How to Connect a Samsung Watch to an iPhone

How to Connect a Samsung Watch to an iPhone

Fitness bracelet is a device that provides control of a number of body parameters, as well as increasing the convenience of communication when playing sports and leading an active lifestyle.

It can be used for various purposes, the most common are controlling the heartbeat, distance traveled, time and much more.

You can increase the functionality of the gadget by connecting it to a smartphone. Most devices communicate with Android phones as well as iOS.

The bracelet will receive additional features not previously available.

How to connect a gadget with a phone

Before you connect a fitness bracelet to your phone, you need to determine the technical feasibility of such a connection. Most devices allow you to pair your gadget with any modern smartphone via a bluetooth connection, but there may be some exceptions, for example, individual bracelets are not connected in iOS (but this is more an exception than a rule).

You can find out the exact order using the instructions for use. The required version of the smartphone’s operating system will be indicated in the documents for the bracelet.

Connection is made using the following procedure:

  • Install the appropriate application on the phone. You can use a proprietary program released specifically for a specific model of smart watches. If the manufacturer is a well-known brand, then such an application probably exists. You can also download a universal version from third-party developers, there are many options, both paid and free;
  • launching the application, checking its performance;
  • Turn on the bluetooth connection. If you do not turn it on, then synchronization will be impossible;
  • registration in the application. If it was made earlier, then you need to authorize by entering your username and password;
  • device search through applications. For the first time, you need to place the gadget in close proximity to the phone and search for and connect it;
  • initial setup. You need to set the date, time, basic parameters proposed by the program.

After that, the bracelet will be ready to work. If you have any connection problems, you can try to use another program, restart the device or contact the service center to check the gadget.

On Android

Most often, the use of bracelets is made in conjunction with phones on the Android operating system. It is equipped with smartphones from different manufacturers, for example, Samsung, Huawei and so on.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • a special application is installed on the smartphone. Each bracelet manufacturer will have their own program, for example, MS 1020 uses the Yoho Sports application, Intelligence Health Bracelet M2, just like the Ydy KX103 can work with Droi Health, Lefun is attached to Lefun Health;
  • registration in the application is made. Most often, this can be done immediately from the program, but in some cases the procedure is difficult. For example, when using the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is better to register in the Mi Fit program through the site, since the application will require a Chinese phone number, and the site allows you to carry out the procedure using any email;
  • authorization is performed using the received login and password;
  • Enters the main menu. Most often, at the first entrance, it will be suggested to connect the device. If such a warning appears, you must select it; if not, you need to go to the appropriate section;
  • Search for available devices. At the same time, the bluetooth connection should be enabled on the smartphone and bracelet;
  • in the window that appears, the desired device is selected and connected to it.

Important! If you can’t attach the bracelet in this way, you need to connect directly. Most often, for this you need to enter a special serial number. You can find it in the bracelet settings or documentation for it.

Connect with iPhone

You can connect not only to a phone on the Android system, but also to a device using iOS (iPhone 6, as well as other models). The procedure will also differ depending on the gadget used, for example, when connecting M2 to iPhone, it is recommended to use DroiHealth or a third-party application developed for this system. The rest of the procedure is as follows:

  • the application is installed on a smartphone;
  • the program starts, authorization is performed;
  • the device is synchronized for subsequent operation;
  • initial setup is done.

The general principle of connecting to an iPhone is exactly the same as when connecting to a phone on Android, there will be no fundamental difference.

What you need to sync with your smartphone

For synchronization, it is necessary that the correct version of the operating system is installed on the smartphone. Otherwise, the program simply will not work.

Also a required attribute is the presence of a bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi, depending on the model. Without a connection, the device cannot be synchronized, and it is precisely these types of signals that are used (most often bluetooth).

Important! Another requirement is the availability of a special program on a mobile device. Synchronization is done only through the appropriate utility. This can be either the original program or the development of third-party companies.

