How to connect a sound from a laptop to a TV

Why is there no sound via HDMI on a TV when connecting a laptop (PC) on Windows 7 and Windows 10

I have already prepared several instructions for connecting a TV to a computer on an HDMI cable, and noticed that there is one very popular problem that many are faced with. The problem is that after connecting the TV to the computer, or laptop, there is no sound on the TV. That is, the sound is not played through the HDMI cable, but continues to sound from the speakers of the laptop, or the speaker system.

We know that through HDMI cable, sound transmitted. So he should sound from the speakers of the TV. And as a rule, the sound on the TV is much better and better than on the same laptop. Therefore, it makes sense to tune the sound through the HDMI cable on the TV. When I wrote the instructions for the connection, I myself came across a problem when there was no sound on the TV. But, this problem is solved very simple. You just need to change some settings on your laptop, or PC. Over, in Windows 7 and Windows 10, these settings are almost the same.

I immediately give links to detailed articles on connecting a TV by HDMI:

By the way, in these articles, I wrote about problems with sound. Everything is described in detail there. In one article on the example of Windows 7, and in the second, for example, Windows 10.

Settings of the program of the audio signal by HDMI

If you need sound transmission by HDMI, this setting must be selected in Windows installations.

Click the key combination “Winr”.

Dial the “Control” menu and click “OK”.

In the “control panel” window, set “large icons” in the opening list and click on the icon “sound”.

On the “Pre” tab, select from the list “Digital Audio (HDMI)”, click on it with the right click of the mouse, click “Use by default” in the menu with the left click, then “OK”.

We select in the list “Digital Audio (HDMI)”, click on it with the right mouse click, with the left click on the line “use by default”, then “ok”

Important! If the connected TV is not determined in the “Sound” window, you must press the “speaker” icon with the right mouse click, with the left click on the line “Show the disconnected devices”. Next, highlight the emerging icon with the name TV, click on it with the right click of the mouse, then with the left click on the line “Turn on”.

We press the “speakers” icon with the right mouse click, with the left click on the line “show the disconnected devices”

Reload PC and check if the sound works by hdmi.

Click “Winr”, print “Devmgmt.MSC “and click” OK “.

In the “Device Manager” window, open the mice with clicks “Sound, video devices” and see the presence of devices marked with an arrow, exclamation or interrogative sign.

Note! Modern video payments have a built.In High Definition Audio sound controller to display audio by HDMI.

We open the mice with clicks section “Sound, video devices” and find devices marked with an arrow

If the device is inactive (marked with an arrow), press it with the right mouse button and select the left “use”.

If the devices have exclamation or interrogative signs, select “update the driver” in the same way.

Click with the right mouse button on the device with exclamation or interrogative signs, left on the point “Update the driver”

How to get sound on TV from PC laptop trough HDMI cable

Select “Automatic search”. The system will search and install the driver.

Repeat the steps of the section “Setting the transmission of the audio signal by HDMI”, restart the PC and check the sound output on TV.

Important! If the automatic search does not work, download the drivers and set it manually or use a third.Party utility, the instructions for which are presented below.

Using Driver Easy

If the user does not have time or skills to search and install all the necessary drivers, this can be done using the Driver Easy program.

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Follow the link: https: // download.CNET.COM/Drivereasy/3000-18513_4-75090748.HTML?Part = DL-Subj = DLTAG = Button and click “Download Now”.

How to configure the connection of the laptop to the TV via HDMI

After you have connected everything, a laptop and a TV need to be configured, without this the image will not appear. First you need to click the Source button on the TV remote control and select HDMI in the list that opens. If in the list of sources on your TV there are several HDMI you just need to choose the right one (the one to which you connected the cable).

If you are lucky, then after switching the TV to the HDMI signal, an image from a laptop will appear on its screen. But, if this does not happen, you will need to dig into the laptop settings. If you have Windows 7, then you need to click on the empty mouse button on the empty space on the desktop and go to the “screen resolution”.

After that, a window with the screen settings will appear. There are several options that allow you to control how the image is displayed. In order to transfer the image to the laptop, you need to open the “screen” menu and select the “several monitors” item. After that, the image should appear on the TV screen. In addition, in the screen settings, you can change the image resolution, its orientation, and also configure the method of working. There are 4 different ways of work in total:

  • “Duplicate these screens”. The image on TV completely duplicates the picture on the laptop screen.
  • “Expand these screens”. The TV screen is used as a second monitor for a laptop, expanding the user’s working space. With this method of work, it becomes possible to move the windows between the TV and the device screen.
  • “Display the desktop only by 1”. The image is not transmitted to TV, only the screen screen is used.
  • “Display the desktop only by 2”. The image is displayed on TV, but is not displayed on the device screen.

