How to connect Android to the radio

The car radio downloads any data through an Internet connection. The multimedia device does not support the SIM card. A modem is suitable for it. Here the user will be able to understand how to connect the Internet to the car radio on Android.

Choose a modem

Before choosing a modem and operator, you need to get information about the coverage area. This will help the official website of the company whose services a person would like to use. A large number of paved communication lines ensures that the Internet will be of high quality and fast. It is best to choose an offer with unlimited access to the global network. This will help not to spend extra money on additional traffic. The connection must be 3 or 4 generations.

How to connect Android to the radio

It is best to take a 4G modem for the navigator. It is also necessary to decide on what basis it will work. The choice will be between Wince and Android. On the basis of Android, the radio, the country of manufacture of which is China, carries out its work. Intro / Incar Android Car Stereo Head Unit also works on Android.

How to connect a modem to the radio on Android

Connecting a modem to an android radio is not difficult. First of all, during the installation of the purchased gadget, you need to unplug the USB cable for quick access to it. If 2 USB cords for a modem and a flash drive are output to the same place, then you need to make labels so as not to confuse them. After that, the selected device from the appropriate provider can be connected.

Step-by-step instructions on how to launch the Internet in car multimedia android:

  1. Turn on the ignition and multimedia device.
  2. Go to the main menu and click on the Navi button. After completing these steps, the settings tab with images will open.
  3. Find the Internet explorer icon and select it. After that, you will be prompted to enter the operator that is currently being used.
  4. Enter information about the provider and save in the settings. Next, APN will be installed and ready for use.
  5. Reboot the multimedia device if the Internet does not turn on on the radio.

Important! If a Trinity radio is used, then the Android system automatically turns on when starting a 3G device. No additional settings are required. In Carsys Android car radio, connecting to the Internet and starting the system is also easy.

After the setup process has been successfully completed, the driver can start a navigation program that automatically downloads all traffic jams that reduce the speed of movement in vehicles within the city. Both a 3G modem and a 4G modem for car radios on Android are connected in a similar way. According to the recommendations of specialists, you should not often resort to changing the GPRS settings. It is best to always use the services of only the mobile operator that is used in the device. After all the actions done in the settings, click “OK”, and after that “Start”.

Network access and useful applications

Having accessed the Internet, the user can review all available applications and connect them. In each country they are completely different. If desired, each driver can independently carry out the procedure for changing the firmware on a personal multimedia device to the country of residence. In the Russian Federation, automotive multimedia such as the Parrot ASTEROID Classic, which adapts to the user’s location, is most often used.

Among famous applications, Google Maps stands out. It will always tell you exactly where the user is at the moment and help pave the way from one place to another in different ways. The application works wherever there is internet. It can report on what the traffic situation is at one time or another. The user will find on the display information about the location of the vehicle. In addition, there is a function that allows you to find the closest:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Movie theaters, etc.

Note! All famous historical places, objects, streets are displayed in Russian, which is very convenient for many Russians.

With the help of Internet radio, the motorist gets the opportunity to listen to 1 million different stations across the country. To enjoy great sound, 3 generation mobile technology is enough. In Internet Radio, you can search for:

  • Language;
  • Genre;
  • Performer and various other criteria.

They also provide the function of saving your favorite radio stations. The user can know all the information about the programs. It also provides for listening to the programs that the motorist missed.

Poweramp is a car radio music player filled with various features. It differs from the rest in that it supports different playback modes and generates lists of musical compositions by:

  • Auto RU;
  • Topics;
  • The genre.

The program is easy to operate, makes possible high quality listening to tracks downloaded from the global network. The application has convenient navigation and an additional menu. In addition, the user will be able to customize the design at his discretion. Those who want to plunge into the past, where there were car radios of the 1960-2000s, can use the unusual Case-o-player application. This is a stylish old-fashioned music player for Android, returning to ancient times. It is a cassette. The main features are realistic sounds and animations resembling a real change of records. There are also indicators in the form of arrows and analog volume controls.

After reviewing the above information, the motorist will be able to have an idea of ​​how to connect the modem to the radio on an android. It is best to insert and remove the modem at a time when the ignition of the car is turned off. Otherwise, a failure will occur and a reboot of the device will be required.

  1. Connection options
  2. How to connect the phone to the radio via USB
  3. How to connect the phone to the radio via Bluetooth
  4. AUX Connector
  5. Transmitters
  6. Bluetooth transmitter
  7. Fm transmitter
  8. Emulator
  9. Connection Features
  10. For Android
  11. For iphone
  12. Why the radio does not see the phone

Video: How to connect Android to the radio

Before you connect the phone to the radio, you need to understand what connection methods are available. It depends on what features and capabilities you can use.

Connection options

Depending on the model and operating system, connecting the phone to the radio can be done in several ways:

  • Via USB interface;
  • Via bluetooth;
  • Via analog audio input;
  • Through a radio transmitter;
  • Through the emulator.

For connection, use known-good cables and wires.

How to connect the phone to the radio via USB

To connect a mobile phone to the car radio, you need a suitable cable. After turning on the head unit, the handset screen will light up and music will play in the car. At the same time, the gadget’s battery will be charged. If the car radio was switched on in another mode, then after connecting the plug to the USB port, it will switch to the music player. A mobile phone connected to the head unit via a USB interface must support removable storage in the same way as a flash drive or external hard drive.

How to connect the phone to the radio via Bluetooth

You need to check which profiles are supported by the devices before connecting to the radio via Bluetooth. To play music through the phone, the A2DP protocol is required. With the support of the HFP / HSP profile and the presence of a microphone, the car radio will help to talk on the phone without using hands.

