How to connect a smartphone to the digital set-top box

FAQ: Can I connect my smartphone to a T2 set-top box??

If your console is equipped with a USB port, you need only a cable. Connect the cable to both devices. Select “Use as HDD” in the menu that appears. Using the remote control, select the connected device for the T2 tuner among the sources.

  • Open the network settings on your TV and turn on Miracast.
  • On your smartphone go to “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor” and enable the function.
  • Choose your TV in the list of found Miracast devices.
  • Picture from a smartphone appears on the TV screen immediately after connection.

How to control Android TV set-top box from your phone?

Your smartphone and TV set-top box must be connected through the same local network; CetusPlay must be installed on both the set-top box and the Android-gadget. In this case, the versions of the program are different. The remote server version must be installed for TV set-top box and the remote control version for Android TV must be installed for smartphone/tablet.

TV and phone connection procedure:

  • Switch both devices off (unplug the TV from the mains).
  • Connect the cable ends to the corresponding jacks.
  • Turn on your TV and smartphone.
  • In the TV menu, specify the HDMI port as the signal source. After that, the phone screen will be displayed on the TV.

Receiver as part of a home multimedia network: new features and connectivity

In this article we will talk about the new features of AV receivers and how you can use them in home multimedia network. I have previously written about this class of devices, such as AV receivers, but with the advent of 4K, the development of wireless technology and many other trends, I decided to “refresh” the material. A few years ago, these devices were not aimed at a wide group of consumers, but now those wishing to build a home theater based on the receiver has increased at times, there would be more, but not everyone knows about these devices.

AV receivers are the type of devices which are the communication “heart” (node) in the construction of home theater. Simply put, you connect all your multimedia equipment to the receiver: Blu-ray player, game console, TV set-top box (IPTV or media player), CD player, even your father’s vinyl player can be connected to the AV receiver. All sorts of connectors and interfaces of modern receivers are enough. In addition to audio sources, all video sources can be connected to the AV receiver. Such sources can be game consoles, satellite receivers, DVD or Blu-ray players, etc.п. devices. By connecting all your multimedia equipment to the receiver, you can get the processed signal from all these sources: upscaling to FullHD due to low quality source, activate the necessary decoder when switching audio tracks, amplify the audio signal, highlight the voice, etc.д.). So you can output quality multimedia content to your TV/projector and loudspeakers. The result is that you have connected all your devices to your TV with one HDMI cable, which goes from the receiver to your TV.

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Home theater based on AV receiver allows you to organize a clear communication of multimedia devices with an abundance of ports for connection. Home theater will be systematized, you can easily switch between the signals of active devices, which comes from different sources.

The widest range of features AV receivers have to offer relate to audio processing:

  • Improving the quality of the input signal
  • Sound decomposition for listening on systems 5.1 or 7.1
  • Sound distribution in two independent zones
  • All sorts of “enhancers” and sound models for different sound sources

Absolutely clear, without AV-receiver to build a complete home multimedia system is impossible.

New features of modern AV receivers

Modern AV receivers got new features for communication with devices in home multimedia network. Some models of AV receivers support the work with modern mobile devices based on iOS and Android. The interaction comes down to the fact that the owners of mobile gadgets on iOS and Android have the ability to transfer content from their device to the receiver, and the latter in turn sends this content to your home multimedia system. Thus, you can play content from your smartphone or tablet without additional wires and additional problems. Data transfer from your smartphone/tablet to the receiver is carried out by a special application, which you can download for free from Google PlayMarket or App Store. Broadcast to the TV screen content is a photo or video from the gallery of your mobile device, as well as music collection, which you will listen to the speakers connected to the receiver. Connecting your mobile device to the receiver is done via Wi-Fi and requires minimal setup from the user.

WI-FI-Direct is another new function of the modern receiver, which is a technology that allows to transmit picture and sound directly from smartphone or tablet without any wireless equipment. WI-FI-Direct is present in the functionality of most modern smartphones.

