How to Connect Airdots Headphones to a Phone

How to connect Mi AirDots to iPhone phone?

A wireless headphone manufacturer from China has given a guarantee of connecting to both Android and iOS. Does this mean that Mi AirDots can be connected and configured to every device called Apple? When connecting iOS devices, everything will depend on the compatibility of the bluetooth release used in the devices. If you are experiencing problems with the iPhone, you should immediately take it to a service center. To learn more about repair services, visit isupport.Kz. It’s no secret that Xiaomi’s sound output products began to be manufactured using a wireless protocol no less than version 4.2, and the 2019 AirDots products already support Bluetooth 5.0 and the AAC codec made specifically for Apple.

Connect Xiaomi AirDots with iPhone

Action 1. Launch bluetooth support on the iPhone (“Settings” > “Bluetooth”, move the switch to the “On” state). Give time until the phone finds all the connected bluetooth devices.

Action 2. Remove Xiaomi AirDots from the charge container. If the headset is in a case, connect and configure them to any device as usual will not work. Outside the container, they will instantly start working, and the status LED will begin to flash whitish. Therefore, first connect the right and then the left earphone, they will begin to function in tandem.

Action 3. In the search list of Bluetooth devices, a new name appears, connected to Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, or it will be Xiaomi Mi AirDots (or AirDots Pro. Depending on the model). A radar that searches for different wireless devices is always on. Maybe you will need to wait a bit for the headphones to appear in the search list. Otherwise, you will need to disconnect and restart the bluetooth on the iPhone so that it detects your Airdots.

Action 4. Go to “Redmi AirDots_R” and the headset and iPhone connection will continue to be established automatically, you only need to agree to this connection. After the procedure is completed, the pointer on the headset lights up in whitish color and goes out.

Almost always, bluetooth headphones are connected to the iPhone without question. If during the first connection you successfully solved this problem, then in the future, taking the headphones from the container for charging, the connection with the iPhone will start automatically. However, it should also be abolished that First of all, you need to remove the right (main) headphone from the container, otherwise, if you connect the left one first, then only one earphone will work for AirDots. Consequently, only the left earphone will function, and with the right, the connection will be lost. Now you know how to connect Xiaomi Airdots to an Apple smartphone.

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How to Connect Airdots Headphones to a Phone

Wireless headphones are the flagship accessory of the past few years. And more people began to replace the “wires” with a more comfortable headset. Therefore, now many brands are focusing their production on such gadgets. Xiaomi’s Chinese brand also does not stand aside. In the spring of 2019, the manufacturer released the new Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. According to customers, they provide good performance and great sound. How to deal with connecting them to a smartphone. We will discuss in this article.

  • 1 charge
  • 2 How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones
  • 2.1 How to connect both headphones:
  • 2.2 How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones. The second way:
  • 3 What you need to know about connection
  • 4 What to do if the headphones do not connect
  • Charging

    The gadget will not work if it is not charged, so before use, put it in a case to fill the battery. If the indicator is lit in red, Redmi Airdots are charged, if white. They are ready for operation.

    Video: How to Connect Airdots Headphones to a Phone

    Remove the headset from the case and wait a couple of seconds. The earbuds should synchronize with each other. When the left catches the signal of the right, the synchronization is completed, as indicated by the indicator, which will begin to flash white.

    How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones

    To connect headphones, you need only a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the accessory itself.

    Please note that turning the gadget on and off occurs as a result of removing or re-placing the headphones in the case, respectively. So do not try to find any buttons with which you can activate them.

    How to connect both headphones:

    • Remove the headphones from the case.
    • Open the Bluetooth tab on your phone, located in Settings.
    • Turn on bluetooth.
    • At the bottom of the page, click on the Refresh button to search for new devices.
    • In the list, select the name of the accessory “Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (Right. Right earphone).”
    • Click on the name and confirm the connection request.
    • Next, you will see your accessory in the list of “Paired devices”. Connected devices.
    • In the menu you will see information about the status of the headphones and the battery level.

    Done! Now you can listen to music.

    How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones. The second way:

    1. Take them out of the case.
    2. Clamp the touch panels on both headphones.
    3. There should be a couple of blinks of red and white light. Hold the touch buttons.
    4. There will be another flashing with both colors.
    5. Put the accessory back in the case.
    6. Take out and wait a bit. Frequent flashes become slow at the right earphone.
    7. Then just plug in the headphones to your phone.

