How to connect Airpods to Xiaomi

How to connect Airpods to Android devices, Windows laptops, etc.

Famous long before they even appeared in nature, wireless Airpods are already on sale. The product is actually quite interesting and convenient. At least the fact that he knows how to very quickly connect to compatible Apple devices. And not only Apple.

Airpods, if you do not yet know how ordinary Bluetooth headphones can be used, for example, together with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as with computers.

You can connect this musical accessory using the most traditional method, to which everyone has long been accustomed, and which everyone has long been tired of. However, it still works.

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So, how to connect AirPod headphones to Android device or Windows-PC:

  • go to the Bluetooth settings section of the device with which we are going to pair Airpods;
  • we take a box-charger with headphones (they should be in it), open the lid;
  • on the back of the box we find the button, press it and hold it for several seconds until the indicator located between the folded headphones starts blinking;
  • its blinking means that the main device has “found” the headphones, and their name should appear in the list of detected devices in the Bluetooth settings menu;
  • as soon as it appeared there, click on it and then follow the standard instructions of the connection program.

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With this sort of sorted out. But not everything is so simple. If the AirPod is not connected to an Apple device, then their functionality is somewhat limited. The headphone battery indicator will not be displayed on the screen, the headphone itself will not be able to “magically” and super-quickly switch between different devices. But they will work for sure, moreover, well.

When, during testing, we connected a pair of Airpods to one of our Android smartphones, in terms of audio playback, they worked immediately and with the proper sound quality. And the touch panel also functioned: two taps on any of the headphones. a pause, two more taps. the track plays again.

In this way, Airpods can be connected (or at least tried to connect) to any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Which have a Bluetooth-module, of course.

If during the pairing process there are problems and the headphones do not want to connect, then Apple advises to restart them. To do this, open the case with the headphones, press the button on the back of it and wait until the LED flashes with amber light. After that, release the button, close the lid of the case and repeat the pairing procedure again.

How to connect Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones to a laptop

How to connect Xiaomi AirDots to a laptop correctly so that they sync and work without interruption. let’s take a closer look at the connection methods, as well as possible problems.

If the Bluetooth connection drops

If the connection drops during use, you can do the following:

  • Get steam out of the box and turn it off.
  • Hold down the power buttons and wait for triple blinking.
  • Put the “ears” back in the charging case.
  • Connect device on laptop or PC.
  • Synchronize them.
  • Play a song to test the connection.

Another problem is when the laptop does not find the wireless headphones, that is, they are not in the list of available devices. This happens because there is an automatic connection to a TV or PC with which there was already a synchronization before. Another cause of the problem may be a dead battery.

The Bluetooth headphones are ready to pair when the white light on the right earbud is flashing slowly. If the indicators flash and go out for a short time, it means that they are synchronized with an already familiar gadget.

To disconnect them and toggle them, you need to:

  • turn off the wireless connection on a “familiar” PC or smartphone;
  • open the Bluetooth menu, turn off the “ears”, remove the headphones from the list of connected devices.

If there is no sound after connecting

It happens that when connected, there is no sound or the microphone does not work. To find out the cause and troubleshoot, you must follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • go to the sound menu and click “Playback devices”;
  • next to “Bluetooth Headphones” should be “Default device”. If it says “Ready” next to it, right-click to select “Set as default”. After that, a sound appears. If there is “Connection interrupted” or there is no device, check the connection of the headphones to the laptop.
  • When the microphone does not work in Windows 7, in the sound menu “Bluetooth Headset” is selected as the default communication device.

There are no special drivers for Redmi or Xiaomi AirDots. If sites offer to download them, you shouldn’t. The likelihood of a laptop virus infection is high. In the best case, unnecessary search engines or programs will be installed.

If the headphones were connected to another device

The wireless earbuds are multifunctional. They are convenient for various activities: playing sports, watching movies, working and studying. For each case, different gadgets are used. PC, TV and smartphone. Due to the fact that AirDots sync with only one device, in order to connect the headphones to a new device, you need to establish a new connection each time.

The shutdown sequence is the same:

  • open Bluetooth settings;
  • find the name of Xiaomi AirDots in the list;
  • delete it through the item “remove device”.

