How to connect and configure your Samsung TV

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How to configure the channel order on a Samsung TV

Before you search for channels on a new or old Samsung TV, you need to determine the source of signal reception. In our time, there are 4 options, allowing you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows for free.

The main sources for Samsung Smart TV:

  • Analog. It is considered the lowest quality, so it is only suitable for older receivers. In this case, the picture appears fuzzy, and no amount of tuning the TV channels on your Samsung TV will help change this situation.
  • Digital. This option has many advantages compared to the analog, so gradually replaces the outdated method of transmitting a signal. Users often have problems with television programming and channel sorting.
  • Satellite. This method of signal reception is considered the most popular. Its main advantage is a high quality picture and easy setup. Among the disadvantages are the lack of opportunity to watch encrypted channels for free.
  • IPTV. The most modern option, which allows you to watch your favorite shows over wired Internet or WI-FI. It can be implemented on any Smart-TV-sets or with a special set-top box. In this case, there is the most complex setting, which can not be performed correctly by every person.

What is the Smart TV function

Smart TV, or smart TV, is a technology that allows you to use the Internet and digital interactive services in TVs and digital set-top boxes. TV is connected to the Internet, and allows you to watch your favorite channels, cartoons, consume other entertainment content. Additionally on such a computer you can install many applications and use a variety of services that are available to users of the network.

Smart TV, or Smart TV. technology that allows you to use the Internet and digital interactive services in TVs and digital STBs

Connecting and configuring

There are several ways to connect modern televisions to the Internet. Let’s look at each of these options in detail. Samsung TVs can be connected to the network via: Wi-Fi, a network cable (LAN); the WPS option and Plug Access technology.

Wired connection (LAN)

This connection option is suitable for all Smart-TV sets. “In this case the smart receiver is connected to a network socket using a standard LAN cable. If the design of a particular model does not include a built-in router, it is recommended to add an external router to the circuit, which will synchronize the different types of connections used by the providers with the software of the Samsung Smart TV unit.

Modern models of Smart TVs establish this type of Internet connection automatically. The user just needs to plug in the network cable to the LAN socket, and the TV will discover and connect to the internet by itself using the appropriate type of connection.

But if your Smart TV was released before 2012 and supports Internet connection via DHCP, its owner has to connect his or her TV receiver to the World Wide Web manually. Proceed as follows:

  • look in the “Menu”;
  • Go to the item “Network”;
  • Click the link “Network settings”
  • Activate the item “Cable”;
  • trace the test procedure;
  • Complete the connection process by clicking the “OK” button.
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Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

Modern TV models often connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, even if there is no built-in router. In the latter case, you will need to buy an adapter Samsung-WIS12ABGNX or pick up a similar modem and connect it to the receiver via USB-connector.

This method of connecting Smart-TV to the Internet can be used only in case there is an active Wi-Fi access point installed in the room.

To establish a wireless connection to the Internet, the owner of the Samsung TV needs:

  • find the “Network” section in the menu;
  • Select the “Network settings” item there;
  • Press “Start” button;
  • Select the “Wireless connection” section;
  • Confirm your actions by clicking on the “Next” button.

After that the user in about 15 seconds will receive a list of all available wireless networks, from which you need to choose your WI-FI, to enter the password and establish an Internet connection. If there is no password for the wireless connection selected by the user, the TV will connect to the Internet automatically.

At the same time, experts still advise you to set a password for Wi-Fi, so that unauthorized users do not use the traffic and slow down the speed of network connection, and intruders can not use your digital devices for their nefarious purposes.

Before the final establishment of the connection via Wi-Fi it is recommended to check and if necessary manually add, then set the automatic mode for obtaining the IP and DNS addresses.

Connecting to the network using WPS

This is another option to connect modern Samsung TVs that support the WPS standard to the Internet by automatically establishing a wireless connection.

The user must find the menu item “Network Settings” in order to activate the option WPS there. At the same time it is necessary to press the same button on the modem and keep it in this state for about 2 minutes. This time will be enough for the TV router to independently enter the necessary settings and establish a stable network connection.

Connecting Plug Access technology

This option provides another opportunity to configure the “aerial” connection of the Samsung TV with the Internet. To perform such connection the user will have to buy a router with Plug Access option and follow the instruction below:

  • Connect a flash drive to the USB connector of the modem;
  • Wait for the router’s LED to give a series of light signals;
  • Remove the USB flash drive from the router;
  • Connect the external drive to the USB input of the TV.

The process of connecting to the Internet in this case will be carried out automatically, and at the end of the process the screen will display a message about the status of the network connection.

If the router settings have been changed during the operation, you will have to repeat the whole procedure of updating the data on the TV box.

Instructions for models with DVB-T2 tuner

Digital broadcasting on modern TVs, which receive signals without a set-top box, must be set up through the menu. It’s better to run the auto-tuning, which will automatically read all available TV programs and save them by numbers. If you choose the “manual” option, you will have to spend a long time fine-tuning each channel.

