How to connect a tablet to a projector via USB

Is it possible to connect a tablet to a projector?

The wired connection works in most cases, since all Android smartphones and tablets are equipped with connectors: USB type C or microUSB. A common solution is to use a HDMI type cable to connect a phone and projector if the phone supports the MHL standard-use a special MHL-HDMI adapter.

  • Go to the projector settings and indicate Wi-Fi as a signal source;
  • Make a connection to the Wi-Fi phone, I use the name and code of the network that are spelled in the projector settings;
  • Enter the “screen” menu in the system settings of the mobile phone;
  • Activate “Wireless Projecting”.

Ways to connect a phone to a projector

There are 2: wired and wireless. The first implies the use of cable and adapter. In the second case, you will need wire-fi wireless connection.

The main condition is to support the phone and projector MHL technology. Otherwise you have to buy special adapters.

The first method is suitable for devices on which the entrance is built for mini-hdmi. It helps to create a quality connection. The resolution will be as high as possible, and the sound multichannel.

If the projector has only a standard VGA input, you need to act differently. First of all, it is worth buying an MHL adapter. It is used to convert the signal into HDMI format. The adapter is inserted into a micro USB port. In this position, it performs the functions of a conventional HDMI cable.

  • Insert the adapter into the corresponding nest on the smartphone.
  • Combine the other end of the adapter with the HDMI projector cable.
  • Install the necessary programs and drivers.

Sometimes adapters lack power to transform the signal from the phone. The power cable connected to the adapter will help to solve the problem.

There is another method of connection-through a USB cable. There is such a connector on almost all phones and on some models of projectors.

If both devices support MHL, the smartphone plays the role of flash drive. All videos from him are played without any problems.

The wire connection of the smartphone to the projector has 2 important advantages:

From the shortcomings, a complex connection scheme, the use of several wires, the need to purchase additional devices are distinguished.

How to connect a projector to Wi-Fi?

Put the projector in the right place. Attach a power cable to it and stick in a socket. Take the VGA or HDMI wire. Connect them to the projector and computer to the corresponding connectors.

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How to connect a projector to a laptop

If you are puzzled by the issue of connecting the projector to the laptop, carefully read the instructions. It is enough once to independently connect the device with a laptop in order to remember the sequence of actions in the future and not ask this question. How to connect a projector to a laptop.

1) the first thing to do. De.Energize the laptop and projector. By turning off both devices from the network, take the connecting cable (usually VGA, DVI or HDMI cable are used) and use it to connect the laptop and the projector.

If the connectors of the laptop and the projector do not match, a special adapter is needed.

2) Next, include the projector in the outlet, then connect the laptop.

3) the picture should appear automatically, however, if it does not appear, click the “FN” key on the laptop keyboard and click on the switching key between the screens, as indicated in the picture.

4) In the technical characteristics of projection equipment, see what kind of resolution it supports. The values ​​can be three types: 800 × 600, 1024 × 768 or 1920 × 1080. In the laptop settings, it is necessary to set the specified value.

5) clicking on the empty place of the desktop, the menu will open. Click the “screen resolution”. In the window that opens, set the necessary resolution.

Wending connection

If the projector does not have Wi-Fi, and the smartphone is equipped with a Micro-USB Type C connector, then the easiest way to connect it to the projector is to use the USB-C-HDMI cable.

This method is as simple as possible, you only need to choose on the projector (or its remote control) as source of HDMI signal, as well as activate the image of the image to the external port on the smartphone (in most cases, all this happens automatically).

connect, tablet, projector

Perhaps the only serious drawback of this type of connection is the inability to recharge the smartphone while broadcasting the image from it. It is worth taking care of charging in advance so that the suddenly discharged battery does not prevent viewing.

How to connect a projector on Windows 10?

By turning off both devices from the network, take the connecting cable (usually VGA, DVI or HDMI cable are used) and use it to connect the laptop and the projector. If the connectors of the laptop and the projector do not match, a special adapter is needed. 2) Next, include the projector in the outlet, then connect the laptop.