If you use the Windows 10 operating system, then to set up monitors you need to go to the “Parameters” menu (Windows-I keys combination) and go to the “System-Screen” section. All the same settings are available here as in Windows 7, with the exception of a resolution that is selected automatically.

Also in Windows 10 you can quickly switch between the methods of connecting the monitor. To do this, click the key combination of Windows-P (Project-project) and select one of the options: “only computer screen”, “repeated”, “expand” and “only the second screen”.

In addition, external monitors settings are available in drivers from the video card. For example, if you have a video card from NVIDIA, then you can click on the mouse on the desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel.

After the opening of the NVIDIA control panel, you need to go to the “display. Change in permission” section. Here it will be possible to change the resolution and frequency of update for each of the connected screens.

In the section “display. Installation of several monitors” it will be possible to determine connected monitors, select the main monitor and change their location relative to each other.

Similar settings are available in drivers of other manufacturers (AMD, Intel). But, they are unlikely to be useful to you, since in most cases there are enough settings that are available in Windows itself.

Connection of Apple MacBook Pro and Air to TV

Mini DisplayPort adapters in Apple store

Apple laptops are equipped with an output of the Mini DisplayPort type. To connect to the TV, you will need to purchase an appropriate adapter, depending on which inputs are available on your TV. On sale on the Apple Store (can be found in other places) there are the following options:

The connection itself is intuitive. All that is required, connect the wires and select the desired image source on the TV.

What to do if the sound does not go to the TV from the computer?

This happens very often. The image on the TV appeared, but there is no sound. It is not at all, or it sounds with the acoustic system connected to the computer. If you want the sound to go through the TV, then first check if the sound is turned off on TV and whether it is twisted.

Next, you need to go to the “playback devices”.

The list of devices should be your TV. You need to press it with the right mouse button and install “use by default”.

If the TV is not on the list, then press the right mouse button on the empty region and put the checkmarks near two points: “Show the disabled devices” and “Show disconnected devices”.

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If this did not help, and there is still no sound with PC on the TV, then try to reinstall the video card driver. Just download it and run the installation. HDMI cable at this moment, let it be connected to a computer.

How to check these settings in Windows 7, I showed in the article why there is no sound via HDMI on the TV, when connecting a laptop (PC). Be sure to look at it and read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. There is a lot of useful information there.

I have never encountered the problem of sounding sound by HDMI. How much I connected, everything worked at once after connecting. But there is such a problem.

Setting up Windows playback devices

Usually, when in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 you connect a TV or a separate monitor via HDMI to a laptop, the sound automatically begins to play on it. However, there are exceptions when the playback device does not change automatically and remains the same. Here it is worth trying to check if it is possible to manually choose what audio will be lost with.

  • Press with the right mouse button according to the dynamics icon in the Windows notifications (right at the bottom right) and select the “PHEASE” item “. In Windows 10 1903, 1809 and 1803, to get into playback devices in the menu, select the “Open Sound Parameters” item, and in the next window. “Sound control panel”, or through the control panel. Sound.
  • Pay attention to which of the devices is selected as a default device. If these are speakers or headphones, but the list also contains NVIDIA High Definition Audio, AMD (ATI) High Definition Audio or some devices with the text of HDMI, click on it with the right button and select “Use the default” (do it, when the TV is already connected via HDMI).
  • Apply the settings made.

Most likely, these three steps will be enough to solve the problem. However, it may turn out that there is nothing like HDMI Audio in the list of playback devices (even if you press the right button to the empty place of the list and enable the display of hidden and disconnected devices), then the following options for solving the problem will be helped.

Windows 11

If you use the Windows 11 operating system, then to configure sound you need to use the “Parameters” menu. To quickly open this menu, click on the dynamics icon on the taskbar.

After that, a pop.Up menu will appear with the adjustment of the sound volume. Here you need to click on the right mouse button on the speaker icon and select “Go to the parameters”.

As a result, the “Parameters” window will open (section “System. Sound”). Here at the very top of the window there will be a list of devices on your laptop or computer that can be used to display sound.

Find your TV here and select it. If the TV is missing, then try to turn it off and turn it on again.

Connection using HDMI connection

After choosing the desired wire, connect them with a cable to connect the devices by performing simple settings.