To do a full reset of the headphones, you must:

  • remove Xiaomi AirDots from the list;
  • get them out of the case;
  • hold down the sensors (after blinking, the LEDs go out, you need to wait until it resumes);
  • put the headphones back in the charging box;
  • after a few seconds, get it (the blinking of the right one should slow down);
  • After these steps, you can connect to the device. Resetting can solve many problems.

What to do if AirDots won’t connect

It is not always clear how to connect both AirDots headphones. If the connection failed, it may mean that:

  • No sync between earbuds. This happens when only one is working and there is no understanding of how to connect a second AirDots earphone. In this case, the connection instructions have not been followed. When the left is connected first, and then the right, contact does not occur.
  • The laptop cannot see the ears. That is, when connected, Redmi AirDots or Xiaomi headphones are not recognized. Given that they are included.
  • Charging problems.

How to connect AirDots to Windows 7 laptop

Problems with the built-in Bluetooth-module are not uncommon for Windows 7. Usually, the system does not see the wireless headphones, and even if it is synchronizing, there is no sound. The diagnostics reports that there are problems with the installation of the drivers. To avoid problems with how to connect Xiaomi AirDots to a laptop on Windows 7, you need to do the following procedure:

  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn on the earbuds. When they are running, the LEDs are blinking actively.
  • If Windows 7 recognizes it, it will appear in the search box. Choose the one you want and click “Next”. Synchronization in progress.
  • If the operating system does not recognize the AirDots, you need to update the Bluetooth driver.

How to disconnect headphones from a laptop or other device

If the wireless earbuds have already been connected, they must be untied. This requires:

  • open the Bluetooth menu;
  • find “Redmi AirDots” in the list;
  • click on “auxiliary functions”;
  • click “forget” or “delete”;
  • reload the list to check if the headphones are disconnected.

What you need to connect Airpods to PC

  • Bluetooth modem.
  • Required drivers for your device.
  • Your PC or laptop must support a wireless headset connection.

Disadvantages of connecting to a PC

In principle, we figured out how to connect Airpods to Windows 7, 8, 10, but some troubles may arise in the process. After all, when Airpods are connected to non-Apple devices, they get limited functionality. The user will not be able to:

  • see the charging status of the headphones on the device screen;
  • use the function of quickly switching headphones between different devices.

If you connect Airpods to Apple and Android devices, you can use the touchpad functionality, but in the case of a PC or laptop, the touchpad will not work. But despite this, the headphones will work stably anyway, and the sound quality will be excellent.

Instructions for connecting Airpods to a computer or laptop on Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on our device.
  • We pair the headphones with the device.
  • On the case (and the charger at the same time), press the button and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • Wait until the indicator near the button on the charging box starts to glow. This blinking indicates that the headphones and PC / laptop have completed the process of identifying each other.
  • All that’s left is the standard procedure for connecting a conventional wireless headset to your device.

What other devices can I connect Airpods to?

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Connecting Airpods to a computer or laptop on Windows 7, 8, 10

The Apple Airpods wireless headset is one of the best-selling headphones on the market, because these headphones are practical and comfortable compared to their counterparts. They produce the highest quality sound and work stably with Apple devices, but they can also be connected to Android devices. Easily connect Airpods to your computer. They will work perfectly with a PC based on the Windows operating system if it has a Bluetooth modem.

  • What you need to connect Airpods to PC
  • Instructions for connecting Airpods to a computer or laptop on Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Disadvantages of connecting to a PC
  • What other devices can I connect Airpods to?
  • What to do if you have a problem

What to do if you have a problem

Although Apple promises us the stable operation of Airpods even when pairing them with other devices, various problems may occur. In order to get rid of these problems, you need to restart your headphones. Reboot aLGorithm for this headphone model:

  • you need to hold down the button on the charging case for a certain time until the amber indicator flashes;
  • after the indicator lights up, close the lid of the charging box;
  • after that we just re-pair.

Now you know how to connect Apple Airpods to your laptop or PC and get the most out of them.

Connecting Xiaomi Wireless Headphones to iPhone

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has become well known all over the world for its quality and affordable smartphones. In addition to this, no less high-quality accessories are now produced under this brand. smart watches, fitness bracelets, wired and wireless headphones.

