How to connect a Samsung watch to your phone

How to synchronize your phone with a Smart Watch

Having bought any model of smart watch, we can worry about their connection to our smartphone. Without this, to enjoy all the benefits of this device becomes impossible. How to synchronize a cell phone with your smart watch, and what actions need to be taken? We will tell you in our article.

There are a lot of models of smart watches from different manufacturers on the market today.

The procedure for synchronizing a fitness bracelet can take the following forms:

Method: Explanation:
Connecting phone to watch directly. There is no need to use any third-party software tools to pair your phone with the tracker. All necessary actions are performed directly.
Using the functionality of a special mobile application (“Wear OS”, “BTNotification”, “Mediatek SmartService” and others). It is due to the application, installed on the smartphone, that Smart watch is configured and its further work is performed.

Before performing the synchronization it is necessary to charge the smart bracelet. Usually this is done using a special USB cable that connects one end to the watch and the other end to a charger (USB connector of a laptop, Powerbank, etc.).).

After that, carefully study the instruction, which is included in the package. There is often placed a QR code. which contains a link to the apps for watch service. Such a QR code can be scanned by any application for scanning QR codes, which can be downloaded from Play Market or Ep Store.

After you have downloaded and installed this application on your phone, in some cases it will be necessary to register in it. After passing this procedure, the only thing left is to synchronize the phone with the smart watch, placing them in close proximity to each other.

Let’s look at ways to connect both without and with an app.

How to charge the watch

The manufacturer recommends that you only use original chargers and batteries. Using third-party tools can harm the charging process.

Checking the charge level

  • When the Smartwatch is on wireless charging, press any button. The screen shows the percentage of charging.
  • When the device is off but in charging, you also press one of the side buttons to check the process.
  • If the watch is on, you only need to touch the display to check the charge.

Wireless charging

The Galaxy Watch has a wireless battery charging system. The platform for power will be a special mat or the body of the charging system.

  • You need to put the Smart Watch with its back to the bottom on the center of the special mat or another device with similar functionality.
  • When your gadget is fully charged you just need to remove it from the surface of the mat.

There should be no metal or other conductive parts on the mat.

Power Saving Mode

When the battery percentage is low, it is better to work in power saving mode. It disables Wi-Fi, turns all bright colors to gray, limits app functions. Thanks to this, it is possible to extend the operating time by several hours, even if there is very little charge left.

You can also turn on and off the power-saving mode in the quick access panel by clicking on the icon with the drawn battery.

Connecting to iPhone

No need to install additional apps to pair your Apple devices. Pairing is done automatically when Bluetooth is active.

  • Turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
  • Turn on the Apple Watch with the button on the edge of the case and hold it until the brand icon appears.
  • Zoom the watch to the iPhone and wait for it to say it’s connected.
  • Choose “Next.
  • Point your phone’s camera at the watch display.
  • Wait for a pairing message.
  • Register your wrist device through the ID.
  • Set up the Apple Watch, following the prompts.
connect, samsung, watch, your, phone

If the gadgets don’t “see” each other, you should reset both devices to factory settings and repeat the steps.

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Learn more about setting up and connecting the Apple Wacth in the step-by-step instructions: Setting up your Apple Watch. features, apps, updates, resetting

Connecting Galaxy Watch to a Samsung or iPhone smartphone

How to connect your Samsung fitness watch to your phone:

  • Fully charge and turn on the watch.
  • Install the Galaxy Wearable app for Android and Galaxy Watch for iOS
  • Launch the software.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Select your device from the list.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Galaxy Watch paired with the iPhone loses some features that are available only to owners of Samsung phones. At the link you will be able to check the compatibility of the devices.

A way to connect your smart watch to your phone without the app

If your smart watch connects to your phone without using an app (and the app’s instructions explicitly confirm this), then the procedure is as follows:

connect, samsung, watch, your, phone
  • Go to your smartphone’s settings;
  • There, find the “Bluetooth” section and activate the Bluetooth connection;Activate the Bluetooth connection
  • If your phone’s functionality suggests, activate discovery mode there as well, allowing other Bluetooth devices to find your phone;
  • Turn on your smart watch. Usually, this involves pressing their main multifunction button for a few seconds until they turn on;Turn on your smart watch
  • On your smartphone in the Bluetooth settings, click on “Search” or similar button to start the process of searching for nearby Bluetooth devices; Click on “Search”
  • In the list of found devices your Smart wristband will be displayed. Tap on its name;
  • After that some code may appear. Make sure the code on your phone and watch matches. Press “Pair” or a similar button to synchronize the devices with each other. The connection procedure will be completed.