    What you need to know about connection

    Let’s pay attention to some nuances that are useful to know and consider when it becomes necessary to connect Redmi Airdots.

    Features of connection and control:

    • Remember the colors of the indicator: red means no battery at the moment, white means readiness for use, full charge.
    • The sound volume is regulated only by the rocker on the smartphone itself.
    • Connection methods are similar on Android and IOS.
    • Recharging the battery takes about 45 minutes.
    • Battery life: about 3-4 hours.
    • To use only the right or only the left earphone, remove one device from the case, and leave the second there, wait until the frequent blinks change to slow and connect in the usual way.
    • The headset is connected to the computer in the same way.

    What to do if the headphones do not connect

    Many people ask this question when the gadget can not synchronize with the phone, or the name of the wireless headphones is missing from the list of paired devices.

    Instructions for returning the accessory to work are as follows:

    1. Remove the Airdots from the case, they should be turned off.
    2. Hold the touch pad on each insert and hold for up to 15 seconds.
    3. After flashing three times, put the headphones in the case and let them charge.
    4. Go to the “Bluetooth” page on your phone and remove the name of the gadget from the list.
    5. And finally, do the whole connection process from the very beginning.

    Xiaomi Air Dots wireless headphones can work separately, reproducing sound only through the left or right headset. We will figure out how to connect both headphones to a phone or other device immediately after synchronization via Bluetooth.

    How to connect both Redmi AirDots headphones

    While charging in the case, both inserts must form a pair for simultaneous reproduction of sound through the emitters. If both “gags” are working, do the following:

    1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone first.
    2. Remove the headset from its case and hold down the mechanical buttons on both headphones. Hold them until the LEDs turn white.
    3. Since the right “ear” is designated as the main one, the indicator on it will begin to flash.
    4. Start the search for new devices via Bluetooth on your smartphone if Mi Airdots Basic_R does not appear in the list of available ones.
    5. Click on the name to connect the smartphone and headset.
    6. A window will appear asking you to allow the headphones to access the contacts (the text in the insert may differ depending on the shell of the phone’s OS).
    7. Agree, after which you can listen to music through the headset.

    How to fix Redmi AirDots sync issues

    The problem of the out of sync of the earbuds occurs in case of violation of the primary activation of the headset or a malfunction in its operation after 1-2 months of use. In this case, the headphones from Xiaomi will have to be reset to the factory settings:

    1. Go to the list of devices connected to the phone via Bluetooth and delete the “gags”.
    2. Remove the headphones from the case and simultaneously hold down the control buttons on both.
    3. After a few seconds, the indicator will flash red and white. Do not release your fingers until repeated flickering occurs.
    4. Return the two headphones back to the case to adjust the communication channel between them.
    5. Remove them from the power connectors and wait for the ripple of the indicators to decrease. The LED should continue to glow only at the right earphone.
    6. Reconnect to your smartphone and enjoy the music.

    Attention! This instruction is also relevant if during a conversation or listening to tracks, the sound disappears or the headphones do not connect to the device the first time. Ensure that the earbuds and case are charged, otherwise a second synchronization failure may occur. At 100% battery capacity, the indicator lights up white, discharged lights up in red.

    Tips for connecting Redmi AirDots

    Xiaomi earphones have several features that should be reckoned with when connecting them and then using them:

    1. The mechanical keys on the “plugs” are able to receive, reject and drop calls, pause and switch musical compositions. They adjust the volume exclusively on the phone.
    2. Headphones can be used separately, saving battery power. To do this, get only one of them from the case and connect it to the device.
    3. The battery life of the headset is 3-4 hours, depending on the set volume. The battery recharges after 45 minutes.
    4. Headphones are connected in the same way to smartphones on Android, iOS and devices with other OSs.
    5. Some smartphones may not see gags due to compatibility issues.
    6. If the headphones are disconnected in a crowded place (shopping center, metro, etc.), the cause is the presence of frequency noise.

    2 Redmi AirDots headphones should be connected to the device automatically after synchronization inside the case. If they do not connect to each other, reset them to the factory settings.