Wireless earplugs from “Xiaomi” are very popular. They are stylish, fairly simple and reliable devices to use. Any of the models, be it Redmi AirDots, AirDots Pro, AirDots Pro 2, etc., can be a worthy replacement for more expensive headphones of this type. For example, the functionality of the Xiaomi Pro is comparable to that of the Apple Airpods.

The Pros boast attractive design, great sound, long battery life and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The value of ANC lies in the fact that the surrounding noise becomes inaudible, and the user can fully immerse themselves in the world of music or focus their attention on telephone conversations. Another huge advantage of the inexpensive AirDots Pro headphones over Airpods is the IPX4 waterproof rating and advanced touch controls. Taking into account the affordable price and impressive technical characteristics, many owners of iPhones instead of Airpods choose AirDots for themselves.

How To Pair And Troubleshoot The Xiaomi Redmi Mi AirDots

In order for the connection of the Xiaomi-headset to the iPhone to be successful, you need to know that it supports Bluetooth version 4.2 or higher. That is, the pairing will be possible with the models of iPhones and iPads that were released in 2014-2015. Use at least iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and up, and iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and newer tablets. If you have an iPhone 5s, then the “ears” from “Xiaomi” do not fit it.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots with an Apple Phone or Tablet

Charge the batteries of these devices before pairing TWS headphones and Apple smartphone. Working Bluetooth modules, especially in search and pairing mode, require extra power. It is enough to put “dots” in a case for this, and put the iPhone on a wired or wireless charger. You don‘t have to strive for the battery indicator to show 100%, half of the maximum level is enough for connection. Pairing AirDots with an Apple phone is almost as easy as connecting Airpods to an iPhone, although the process has its own quirks. To make everything work out the first time, follow the step by step steps that are described in the instructions.

Take the earbuds out of the charging case. They will turn on automatically.

Before pairing with an iPhone, AirDots must first establish a connection with each other. Therefore, turn off the headphones by pressing the touch or physical button (depending on the model) on each of the “dots”. When turning off, do not release the buttons for 3 seconds.

Turn AirDots back on. Press and hold the buttons at the same time for about 30 seconds. The LED indicators should flash first red, then white. Wait for two series of such signals to pass. This will mean that both earbuds are in pairing mode. You need to put them back in the charging case for about 5 seconds, and then take them out in order to connect them directly to the iPhone.

At this stage, you need a phone. Since AirDots are already prepared for pairing, open Settings, then Bluetooth on your iPhone and activate the wireless module. The smartphone starts searching for devices. Compatibility is the most decisive factor for successful detection, but we have already indicated above which models of Apple smartphones Xiaomi headphones work with. The line “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” or “Mi AirDots BASIC_L” will appear in the list of detected devices. Select her.

Perhaps such an entry will not be found in the list. Then the headphones need to be placed closer to the phone and the list of devices should be updated. In a pair of AirDots, the right earbud is the main one, so the new item in the list will be “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” (in fact, the device name may be different, not the same as in this example, it all depends on the headphone model). Click on it to start the connection. The indicator on the earbud will flash white while pairing is being established. Sometimes you need to enter a code to confirm the connection. Enter 0000.

When the process is complete, the indicator will turn white again and turn off. You can now use your headphones. Check the quality and, if necessary, adjust the sound settings.

After you manually connect the dots to your smartphone for the first time, they will automatically connect to it every time you take them out of the case. If there are problems with pairing, you will need to remove Mi AirDots BASIC_R from the list: click on the name, and then select “Forget this device” and repeat the steps described in the instructions again.

By the way, “AirDots” are connected not only in stereo, but also in mono mode, when only one earphone from a pair will be paired with the phone. This method of connection can be convenient in cases where complete isolation from ambient noise is not required. For example, on a busy street for greater safety, it is better to hear what is happening around. Another way of using AirDots significantly increases the battery life of the headphones: while one of them is in operation, the second is charged in the case, then the plugs are swapped. To pair only one of the two headphones, take out only the left AirDots from the charging case. Let the right one remain in the case.

Situations when the pairing between the headphones and the iPhone, as well as between the right and left dots, disappears from time to time. Then you have to do a reset and pair it again, in the order recommended in the detailed instructions given above.

In general, the compact budget earplugs “Xiaomi” or “Redmi” are a good choice for those who want to take advantage of modern wireless technology in their daily life, but do not yet decide to buy Apple Airpods of the first or second generation or more expensive Airpods Pro.