Connection app

Regardless of the model of the watch or phone, before connecting you need to perform common actions for all devices: read the instructions that came with the device, check the charging level of both devices and, if necessary, charge the technique.

Next, download the app to your smartphone. Information about which application is used can be found in the instructions. Also, there is usually a QR code in the manual to download the required application. Depending on the smartphone’s operating system, the app will be downloaded from Play Market (for Android smartphones) or the App Store (for iPhone).

You can see the most used apps by manufacturer in the table below:

Manufacturer App name
Xiaomi MiFit
Amazfit Amazfit
Huawei Huawei Health
Samsung Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Galaxy Watch)
Garmin Garmin Connect
Fitbit Fitbit
Fossil, Mobvoi, Disel, etc.д. Wear OS by Google
Kids Smart Watch SeTracker, SeTracker 2, SeTracker 3

Chinese smartwatch manufacturers use a number of different apps to connect: Fundo Pro, H Band, Da Fit, WearHeart, WearHealt, WearFit, Comfit, WiiWatch, H plus, etc.д. All are also available for download in the Play Market and App Store. You can download the applications by scanning the QR-code or searching by name.

Step by step instructions for iPhone

Without any efforts the owners of “apple” devices can connect their gadgets. Pairing Apple Watch and iPhone is pretty easy.

Turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Put the watch on your hand and turn it on by holding down the button. When the brand logo appears on the display, release it.

Bring the smartwatch to your smartphone. Information about the smart gadget’s settings will appear on the screen. Press the “continue” button. If the message suddenly doesn’t appear, open the Apple Watch app and select “Pair”.

Point your smartphone camera at the watch face. Wait for the signal of a successful connection. Enter the device ID under which it will be registered.

If this is your first time using the watch, tap “set up the Apple Watch”. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID. If the prompt doesn’t show up right away, open it through the app by selecting “Basic”.

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If the watch doesn’t have the latest software, you’ll be prompted to update it. Check the charge level before agreeing.

Create a password that will come in handy, such as for Apple Pay. You can skip this step. Perform the settings of the device.

The Apple Watch has functions such as smartphone search, GPS, and Internet access available in automatic mode. Additionally, you can connect Siri, even if it has not been enabled on your phone. Keep in mind that synchronizing the devices may take some time, especially if you already have a lot of data saved on your smartphone. You will be notified of the end of the process by a slight ripple.

If the Apple Watch displays “activation lock,” you’ll need to enter your email address and password. A problem may arise if the watch had another owner. Then he must remove the activation lock.

How to connect your Samsung phone to the TV

You can synchronize a mobile device with the TV in different ways. it depends on the models of gadgets and the needs of the user. It is useful to know how to connect wireless headphones to the TV.

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is a Samsung technology that allows you to duplicate the phone display on the Smart TV screen with almost no delay. All A10, A51, A70, A71, A8, A50 and other Galaxy models, as well as F, K, L, M, Q, N, J, LS series TVs support this feature.

If your device does not support Screen Mirror, you can use the Smart View mobile app (it is also available for iPhone).

How to connect a Samsung Galaxy to a Samsung TV depends on the Android version. Pairing on Android 4 and 5:

  • To activate the Screen Mirroring function on your TV using the Source button (only for F and J models).
  • Turn on Screen Mirroring (All Share Cast) in the phone settings.
  • Select a TV model from the drop-down list. After the synchronization is completed the image from the phone display will automatically appear on the TV screen.

Note. With Screen Mirroring you can connect your gamepad to your phone and play mobile games on the big screen. To play games and watch videos, it’s convenient to connect headphones to your Samsung TV.

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone on Android 6:

  • Enable Screen Mirroring on F-Series and J-Series TVs (the feature is enabled by default on other models).
  • In the quick settings of the phone (swipe downwards) activate the “Quick connection” item.

