How To Connect Apple Music Student Subscription

Every month, users of the Apple Music music service need to spend 169 rubles. Yes, this is not much, but for some people the amount still has some weight. Yes, for such a modest price, you get access to more than thirty million different compositions that you can listen to even with the complete absence of the Internet, but which person does not want to save, if possible. The way to save money is easier than it might initially seem. this is a family subscription to Apple Music.

What is this subscription?

A family account in a music service costs 269 rubles, at first glance it costs more, but there is one small nuance. six people can use it at once at one’s pleasure. Using simple calculations, we get that if six people immediately “fold” to the Apple Music family subscription, the account will cost you not 169 rubles a month, but only 44 rubles 83 kopecks per person. The difference is huge, agree.

How to get access?

Many people will like this benefit, because people are interested in how to connect the Apple Music family subscription. The connection procedure is simple:

  1. Find five people who are interested in this music service. It can be friends, relatives, acquaintances. It can even be Android and Windows users. This application is available for download on Google Play. Users of the Microsoft operating system can use iTunes to work and safely use the service.
  2. Continue to set up family access.
  3. On your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings” and click on the iCloud item. Next, click on “Configure family access”, and then click on the button “Start work” and again on “Continue”.
  4. Specify the desired Apple ID and now click on Continue again. Specify a payment method. Do not forget that your card must be linked to your account!
  5. If you want to do all this on a macbook, open the “System Preferences” on it, select the iCloud section, and then the “Family Settings”, double click on “Continue” twice. Now enter your Apple ID and password. Choose your payment method, click on Continue.

That’s how you became a “parent”, and now you can start inviting “family members”.

People invitation

You now have an Apple Music family subscription. How to add new people to the subscription? Do the following:

How To Connect Apple Music Student Subscription
  1. To invite the person you want from an iPhone or iPad, go to the “Settings” section, select iCloud, and then select “Family” and “Add a family member.” Email Apple with the ID of the person you want to add, and send an invitation in this way.
  2. To do all this on a macbook, open the System Preferences section, select iCloud and then Family Access. Click on “” to enter another Apple ID and send an invitation to Apple Music’s family subscription. If it is “-”, then you have the option to remove any member of the “family”. After adding users to the iTunes list, it will “freeze” one ruble on the account.

Each “family member” will receive a notification in the mail that they are added to the family subscription of the music service.

Do not forget: every month Apple will deduct from your account the cost of the family subscription Apple Music. Therefore, you simply take the difference in money from the people with whom you agreed on a subscription. If someone decided not to pay, you can remove him from the “family”.

What does each “family member” get?

After a person has received an invitation to “membership”, he automatically still gets access to Apple Music, which has nothing to do with the founder. this is a separate media library, various playlists, choice of preferences in music, and more. This is a great way to search for music than through social networks, torrents and more.

How to set up Apple Music?

Apple Music Family Access, like any other, gives you the ability to customize your music to your preferences. As soon as you open the application for the first time, they will give you three months of free listening to music and offer to choose your favorite genres. So you can tell the program which tracks you want to listen to in the future, and which ones do not impress you at all. This is an important choice, because it depends on which artists you will be displayed in the recommendations. You just need to choose three favorite genres of music, then select artists or write your own.

Create your playlist and share it

Family Music Apple, like any other, gives you the opportunity to create your own playlist. You can describe it, other users will read the description, and from the gallery you can even choose your own cover. You can send a link to a playlist on social networks or through private messages using additional functions. You can also select “Share playlist”. So that the recipient on the social network understands what exactly you sent to him, you can attach data from Apple Music to the file’s sending: the list of the playlist, its description and cover.

Can I manage playlists?

Of course. You can add new songs to your list, delete old tracks and all this will be available to your “family members”. You can also browse playlists from users you subscribed to in the music service. You will not have the music of others in folders on your phone, and you can also hide other people’s playlists if you wish. Or vice versa, look at them and find for yourself something new, interesting in sound and style. Perhaps your tastes and your friends will coincide, or you can find something else in common between you.

Transition or not?

Now you know how to use your Apple Music family subscription. As you can see, you should not have any difficulties. If you are a student, you can apply for a student subscription for yourself, but it has its own nuances that you should be aware of. At the same time, if you switch from an individual subscription to a family one, then the difference will be set off to you during the transition. In other words, you will pay much less than would be required, and this is a big plus. Family subscription is a profitable and legal opportunity to save on listening to music. If you have an iPhone or you like the Apple Music service, then you will need to pay for music, if you want to listen to it, it will not work in any other way. Family subscription, by the way, is easy to cancel if desired and switch to an individual tariff. Try all the charms of a family subscription on yourself, because if it is possible to save, then why not? Of course, you decide.