To be able to control listening to music, support for the AVCRP protocol is required. Before connecting the phone, turn on the Bluetooth on the radio. To do this, press the source switching button until the desired mode is selected. Then pairing the car radio and the phone (smartphone).

To do this, the BlueTooth settings are opened on the last device. The handset should be visible to other devices, after which the search for the head unit starts. During setup, the gadget should be next to the car radio so that there are no problems.

After a few tens of seconds, a list will appear in the list, which may contain the model or brand of the player or the words Bluetooth, Music, Hands free or others. To connect, select the desired device by entering a PIN code when prompted. When the process of establishing the connection is completed correctly, the car radio will emit a sound signal, and its status will change in the Bluetooth settings, indicating that the device is connected.

To do this, turn on the music from your mobile phone. Sound should be output through the speakers in the car. Otherwise, the audio output channel through Bluetooth is checked. When you press the listening control buttons on the head unit, the tracks should switch.

To check the speakerphone through the radio, you need an assistant with a second handset. He needs to call the phone paired with the player. When the call arrives, the number or name of the subscriber will appear on the head unit display. Ringtone will play on the phone itself. To receive a call, the button with the handset icon is pressed on the radio.

AUX Connector

Using this method, you can connect an old phone to a car radio with an additional audio input (aux) to listen to music. If your mobile device is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm jack, you will need a shielded stereo cable with the appropriate plugs to connect. One of them is inserted into the jack on the phone, and the other into the car radio with AUX.

If the handset is equipped with a non-standard jack, then you can connect the radio to the AV input or via AUX by making an adapter cable. It will require an audio conductor with a stereo-jack plug or an AV connector and a standard headset. Both headphones are cut off, and the ends of the cables connected to them are stripped.

Common wires have the same color. They are soldered to the audio cable wire connected to the negative terminal of the plug. The other two wires are the sound output from the phone. They connect to the pins of the left and right channels of the audio cable. The advantage of this method is the ability to speakerphone through the radio.


Music from the phone can also be broadcast over the radio to the car radio, which does not have a USB port or audio input, through a transmitter (transmitter). It is powered by a cigarette lighter in the car. The choice of transmitter depends on the design of the phone. If your smartphone does not have a headphone jack, then you should use a bluetooth transmitter. If this is the case, then to connect to the radio, you need an FM transmitter with a linear audio input or a USB port.

Bluetooth transmitter

This device combines a module for playing music through Bluetooth and a low-power VHF radio transmitter. He broadcast music from the phone to outdated radio. Mobile devices are connected to a Bluetooth transmitter in the same way as to a head unit with a similar interface. Then the broadcast is tuned to a frequency that is free from broadcasting radio stations. Management can be carried out from the transmitter with the support of the AVCRP protocol.

Fm transmitter

Connecting the phone to the old tape recorder via the FM transmitter can be done either through the audio input or via the USB port. In the first case, you need to make the connection with an audio cable. Music is controlled from the phone itself.

In the second case, the connection is made in the same way as to a radio with a USB port. There are FM transmitters specially designed for charging devices connected to it. The output current of the port in this case is at least 1 A, due to which the gadget is effectively charged simultaneously with the transmission of digital audio.


This device converts the MTP protocol into a removable disk protocol, allowing you to connect smartphones with Android 5 and newer, as well as IPhone, to the recorder that supports working with flash drives, to listen to the music recorded on them and expand the capabilities of the budget head unit. If there are additional drivers in the emulator, you can use an external hard drive without USB, a diagnostic adapter or other useful devices and manage them.

Connection Features

It is necessary to take into account the features of the work of different mobile devices with Android and iOS before connecting the phone to the radio in the car. This will avoid additional problems associated with the inability to play music or the inaccessibility of various functions.

For Android

Smartphones with Android version 5 and newer do not have a removable drive mode. In this case, to listen to music in the car from such a gadget, you need a car radio that supports the MTP protocol or is compatible with the proprietary Android Open Accessory 2 package. This feature is available in recently released JVC and some other manufacturers.

Depending on the model and specification of both devices, some control functions may be available only on the player of the Android smartphone. From the radio, you can, for example, switch between tracks. To check for compatibility, you need to connect your Android smartphone to the radio and select the MTP protocol. If it supports Android Open Accessory, then music will start playing. In rare cases, you may need to enable debugging via USB.

For iphone

It should be borne in mind that the radio must support working with similar devices (as well as with the iPod). This can be indicated by the icon on the front panel and the presence of the required parameters in the menu and list of sources. Only in this case can you listen to music from an iPhone. To connect an iPhone to the radio in the car via USB, you should use the proprietary cable that is included with the gadget. When installing an additional application from the App Store, it will be possible to control the radio from the phone.

Why the radio does not see the phone

Possible problems and their solutions depend on the method of connecting the phone to the car radio. If the head unit does not detect a gadget connected to the vehicle via USB, carefully check the cable used and the ports of both devices for damage. To check, you need to connect the phone to the radio with a known good cord.

Another reason why the radio does not see the phone via USB is the error in choosing the connection mode. Most often, the removable disk of a push-button mobile device or smartphone does not work immediately after connecting to the radio. To resolve this problem, disconnect and connect the smartphone to the car radio without turning it off. Then you need to unlock the handset and, in response to a request, turn on the removable disk by pressing the screen or button.

If the phone does not connect via Bluetooth, then the problem is due to erroneous protocol parameters or incompatibility of versions, which often happens with cheap Chinese head units. In this case, make sure that visibility is enabled. On Android smartphones, check the boxes next to the required protocols.