  • Turn off the devices.
  • Connect one end of the wire to the HDMI input connector on the receiver of the personal cinema, and the other end to the HDMI output port on the portable PC.
  • Turn on the technique.
  • In the settings of the acoustic complex, select the desired nest and install it as a signal source.
  • To configure PC, click on the screen with the right mouse button, in the drop.Down list, select the “screen resolution” option. Ask one of the commands: expand the image on both displays, turn on one of the screens, duplicate the video image.

Connect the devices through HDMI The most preferred option, as it provides the most optimal quality of transmission of audio signals and images.

Connection options

Today, a huge number of cables are presented on the market, which allows to combine various types of connectors. Each type of connection has its own characteristics.

HDMI cable

This method is considered the most popular, because with it problems and malfunctions are quite rare, the quality is at the highest level. The cord of this type sometimes comes with digital technology, and in the retail network it can be purchased at any store.

connect, sound, laptop

When connecting, you need to de.Energize the products, connect the cable to the laptop and TV. This connection does not require separate settings, only when you turn on the television receiver in section, indicate the source of the sound signal.

Advice! When buying a cable, do not chase the most expensive analogue. They are all made of one material that does not affect the sound series.

During the preparation and execution of such a connection, a problem may arise: the sound does not go through the acoustics of TV. We go into the laptop settings, select the source of the sound signal TV, put the box “Use by default”. Also check the video card. It must support a similar reproduction. True, many manufacturers introduce a special jumper in the complete set that helps to create a connection, in the instructions this should be displayed. In order for the video card on the TV to work properly, you need to update the drivers, but only from the official site.

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When setting up, both products should be connected if the laptop for some reason does not see TV when the HDMI cable is included-reboot the computer and repeat all the settings.

This variety is used when it is necessary to switch the sound series from the computer to TV. There are three main types of such a connection:

connect, sound, laptop

But with the help of this connector, the correct sound transmission does not always pass. The reason is in the video card of your PC. Experts advise using a special DVI-HDMI cable or use the DVI-D-HDMI adapter along with the cable, where both connectors are identical, t. E. Type HDMI. Such a complex scheme of the entire design has a very simple explanation. The video signal is not in all cases freely and without changes passes through the cable of this type. In addition, the settings have a more complex system than in the first option.

A rather ancient way. It is rarely used and, mainly on products of the old layout, where there is no way to connect modern cables. This connector is always occupied on a system unit with a cord from the monitor, so you also need to purchase a special adapter and a sound row player.

The disadvantages include the fact that this outdated cable connected to the products does not convey sound in its characteristics. It is used as an additional element. The option is considered costly in monetary terms, difficult for execution and does not have the necessary quality.

Wireless technologies

Many users often ask the question of how to transfer the sound from a home computer to a TV using Wi-Fi and what needs to be purchased for this. Your TV must have support for DLNA technology. Digital networks located in the house. This modern project allows the user to solve all the problems. Download any applications and updates, accept and transmit video images, digital music and distribute it among home compatible devices.

Today, each flat TV family of plasma models is equipped with such functionality, so this method of data transmission is an alternative to HDMI cable.

The settings are not difficult, but for their implementation it is necessary to buy a high-quality router working in the DHCP system-a technology that allows you to automatically assign to any IP address devices. When you were convinced that the TV is equipped with a special module, proceed to the phased setting.

Fix HDMI No Sound in Windows 10 When Connect to TV. No HDMI Audio Device Detected

  • We set up a router to work in mode at the same time, it is necessary to install a very reliable password (at least 10-12 signs) to protect the device from extraneous penetration.
  • In the TV menu, we are looking for the “Wireless Connection” section, we find our network and enter it.
  • To translate the sound from a laptop to TV, you need to install the Media Serrender program to your PC/laptop, then use it to open access to the right virtual media in which music is saved.
  • To switch sound with PC, you need to open a previously installed program and select the Internet in the TV settings as source of playing a “Internet” play.

Specialists include a significant load on a local home network to the disadvantages of this type of connection. This may affect the speed of the Internet.

Network cable RJ45

This type of cable in the retail network is sold as “twisted pair”. For such a connection, the TV must maintain a data technology similar to the previous version. Additionally, you need to purchase a router, which leads to a slowdown in the connection speed. You need another network card. Settings are made similarly to a wireless network.


This method is useful for connecting outdated PC models, laptops and TV, which modern cables simply will not work. Experts call this type of “tulip” connection, the cord may have two or three connectors, each of which is responsible for the transmission of specific data or signal. Standard marking:

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