (if it has a sound card) there should be several connectors for connecting a headphone and a microphone. For the former, green markings are usually used, for the latter, pink. The name “line output” is sometimes used. Often, above the connectors, in addition to color, there are also thematic pictures that will definitely help you navigate.

By the way, on computer headphones, the connectors are also marked in green and pink (usually so, but if you take the headset for the player, there are no marks there). But computer everything else has a long and high-quality wire that lasts much longer, well, and they are more convenient for long-term listening.

Then it remains only to connect a pair of connectors: green with green (or a green connector with a linear output on the system unit, plus pink with pink) and you can proceed to a more detailed software configuration of the device.

How To Connect Earphones From Iphone To Computer

By the way, on laptops, headphones are connected in the same way. Usually the connectors are carried out to the left, or from the side that looks at you (in front, sometimes called). Often, many are afraid of excessive rigidity: simply on laptops, for some reason, the connectors are tighter and some think that they are non-standard and you can’t connect headphones to this.

In fact, everything is just as easy to connect.

In the new laptop models, combined connectors (they are also called headset) for connecting a headset with a microphone began to appear. In appearance, it practically does not differ from the pink and green connectors that have already become familiar, except for the color. it is usually not marked in any way (just black or gray, to match the color of the case). A special icon is drawn next to such a connector (as in the picture below).

For more details, see the article:

Why no sound

After the headphones were connected to the connectors on the sound card of the computer, most often, the sound is already played in them and no additional settings need to be made.

However, sometimes there is no sound. This is where we dwell in more detail.

  1. The first thing you need is to check the functionality of the headset. Try connecting them to another device in the house: with a player, with a TV, stereo system, etc.
  2. Check if the drivers are installed on the sound card on your PC. If you have sound in the speakers, then everything is in order with the drivers. If not, first go to the device manager (to do this, open the control panel, and type in the “manager” in the search bar, see the screenshot below).
  3. Pay attention to the lines “Audio outputs and audio inputs”, as well as to “audio devices”. there should not be any red crosses or exclamation marks. If they are, reinstall the drivers.
  4. If everything is in order with the headphones and drivers, then most often the lack of sound is connected with the sound settings in Windows, which, by the way, can be set to a minimum! First, pay attention to the lower right corner: there is a speaker icon.
  5. It is also worth going to the control panel in the “sound” tab.
  6. Here you can see how the volume settings are set. If the sound settings are reduced to a minimum, add them.
  7. Also, by the running sound sliders (shown in green in the screenshot below), we can conclude whether the sound is played at all on the PC. As a rule, if all is well, the strip will constantly change in height.
  8. By the way, if you connected headphones with a microphone, it’s worth going to the “record” tab. The microphone operation is displayed there. See the picture below.

If you still have no sound after the settings, I recommend that you read the article on eliminating the reason that there is no sound on the computer.

Connect in parallel with speakers

It often happens that there is only one output on the computer for connecting speakers and headphones to the computer. Endlessly tugging him back and forth is not a pleasant experience. You can, of course, connect the speakers to this output, and the headphones directly to the speakers. but this is inconvenient or impossible when, for example, headphones with a microphone. (since the microphone needs to be connected to the back of the PC, and the headset to the speaker.)

The best option in this case is to connect with one line output. That is, speakers and headphones will be connected in parallel: the sound will be there and there at the same time. Simply, when the speakers are unnecessary. they can be easily turned off using the power button on their case. And the sound will always be, just if they are unnecessary. you can put them aside.

By the way, some system units have a front panel on which there are outputs for connecting headphones. If you have a block of this type, then you generally will not need any splitters.