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Instructions on how to configure digital channels on Samsung TVs with built-in DVB-T2 tuner in automatic mode:

  • Go to the TV menu. Search for “Broadcasting” section.
  • Open the “Autotune” item.
  • Specify the signal source: antenna, cable, satellite.
  • Determine the type of channels. select digital broadcasting.
  • Press the “Search” button and select “Full” option and “Scan”.
  • Wait Till the tuning is finished. Find “Save” and enjoy digital broadcasting.

There are situations when automatic tuning fails, then you have to search and save channels manually.

Manual search: instructions

So, how to set up digital channels manually on your Samsung TV:

  • Go to the menu, choose cable instead of antenna.
  • Click on the country. Eastern Europe.
  • If necessary, enter a pin-code: 0000, 1111, 1234.
  • Select the frequency limits from 298 to 362 thousand kHz in the parameters.
  • Go to the settings and put the type of channels “digital”.
  • Set “network” in the search mode and press search for available options.
  • Save the found channels.

You can delete unnecessary programs, if necessary. To do this, just go to the subsection “Broadcasts” and there open the “Manager”. The uninstallation is done via the “Tools” button.

Test the settings you’ve made

After making all the settings you only need to check and test everything, so you won’t need to come back to this process again, just enjoy watching your favorite TV shows.

To do this you need to perform the following actions:

  • Switch on the TV and check the picture and sound quality of all channels. If necessary, you can immediately make adjustments to the current settings. Modern TV has a huge number of settings that allow you to fine-tune the picture and sound.
  • Launch the browser and check the access to the Internet.
  • Launch all installed applications and check their functionality.

If everything works perfectly, you won’t have any problems later.

How to prepare the TV for channel tuning

Accurate tuning of channels on your Samsung TV is possible only if the TV and all its components are connected correctly. For proper installation of the receiver you need to follow the instruction manual. Below is an example of how to correctly connect a Samsung 6 Series model:

  • For terrestrial or cable TV. Connect the antenna to the socket in the receiver “ANT” through a special cable with 75 ohm resistance. User will receive analog signal.
  • For cable or satellite TV, Blu-Ray connection, game console or notebook. Requires an HDMI cable in the HDMI jack.
  • For online use and software updates.Requires wireless connection using a standard Wi-Fi router. Any of the Samsung Smart models support connection via Wi-Fi. For wired connection, you need to insert the Internet cable into the LAN port on the back of the TV.
  • To watch pay-per-view channels.CI or CI card must be installed. It is necessary to remove the protective film and turn off the TV, place the adapter in the two holes next to the port COMMON INTERFACE.

Manual search for digital channels

On Samsung TV sets you can use the manual configuration of digital channels. You need to know the frequency of the multiplex broadcasting in your area. You can find it on the RTRS website by selecting your location on the interactive map.

Click on Search and if everything is done correctly will be set a package of channels. Signal quality must be high for a stable broadcast of channels, otherwise you will always get hung-ups and crumbling of images.

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How to remove unwanted channels

Samsung TVs are equipped with a possibility to remove unnecessary TV channels that would disturb you while switching. For all models approximately the same algorithm of actions. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the settings menu, and then click “Broadcast”.
  • Select the item “Change channels”.
  • In the window that will open select the channels you want to remove by pressing the “Enter” button.
  • After that, press the “Delete” button and confirm the action.

On TVs with Smart TV functionality, this process is even easier:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button, which opens a special Samsung service.
  • Select the icon labeled “Channel.
  • In edit mode, check the unnecessary channels and press the “Delete” button.

How to update “Smart TV

The software on your TV is called firmware. You’ll need to update it periodically to optimize the device and get additional features. This procedure should be done once a year, but sometimes re-flashing may be needed sooner.

Experts advise to update the firmware by downloading a new version via “flash drive”. It’s safer.

Before you start reflashing, make sure you need to update. Make sure that the program you plan to download is compatible with your TV. If an unsuitable update is installed, the hardware will not work properly, possibly even failing.

The developers create separate programs for each model. Make sure you download the firmware from the manufacturer’s official web site. Exactly specify the model of your “smart” TV. This information can be clarified in the passport of the device.

Check which software version is already installed on your Smart TV. For Samsung TVs, for example, you need to enter the menu, select the “Support” category and click on the “Software Update” tab.

Now compare the firmware indices. If the number on the website is higher than the number of the program installed on the device, it means that you need to update. If the numbers match, the software does not need to be updated.

Please read the description of the offered firmware carefully before installation. If the language and installation method are the same, you can safely download the update to your computer. Download the downloaded file to a flash card, having previously formatted this drive.

The software is packed in an archive. To unpack it, click on the “Extract” button. You can install on your TV only the update previously extracted from the archive. After unzipping the file, remove the flash drive from the computer and plug it into the appropriate jack on the TV receiver.

How to configure “Smart TV” to start the update? It is quite simple. For example, in “Samsung” TV sets this is done through the standard menu services:

The reflash operation on TVs of other manufacturers is performed according to a similar algorithm. There may be slight differences in the names of menu items, but the general order of actions is the same.

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