How to connect to a projector using a cable

When the wireless connection was powerless, the only way out will be the use of adapters or special wires. Most Android gadgets successfully work with USB-C, MicroUSB, HDMI or MHL cables. To carry the devices, any of the listed options must connect to the corresponding port on the projector.

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How to connect a phone to a projector via USB

All modern devices are equipped with miniUSB connectors that are necessary to replenish energy and combustion with stationary devices. Accordingly, the original cord should be included with the phone. As for the connection with the projector, the procedure will be carried out using an HDMI port. That is, the entrance to the phone will be through USB, and HDMI will be in the device.

If there is no such cord in the kit, then you can purchase an adapter for the projector. Together with the adapter, a cable will go, which will connect to both devices and will serve more power to strengthen the transmission. How will the connection take place:

  • First of all, connect the adapter to the mobile device. The USB side.
  • Combine the reverse part of the cord (HDMI) with the corresponding port of the design device.
  • Connect the network wire to the outlet. This is necessary to strengthen the signal.
  • Install the drivers on the mobile gadget for the correct operation (in the event that the system does not do it yourself).

Using MHL

MHL is a mobile connection with high resolution. This method also involves the use of HDMI separation. As in the previous case, one end of the cord will be with the standard port MicroUSB. This wire can also charge the device, however, its distinguishing party is the provision of high quality in the video and audio content.

The main requirement on the part of the projector is the presence of the HDMI port, on which MHL markings are located. Otherwise, after connecting the phone to a regular port, the device will not transmit a signal. As for the phone, its system should also support Mobile High-Definition Link technology.

The connection is as follows:

How To Connect Samsung Tab S6-Lite With Your TV / Monitor

  • Combine one side of the cord with the phone.
  • The second part is installed in the projection device.
  • In the projector settings, set reading from the port of HDMI MHL.

Using the USB-C-HDMI cable

Advanced smartphones based on Android uses USB-C cables. They are designed to quickly replenish energy, as well as to transmit information. To connect a smartphone using this wire to the projector, there should be an adapter under the HDMI connector.

To get started, in the projection device, it is necessary to install reading from the port of HDMI. Next, using the cable, you need to connect the phone and the designing device. The only disadvantage of this method is the lack of charging while connecting to the projector.

How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB cable

Transmit the image, as is the case with HDMI, through a USB cable will not work. Such technology simply does not exist. Gadget can be used as a device for storing information. If the TV supports playing films, music and images from external devices, then the tablet can also be used in the form of a hard drive.

connect, tablet, projector

To configure the media text for the home theater from the tablet, you need:

  • Connect the Micro-USB to USB (mini-USB to usb) cable at one end to the tablet, and the other to the plasma.
  • On the tablet, press the window in which the item will be “connected as a drive”.
  • Using the remote control on the TV, press the “source” button (Input, Source) and select a USB drive.
  • All videos, pictures and audio from the tablet will be visible on the big screen.
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How to connect to Android phone via just with a USB cable? For BeameKing projector- Android version

Image Smart TV with a connected tablet

By connecting both devices via a USB pipeline, you can choose any films and music from the tablet in the plasma menu. To do this, in the input parameters of TV, you need to click on the “USB-drive” in the list. In this case, it will be possible to use the tablet in its needs at the same time.

Through the My FTP Server program

My FTP Server program is another way to connect a laptop to a gadget without wires. For this, first of all, the application is installed on a tablet or phone. After that, the following actions are performed:

On the main panel of the program is clicked on the “Start Server” button. After that, the corresponding window lights up with green light and instead of the inscription “OFF” appears the inscription “ON”.

connect, tablet, projector

Next, set a laptop or computer:

  • Carry out the entrance to the subsection “My computer”;
  • The manipulator key located on the right side is pressed on the free field and the transition to the tab “Add a new element to the network environment”;
  • A new window appears and pressed on the “Next” button;
  • Copy the address of the network from the program and inserted into the appropriate line;
  • Login and password are entered in the fields, then drive the address;
  • Click on the window “Next”.

After that, the “My Computer” menu appears, in which the new element is located.

It is opened and entered by the login and password into the corresponding windows. So you gained access to the gadget files.

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