How to connect Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi to the phone

Connecting wireless headphones to Xiaomi (Redmi)

Xiaomi smartphones (Redmi) users ask the question of how to connect wireless headphones to the phone for the first time and, I agree, if you are a beginner, the interfacing procedure is not obvious.

To begin with, I will tell you about the principle, and then I will show with a specific example the connection of headphones.

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For Bluetooth headphones there are 2 states of connection:

  • When they are connected to the phone for the first time, it is necessary to carry out the interface procedure, at this moment the devices are exchanged with a special safety key, which is used to encrypt data sent from one device to another, this is mandatory;
  • If the conjugation is carried out successfully, at the next time the headphones are turned on, they will connect in one second, without requiring additional manipulations.

Attention: in only wireless models there is a built.In memory that stores up to 8 sources of sound with which they were associated, so you can connect them to them in a chaotic man. Others remember the maximum of two devices, this means that if you connected them to the phone, laptop and another phone, they will forget about the first smartphone and you will have to carry out repeated conjugation with it.

How to conjure Xiaomi headphones for the first time

If you have just purchased TWS from Xiaomi, the conjugation will be actively automatically when they are removed from the charger.

But before extracting headphones, make sure that the Bluetooth protocol on the smartphone is turned on. Then go to the Bluetooth settings, where you will see a list of previously connected devices, and below the list of available ones. Those that are currently in mating mode. Now you can get TWS from the case, they should start with the LED of different colors, after which their name will be displayed on the smartphone screen, which must be selected and confirmed by the request for connection.

In some cases, Mi True Wireless headphones Xiaomi are visible as left and right separately, always choose the right one, it is the main one, and the left is secondary.

If everything went without unforeseen difficulties, the conjugation should have completed successfully and the sound from the phone would appear on TWS.

Rules for using Xiaomi Mi Airdots wireless headphones

The Bluetooth headset is connected to both the iPhone and Android. The same. The headphones work in pairs for about 4 hours. One by one. Performance increases by an average of 1 Party.

In order to activate only one headphone, you need to do the following:

  • It is necessary to hold the touch panel of the selected headphone;
  • In the telephone setting of Bluetooth, you need to select “Mi Airdots Basic_r” or “Mi Airdots Basic_l” based on which headphone you have chosen. The headphone indicator will flash in search of a couple, after 15 seconds blinking will slow down and from that moment the headphone will be activated as an independent device. After that, the headphone will be connected to the phone.

How to connect Bluetooth (Bluetooth) headphones to Xiaomi (Redmi)

Users of the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone can connect Bluetooth headphones without restrictions, t.To. The phone supports all codecs available on the market.

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Bluetooth versions are compatible, which means that the Bluetooth 5 version.0 capable of working with Bluetooth 3.0, t.E. Modern Xiaomi will easily connect to old headphones.

Before the start of the procedure, I will note that there are 2 types of connection:

  • Conjugation (pairing) is necessary when connecting the Bluetooth headphones or columns to Xiaomi, at this moment there is an exchange of data encryption between gadgets, which is used all the time until you forcibly delete it from the memory of the phone;
  • Automatic connection. If the conjugation was successful, next time the headphones connect to the smartphone automatically.

I will demonstrate the connection by the example of Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEBT.

Enter general settings, find the point “Bluetooth”. Turn on the wireless module with the upper switch. Now it is necessary not only to turn on the headphones, but to transfer them to the mating mode. This is usually a long retention of the power button, in my case about 6 seconds in the off state. If headphones or a wireless column have a light indicator, in the mating mode, it begins to blink alternately in red and blue, but it is better to read the instructions.

So, you introduced the headphones into the necessary mode, now click on the “Update” button on the smartphone screen. In the “Available Devices” section, after a few seconds, the name of the Bluetooth gadget will appear that you want to connect. Click on it. The connection mode will start, after which there will be a request to resolve access to contacts and call modes, this option does not affect the listening of music, tuned in your mind, but in any case it is necessary to click “accept” so that the connection is established. Now the Momentum M2 IEBT has moved to the “Coiling devices” section, this means that next time it is enough to turn them on in the usual way, and after a second they automatically connect to Xiaomi.

Rules for connecting without errors

It is not always possible to establish a connection the first time. To avoid most errors, configure the microphone, get high.Quality sound, it is worth redeeming a few simple actions.

How to connect to wireless headphones so that there are no problems when setting up?

  • Charging should be complete, the headphones are precisely activated.
  • The volume of both headphones can be adjusted.
  • Bluetooth connect the headset to the phone.
  • Check if the headphones sound during the call when listening to music.
  • Adjust the parameters if they are not automatically configured.

How to disable the headset from Xiaomi

To do this, just go to the Bluetooth settings and slip by the name of the device. Next, click OK and ready.

Another way to turn off. In the list of devices, click not on the name, but on the icon in the form of an arrow opposite.

As a result, a menu will open where you can cancel the conjugation or rename the headset so that in the list of devices it is displayed under a different name.

How to connect Redmi Airdots/Xiaomi Earbuds headphones correctly?

It is very important to correctly perform the first pairing headphones with a phone, tablet, or other device. Since it is TWS headphones, and the right headphone is the main one, it is important to connect it.

In my case, only he (the right headphone) was displayed in the list of available Bluetooth devices on the phone. But I saw cases when the people connected the left headphone to the phone, after which the Airdots ramp and played only one headphone, since the headphones did not connect in a couple. This problem is usually solved by reset to factory settings (how to do this I showed below in the article) and re.Connection.