Charge and turn on the device

The smartwatch is charged using a special cable. Most often, the usual USB charging cable does not fit. there is another input on the bracelet. But it is necessary to watch each model separately.

The device is turned on by pressing a special key. On some gadgets, there is one button at all, which is used to turn on and off. The bracelet will turn on only when there is enough battery power.

Turn on bluetooth

To connect to a smartphone, either bluetooth or Wi-Fi is used. There are no other options, synchronization must be done using one of two options.

Some models allow you to turn off the signal at a time when it is not used, in order to save power, since the connection consumes significant power.

Turning on and off is done in the settings menu of the gadget itself. You need to enter the connection section and check the corresponding box.

Install and configure the application

Application configuration is carried out after its launch. First of all, you will need to go through registration and authorization, which will require the presence of an electronic almost or phone. A more accurate setting will be needed after connecting the bracelet, that is, its synchronization with the smartphone.

Is it possible to untie a smart watch from one and reconfigure to another smartphone

Any “smart watch” can be tied to a smartphone that meets the minimum requirements. You can do this at any time. over, such a binding is not constant.

The bracelet can also be disconnected at any time from the smartphone and reconnected to another phone, even with a different operating system. Reconnection will be carried out in a general manner, using similar actions.

Can I link the tracker to a laptop

Connecting a fitness bracelet to a laptop is also possible. The easiest option is to use the emulator of the Android system, which can be freely downloaded on the Internet. At the same time, the bracelet will “think” that it is connected to the smartphone, there will be no difference for it.

Attention! Connecting to a laptop is justified only for fine tuning, as the tracker is designed for active use, and it will be difficult to take a laptop with you when playing sports. Also, a connection to a computer may be required for the purpose of flashing.

To connect the device, you will need to check whether there is a bluetooth connection on the laptop. If it is not available, you can purchase the model separately and connect it via USB.

For example, VirtualBox is considered a verified emulator, but you can try to test other versions of programs.

You can use this method with any bracelets, for example, Xiaomi Mi Band of any version (Mi Band 2, Mi Band3), M2, Huawei Honor Band 3, Polar A370 and so on.

What problems may arise when trying to attach a Chinese gadget

Among the most common are the following:

  • The device is not detected by the smartphone. The problem is sometimes solved by restarting or flashing;
  • the device is connected, but disconnected during operation;
  • the gadget consumes charge too quickly when connected to a smartphone;
  • After connecting, the bracelet does not work correctly.

Some fakes cannot be connected to the phone at all. The bottom line is that the cheapest models, although sold on various Chinese sites under the guise of fitness bracelets, are, in fact, simple electronic watches with slightly expanded functionality. They do not even have sensors for measuring heart rate. They show time, sometimes count steps, very roughly indicate the number of calories burned, but no more.

The best way to avoid problems is to purchase proven trackers. You can find an inexpensive option from a better-known manufacturer and, as a result, save more than buying an unknown device with dubious functionality.

At what distance should the gadget see the cell

Fitness bracelet was originally designed to work in conjunction with a smartphone. So, its functionality expands repeatedly. But for stable operation, the device should be contained in close proximity to the phone.

Since the bracelet has small dimensions, when designing it, the working space is saved as much as possible. This necessitates the use of the most compact parts, often of reduced power. Therefore, the bluetooth transmitter is used rather weak.

These two phones can be connected at a fairly large distance, sometimes 10 meters or more, and the tracker should be close enough to the smartphone.

On average, a distance of up to a couple of meters is allowed, sometimes a little more, but it all depends on the particular device.


Any fitness tracker can be connected to a smartphone. In addition, such a connection significantly expands the functionality of the bracelet, allows you to use it in various directions. Connection is possible to different devices, for example, if Android is on Samsung, then there will be no connection problems, as when using smartphones of other brands.

Connection is made through a special application. This can be either a special utility released by the manufacturer of the tracker, or a third-party application from other developers.