How to connect an Android 9 or higher smartphone to a Samsung Smart TV:

  • Open the quick settings menu.
  • Go to Advanced.
  • Tap on the Smart View icon.
  • When the search for a TV is completed, select its name from the list.
  • On the screen of some TV models you may be asked to connect, it must be allowed.

DeX station or adapter

Samsung DeX accessories allow you not only to broadcast your smartphone display on the TV screen, but also to use your mobile device instead of a computer (if you connect a phone, monitor, keyboard and mouse to the dock). Through wired connection, the signal is delay free, and the video can be broadcast in FullHD quality. For Honor phone users, a helpful compilation of tips on how to connect your Honor phone to your TV wired and wirelessly.

Take note! Support for sync modes may vary from model to model.

How to connect your Samsung TV to your smartphone using DeX accessories:

  • Connect the docking station or adapter to your Samsung Galaxy with a wire.
  • Connect your gadget to your TV via HDMI connector.
  • Select signal source in TV menu (also HDMI). the picture from your phone will appear on the screen.

Just a side note. DeX technology allows you to use your phone for two tasks at once. For example, turn on the broadcast of a children’s show or a movie on the TV screen, and simultaneously work or play on your Samsung Galaxy.

How to use Samsung smartphone as a computer:

  • Connect the DeX station to your TV or monitor via cable
  • Connect a mouse and keyboard to the base.
  • Plug your phone into the MicroUSB port and place it on the cradle.
  • In the TV menu, select the DeX station as the signal source, and on the phone, activate the duplication of information (if the process does not start automatically).
  • On the TV screen you will see a full desktop with the DeX shell, reminiscent of the usual OS: with shortcuts, the analog of the Start menu and the taskbar.
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info. Some mobile apps can’t expand to full screen in DeX mode, but most Android smartphone apps (including Microsoft’s office suite and Photoshop Lightroom) are adapted to work in PC mode.

USB card reader

You can also view photos and videos taken on your Samsung Galaxy directly from your memory card on your TV screen. To do this, you need to buy a card reader, which is connected to the TV via a USB connector, then follow:

  • Transfer the desired files from the internal memory to
  • Take out the card and insert it into the card reader (if necessary, use the microSD-SD adapter that comes with it).
  • In the TV menu, select the signal source.
  • The TV will display a list of folders and files on the memory card.

Photos and videos taken with the camera are stored in DCIM folders, while those downloaded or transferred to the Samsung Galaxy are stored in Pictures, Downloads or Bluetooth.

Connecting your smartphone to TV via Wi-Fi

TVs with Wi-Fi Direct can be connected to phones using Wi-Fi. Devices that support the technology usually have a Smart TV sticker on the case.

Note! To connect to a TV of an older series, you can use a Wi-Fi adapter, which connects to the TV via the USB port.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Watch to a new phone

Connecting your Samsung Galaxy smart watch to your new phone can be a little annoying. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just pressing the “Connect” button. We show you how to make the process as painless as possible.

The process begins on the Samsung Galaxy Watch itself. First, tap the “Power” button to open the app gallery, and then tap the “Settings” app (represented by the gear icon) from the list.

Scroll to the end of the “Settings” menu and press “Connect to New Phone”.

The next screen will ask you to back up your data. We highly recommend doing this to make the transition as seamless as possible. Press “Backup data”.

This will launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your old phone and open the backup settings. Select “Backup data.”.

Once “Prepare” is complete, you’ll see a list of things you can back up. Select all the categories you want to save and click “Backup”.

When you’re done, click “Done.”. Now go back to the clock and go to the “Connect to New Phone” screen again. This time, click “Continue.”. Everything on your device will be deleted.

After the watch finishes resetting, it will reboot. Now we can navigate to your new smartphone. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and select your device from the list.

It will scan your smart watch nearby. Select your watch from the list when it appears.

Then tap the screen to connect to the watch, and tap “Pairing” in the Wearable app.

You’ll see a “Complete Pairing” animation in the Wearable app. When finished, a “Watch in Pair” message will appear. Tap “Agree” to continue.

The next step is to pair the appropriate plug-in with your specific watch. Click “OK” on the pop-up message to continue.

Select any of the options shown on this screen, or tap “Skip”. If you’ve made your selection, click “Next.”.

You will be prompted to sign in to your Samsung account. You need to do this to get access to the backup copy we made earlier. Click on “Login”.

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