  • We take out both headphones from a charger. On both headphones, the indicator should actively blink in white for several seconds. Then, on the left headphone, the indicator must go out, and on the right to continue slowly flashing. This means that our Airdots headphones synchronized.
  • We go to the Bluetooth settings on our phone, or other device. Headphones should appear in the list of available devices. I have them called “Mi True Wireless Ebs Basic_r”. They can also be called “Redmi Airdots_r”. It is advisable to choose the device with “_r” in the title. This is the right headphone. I showed on the example of iPhone. On Android devices, the connection process looks exactly the same. Just choose headphones from the list of available devices.
  • Headphones are connected to the phone. You can use.
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How to turn off the headphones or connect to another device?

To turn off Airdots/Earbuds headphones from the phone, just put them in the case. They automatically turn off and begin to charge. As soon as you get them out of the cover, they automatically connect to the device with which they were previously associated. They can also be turned off forcibly. You need to hold the button on each headphone 5 seconds. Well, in the Bluetooth settings on the phone, you can disable them. I will talk about this in more detail.

Как правильно настроить наушники Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. Earbuds

If you want to connect the headphones to another device, for example, to the tablet, and they automatically connect to the phone and another device does not see them, then you first need to either turn off or remove the headphones on the device that they are currently connected. You can do this in the Bluetooth settings on your Android smartphone, or on iPhone.

On the iPhone you just need to click on the icon (i) opposite the headphones and select “disable”, or “forget this device” (in the future will not be connected automatically).

On Android, to turn off the headphones, you should usually click on the headphones themselves in the settings and select “disable” or confirm the shutdown by pressing ok. And to remove headphones, you need to click on (i) or gear and choose something like “cancel the conjugation”. On different phones and versions of Android, the names of the menu items may vary slightly.

After disconnecting/removal, the headphones go to the connection mode (a white indicator blinks) and you can connect them to another device. Or repeatedly to the same device.

How to connect Redmi Airdots headphones to a smartphone?

Redmi Airdots wireless headphones, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. Consider the connection of two headphones to the smartphone simultaneously, as well as the option of connecting one as a mono wart.

Before using the device, it is necessary to remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, place them in the case and charge them. During charging, the indicator glows red. When fully charged, its color becomes white, and after a 1-minute goes out.

To connect, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth and Redmi Airdots headphones. Turning on the headphones occurs automatically when extracting from the case. Connecting two headphones to a smartphone:

  • Remove both headphones from the charger and wait 2 seconds until they turn on.
  • After turning on, the left headphone automatically connects to the right, the indicator of which begins to flash white.

We go to the smartphone: In the Bluetooth menu, search for available devices.

In the list of available devices we find Redmi Airdots_l. This is the left headphone. Click on this name and accept a request for a conjugation in which you can resolve the exchange of contacts. Depending on the version of the headphones: Redmi Airdots or Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, the name in the list of available devices may differ. If you have a version of the headphones Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, then in the list they will be called as Mi True Wireless Ebs Basic_l. The only difference is that one is produced for China’s domestic market, and the second for the global market. This does not affect the functionality and work. The equipment and characteristics are identical. But the price may vary.

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After a successful connection, information about the status of the device and the level of its charge will appear in the menu of the conjugated devices. Headphones are connected and ready to work. Now, after the first successful conjugation, Redmi Airdots will automatically connect to the previously associated device if the Bluetooth function is turned on on it.

If for some reason you are unable to carry out the headphones, remove the headphones from the charger and make sure that they are disabled. Press and hold the buttons on both headphones for 15 seconds. After the indicator alternately blinks red and white three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the headphones to the charging cover. Remove Redmi Airdots from a list of conjugated devices on a smartphone if they are there. Then come together again.

  • Remove any one headphone from the case, and wait for automatic inclusion;
  • The headphone indicator first quickly, and then slowly begins to blink in white;
  • Search for available devices in the Bluetooth menu;
  • Depending on the headphone you have chosen, the device will be called Redmi Airdots_l or Redmi Airdots_r;
  • It remains to click on the name of the device and accept the request for the conjugation.
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Redmi 9A fix Bluetooth headphone pairing problem,Redmi 9A bluetooth headset kaise connect kare

What to do when headphones do not get together?

With the ligature between the headphones can be established by resetting the settings of the Bluetooth modules.

  • Disconnect both headphones. Press and hold the buttons until the red indicators are turned on;
  • Now click the buttons again for 30-50 seconds, wait until the headphones turn on-a white indicator should appear, then after 10-20 seconds the Incators will light up and blink twice white and red (do not let go) and then blink twice and go out;
  • Put both headphones in the case;
  • Now remove them from the case, wait for the completion of the synchronization procedure and reconnect the headphones to the smartphone.

If, after reset, the smartphone began to see the left and right headphones separately, you need to connect only the right to the phone, and when it starts to play the sound, you will need to click the power button on the left, it must connect to the right.

If the first time did not work, try to dump again. Also, in extreme cases, cleaning the data of the Bluetooth application on your device will not hurt.

The step.By.Step guide of the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth HeadSet headphones to the smartphone

If one headphone plays quieter, honest: remove a protective grid with a sewing needle and clean the grid with alcohol.

If the device has ceased to connect to smartphones: when the headphones are charged, you need to clamp the only button until the indicator goes out, all the settings will be reset to the factory and then you can re.Install the connection.

Xiaomi wireless headset is great quality headphones, ideal for sports and have a rather democratic price.

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