Recent trends in multimedia have introduced into AV receivers a USB port for playing MP3/WMA/ACC music files or connecting a music player, and the HDMI interface acquired the ARC function, about which I wrote in this article. I haven’t ignored modern network technologies, such as LAN, Internet Radio and Media Server. And of course we could not avoid the support of digital video streams in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution, which supports the latest models of Smart TV.

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I won’t mention the main functions, because they are also described in the previous article on AV receivers. For example, surround sound decoders that support modern HD Audio formats (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.).) are already a standard among medium-price segment receivers and above, as well as the support for automatic adjustment with a special service microphone or 3D functionality.

To summarize, we want to note that there are a lot of different brands that provide high-quality and modern AV receivers: Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, Sony, etc.д. So, there are enough options to get a modern AV receiver with support of most audio and video formats and excellent performance quality. If you have any difficulties when choosing an AV receiver, ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

How to control the Android TV set-top box from your phone?

To connect a smartphone and a TV set-top box you need to use the same local network, the CetusPlay software must be installed on both the set-top box and the Android gadget. At the same time the versions of the program differ. For TV you need to set the version with a remote server, and for smartphone/tablet. the remote control version for Android TV.

  • Download the software from the Google Store
  • Connect both the phone and the set-top box to the Wi-Fi network
  • Set up
  • Use the program.

How to share the Internet from a phone to the set-top box?

Connect one end of the USB cable to the phone and the other end to the receiver. The phone will probably ask in what mode to connect. Or manually in the settings select “file transfer” (device saving data). If the radio did not automatically switch to “USB” mode, then do it manually.

How to connect your phone to the console Lumax?

Connecting the Lumax tuner and your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Find USB in the receiver menu, select “MeeCast QR” and scan the QR code from the phone app. Download MeeCast on your smartphone after the address appears.

Switch off both devices (unplug the TV from the power outlet). Connect the cable ends to the corresponding jacks. Turn on your TV and your smartphone. In the TV menu, set the HDMI port as the signal source.

Can I connect my phone to a digital set-top box?

Many people ask how to connect your phone to the digital STB via WI-FI. For this you can use MeeCast, which is supported by some tuners and suitable for Android devices 5 and up.0 or higher. This option does not work with all receivers.

  • Connect your TV to the power.
  • Take the USB cord and plug it into the TV port.
  • Connect the smartphone to the second jack of the cable.
  • Your phone screen will show a prompt asking you to select the USB settings. Select mass storage mode.
  • On your TV remote control, select the USB adapter.
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How to connect your smartphone to your TV via t2?

How to connect your phone to a t2 tuner?

  • Connect the cable to both devices.
  • In the menu that appears select “Use as storage”.
  • Using the remote control, select among the sources the connected device for the T2 tuner.
  • Using the arrows on the remote control select the desired folders and files inside them.
  • Enjoy the broadcast.


If you have a modern TV, it probably has a USB connector, as well as a built-in player, with which you will play the content that is in smartphone memory. So we do the following:

We enter the settings of the smartphone in the section “For developers” and activate the debugging via USB

connect, smartphone, digital, set-top

Connect the device to the TV using a standard USB cable. Select “Connect as an external drive”

After that using built-in TV player, select, for example, any movie and play it on the big screen.

If both devices (TV and Android) have a built-in HDMI connector, then use a special adapter cable to connect the devices to each other and, without any additional settings, playback the content stored in the memory of the Android device. If your smartphone does not have such a connector, you can use additional “adapters” as on the screenshot.

Using Wi-Fi

To use this method, you need to make sure that the TV supports this option. If not. If you want to play a movie on the big screen, buy an external Wi-Fi adapter, which you can then connect to the HDMI output.


Some Android smartphone models (most often flagships, especially Samsung) have a built-in application called Miracast. It can be used to duplicate on the big screen, whatever is shown on the gadget’s display.

connect, smartphone, digital, set-top

Tubio. Online video on TV, Chromecast, AirPlay

If you don’t have Miracast, then use a similar third-party app like Tubio. Online Video on TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, which you can download.

Select the video, music or any other content we are interested in and play it on the big screen.

Now you know how to connect your Android to your TV and comfortably watch your favorite videos or play your game streams on the big screen. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below and we will definitely help you.

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